Clinton Backs $500M Effort to Court Taliban. Can it get any better than this folks?

Semper Fi 2010/01/30 19:30:56
The program will be funded by a "Peace and Reintegration Trust Fund," dubbed the "Taliban Trust Fund" by many, that will cost $500 Million over five years.

"As important as our military mission is, we know that force alone cannot achieve our goals," Clinton said. Wow! This should rank right up there with Cash for Clunkers!

Well, Congress buys votes, so buying a few hundred thousand crazed Taliban should be a cake walk, right?

Read More: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Afghanistan/hillary...

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  • Ed 2010/02/14 20:35:48 (edited)
    WhoTF she think she is?

  • BlueMax372 2010/02/10 22:52:43
    "As important as our military mission is, we know that force alone cannot achieve our goals." The only familiarity this nitwit has with the use of force is from reading the reports of her serial rapist husband's activities. Buying off the goat-humping Taliban sounds like Obamism at its finest. Will they be eligible to vote this year, Mr. "President?"
  • Hammer 2010/02/04 16:49:05
    At $600,000.00 a piece I believe using the money to buy cruise missles and obliterate the a**-holes is a much more effective way to spend the money. That amounts to approx 833 missles.
  • Semper Fi Hammer 2010/02/04 17:45:09
    Semper Fi
    I like it!!
  • ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    Your kidding? Right?
  • electracon 2010/02/02 03:48:12
    When did Hitlary turn Chitown radical
  • Ed electracon 2010/02/14 20:44:25
    She may have taught the class. She's an admitted PROGRRRRRRRRRRESIVVVVVVE
  • 12 Tone Melody 2010/02/02 02:29:39
  • AmethystRose 2010/02/02 00:25:38
    Very nice job, dems!! Give them more money so they can kill even more of us!
    I believe the Beatles had a song called CAN'T BUY ME LOVE.
  • FitzRoger 2010/02/01 22:51:54 (edited)
    nuts..... It's not stupid it's TREASON!!!
  • wpsark 2010/02/01 21:37:46 (edited)
    They want to talk about "knowing the enemy" and all that kind of liberal bs...the only thing to know about them, is that they will lie! Obama should be the taliban's spokesman, oh wait, I think he could be. Doesn't their Q'ran(sp but really don't care) say to "lie to all infidels" or something like that. WTF...I'm sure the insurgents will be lining up for this one...NOT
  • FitzRoger wpsark 2010/02/01 22:53:42
    Sure looks like a great way for them to arm themselves even more to kill us. Obama sure knows how to help out his true countrymen huh?
  • elwood FitzRoger 2010/02/15 17:49:02 (edited)
    Clinton is not the president, but she's acting on his behalf and with his Islamic blessings. What's Obama's middle name again???? Kadafi claimed Obama as HIS son, but he has the same middle name as Iraq's former ruler.....whadda YOU think????? Maybe it was a group effort. Ya know, many of Obamas supporters in Hollywood change their names to hide their background and so far we never have seen his REAL birth certificate. Every time I hear something on a news blip and they refer to Obama as the president, I still have the feeling of disbelief that he could have been elected by Americans. Acorn fraud did the job. This IS the land of the FREE, but what ever happened to the home of the brave. He's an insult to that phrase. This is not supposed to be the home of the wimpy and the gutless. To defeat an enemy terrorist you're not supposed to help them or even worse, be one of them.
    insult phrase supposed home wimpy gutless defeat enemy terrorist supposed
  • FitzRoger elwood 2010/02/15 18:19:31
    Just keep in mind.....It's not stupid it treason, and they're not stupid they're traitors unless he's illegal, then he's a spy.
  • Murph 2010/02/01 19:13:34 (edited)
    "As important as our military mission is, we know that force alone cannot achieve our goals," Clinton said.

    If all their leaders were dead, and most of their members were dead, what other goals is she talking about?
  • Steve 2010/02/01 16:48:13
    Courting the Sunni rebels in Iraq with money is the main reason they switched sides to join us and fight al Qaeda. This is EXACTLY what is allowing us to remove our troops from Iraq.

    The same can possibly work in Afghanistan. The Taliban were cruel rulers, but their alliance with al Qaeda was one of convenience. The Taliban didn't plan attacks against the US on our soil, al Qaeda did.

    Negotiations to bring the Taliban into a political solution in which they don't ally themselves with al Qaeda and don't seek violent overthrow is about the only way we'll be able to bring our troops home.

