Christians ONLY!

Christians ONLY!

*♥Savannah♥* :)
This is a group for Christians only.

URL http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/christians-only/group-2780/

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Waz up Peeps?


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  • joshtara 2011/11/27 05:48:36
    Get free Christian music.
  • atomikmom 2011/10/07 07:55:04
    Praise His Holy Name!!!! AMEN!!!
  • kxt3000 2011/09/22 21:15:31
    hi yall my name is Daryl from Louisiana
    i have been a member of sodahead for some time now
    i just came back to delete my account until i ran a search and found this site..Anyways i am happy to be here and i did not delete my account.. account operator, owner
    I to am a christian all my life just about 50 now
    i may be wrong for saying this i hope you dont get up set with me for saying this lol
    but the name of the page ( Christians only )

    does this mean that we are not out to save the nonbelievers
    if your not a christian of Jesus Christ
    were not welcome to this page?

    im not trying to step on your foot are anything like that ok lol

    thanks for your time
    God bless
  • barby 2010/12/17 03:34:56
    I am glad to join this group.I am currently in a discussion on the theory of Evolution. I want to invite others to check it due to the fact that I support God as the Intelligent Designer. As you know those that believe evolution think they have the truth, but they don't. I want to invite other believers to check out the discussion as I believe all will enjoy reading the discussion. When I do a search on sodahead, the title does not come up. Click on my image and go to my profile and look at my SodaFeed and you will see the discussion, and click on it to get there and it will take you to the discussion. The discussion is titled, "Darwin was so very wrong!! UNBLOCKED"