    If 500 million over five years sounds like a lot, consider that our spending on the war in Afghanistan right now is almost one million $ per year for each single armed soldier we have there. This money is chickenfeed if it works.
  • mrmagoo 2010/02/01 14:30:22
    yeah with a recession--go ahead-- give them our taxpayers money so they can get more ammunition!!! stuck on stupid
  • elwood mrmagoo 2010/02/15 17:57:54
    You're ABSOLUTELY correct. If we spend, it should be on OUR weapons not theirs. If we destroy them, we don't have to support them.
  • pmurph364 2010/02/01 13:47:41
    Just like a rough relationship, I know many of you have herd the saying "cheaper to keep her"
  • Papillon 2010/02/01 13:24:57
  • Dickey 2010/02/01 07:50:02
  • tiotom77 2010/02/01 07:13:38 (edited)
    We can trust the Taliban..To chop off our heads and display them on a stick! trust taliban chop heads display stick
  • FitzRoger tiotom77 2010/02/01 22:54:55
    Now they will be able to pay for more sticks.
  • william 2010/02/01 07:01:10
    bribes everywhere . i want mine . for a 100 grand i will swear that hussein is the greatest pile that ever walked the earth . bribes 100 grand swear hussein pile walked earth
  • The Fro... william 2010/02/01 15:50:38
    The Frog Prince
    You'll have to get in line.
  • Shigyrl but outspoken on my... 2010/02/01 06:20:37 (edited)
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    Nice how the Secretary of state is choosing to undercut our militaries efforts by giving the scumbag taliban our money. Talk about diplomacy and cowardess at its worst. I say bring them to their knees and those who choose not to bow down take them out.
  • FitzRoger Shigyrl... 2010/02/01 22:55:46
    Next they will be paying Bank robbers not to rob banks.
  • Shigyrl... FitzRoger 2010/02/02 05:09:33
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    You never know..lol
  • r-w-wako 2010/02/01 03:41:56
    is this administration out of it's stinkin' mind?

  • Adam Troy 2010/02/01 03:14:52
    Adam Troy

    I do not actually understand this writing. I know if one wants to loose weight, one must have a reason and, most of all, a desire. This reason and desire comes from the individual. The reason and desire, in this case, is the afgan regime. Yes, send me the money, but if I do not have the reason and desire, my weight will remain the same, only with a larger source of income. Please, send me the money. Bye: Adam Troy
  • Shasta 2010/02/01 02:44:50
    As they say during the basketball game 'ARE YOU KIDDIN ME?'
    Jesus, when does the stupidity end????? what is their game ?? basketball game kiddin jesus stupidity game basketball game kiddin jesus stupidity game
  • Marine 2010/02/01 01:39:09
    I say we spend the 500M and fund the Marines to kill the Taliban instead. Hey there is a thought Osama Obama !!!!!
  • FitzRoger Marine 2010/02/01 22:58:41
    How about we reward our troops for killing them instead? By George, I think you're on to something! The enemy would just buy better weapons instead anyhow. Hmmmmmmm......

    Or maybe we should have paid Hitler a couple of billion to not fight in WWII!?!?!
  • Marine FitzRoger 2010/02/01 23:38:23
    FitzRoger - I see you are from my home state, I am originaly from KC. The only way these pig radical muslims will undetstand is to kill every terrorist we capture. If you put the weapons in the hands of the Marines and tell them that everyone that shots at you dies. Let me tell you all this radical muslim crap would stop. One other thing, these idiots who beleive they will go meet allah and receive 72 virgins are really off their rocker too. I say if they want to fight then lets put them in the ground. Their so called God "Allah" is nothing but a pagan moon god, one of hundreds the muslims used to worship. That is why there is the 1/4 moon above all mosques. Mohammad was a thug, murderer and a rapist. The muslim faith is a lie!!!!!
  • FitzRoger Marine 2010/02/01 23:43:17 (edited)
    All you say is true.

    P.S. I'm in KC
  • Marine FitzRoger 2010/02/01 23:58:58
    I am from Olathe originally
  • FitzRoger Marine 2010/02/02 14:40:59
    I'm in Olathe now.
  • Marine FitzRoger 2010/02/03 00:23:22
    I also have an Aunt that lives in Olathe. She lives off of Sante Fe off of 35W.
  • FitzRoger Marine 2010/02/03 15:51:37
    Two exits down from there.
  • Marine FitzRoger 2010/02/07 03:43:27
    One day we should grab some grub when I am in town.
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