Chris Brown's Career Gets Slapped Around?

Music 2010/06/08 19:00:00
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As a result of his 2009 attack of former girlfriend Rhianna, Chris Brown has been barred from entering the United Kingdom, where he was scheduled for a summer concert tour.

Officials in England have refused to grant Brown a work visa, forcing him to postpone dates for an upcoming European promotional tour. Brown was scheduled to perform three of his Fan Appreciation shows in the United Kingdom this week, with a show in Glasgow on Wednesday night, followed by dates in London then two more nights in Ireland. All scheduled performances have been indefinitely postponed.

“We reserve the right to refuse entry to the U.K. to anyone guilty of a serious criminal offence. Public safety is one of our primary concerns,” reads the official statement from Britain’s Home Office. “Each application to enter the U.K. is considered on its individual merits.”

Brown took to his Twitter account, tweeting this message that was quickly scrubbed by his handlers. “SORRY to all the fans in Europe! My tour is cancelled…I’m pretty sure y’all know. My entry was denied in your country. I love you. SORRY.”

This message was then taken down and replaced with the following: “Due to issues surrounding his work visas, (the) Ireland and United Kingdom leg of Chris Brown’s Fan Appreciation Tour has been postponed…Chris looks forward to performing for his fans abroad in the near future and thanks them for their continued support.”

Brown’s career continues its downward spiral since pleading guilty to a felony assault charge against Rhianna in February of 2009. He was sentenced to 180 days of community labor, a year of domestic abuse counseling and five years probation. Record sales have been down and concert attendance has been sparse.

On Monday, Brown was back on Twitter, whining/tweeting: “U ever feel the storm clouds are too thick for any sunshine to get through?”

Hey. Karma’s a bitch.
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  • Red high priestess in Nyx I... 2010/06/09 12:42:33
    I think Chris Brown ...
    Red high priestess in Nyx I trust
    I really didn't care for Chris Brown!
  • Little_miss_sunshine 2010/06/09 11:37:41 (edited)
    Chris Brown deserves everything he gets.
    He makes me sick.
  • Team ~ I like to piss peopl... 2010/06/09 11:09:15
    Chris Brown did his time. He made a mistake, apologized and should be able to...
    Team ~ I like to piss people off! ~
    Summer concert in United Kingdom.... Don't make me laugh. Sorry.

    That was 2009. This is 2010.
  • ALLEYCAT 2010/06/09 10:01:18
    I think Chris Brown ...
    Is finding out the price of assaulting a woman who has no way to defend herself against him.
  • Bright_mind_maden 2010/06/09 09:09:31
    Chris Brown did his time. He made a mistake, apologized and should be able to...
  • Matt 2010/06/09 05:25:05 (edited)
    Chris Brown did his time. He made a mistake, apologized and should be able to...
    He's probably learnt his lesson - don't go out with a girl who takes off her stillettos and savagely beats you around the head with them while you are trying to drive...
    or if you do quickly pull the car over and get out -never ever use your fists.

    He's had quite a lot od counselling etc over the last year - maybe he deserves a second chance.

    Did Rihanna ever get charged with assult herself?

    EDIT - so it was alright for Abu Hamza to stroll around London for years while they scratched their heads wondering what to do, but a controlled promo visit from an artist get banned?
  • ««Gingey, the Master Debate... 2010/06/09 04:16:17
    Chris Brown deserves everything he gets.
    ««Gingey, the Master Debater of Þ|-|Дэ†»»
    He's a filthy piece of crap. I do not, nor ever will, pity him.
  • everlearning 2010/06/09 03:21:01
    I think Chris Brown ...
    I think this Chris Brown incedent is tragic. He was a young, riseing star with great talent.I almost regret that his career has taken such a turn but this bad behavior in men and women has got to cease. I am so glad that the "glorification of wickedness" is on it's way down.,some young minds may be saved. I don't think that Brown is a bad person-but look around, people are becomeing just a little more careful.EVerywhere.
  • Mimi 2010/06/09 03:16:05
    I think Chris Brown ...
  • I think Chris Brown ...
    cнιвι cυρcαқєs ~*Λℓιcє*~ ♥♥
    Yeah. He already has lost my respect.
  • Happy Face 2010/06/09 02:42:35
    I think Chris Brown ...
    Happy Face
    is an amazing artist. I love his voice, and I admire his dance skills. I think everyone should worry about their own lives insted of someone else's life. People make mistakes, get over it.
  • SaabCiti.Com 2010/06/09 02:28:24
    Chris Brown did his time. He made a mistake, apologized and should be able to...
    What Brown did was inexcusable and hopefully a valuable lesson learned for him. Domestic abuse is not to be tolerated! That being said let the guy make a living.... Everyone makes a mistake when they are young.
  • katrina 2010/06/09 02:27:29
  • Nimara 2010/06/09 02:25:30
    I think Chris Brown ...
    I don't feel sorry for him...nor do I care for him, but...I think he's...wow, his career has gone sour. Gosh...he is finished. That sucks for him. Oh well...not a fan, so why should I feel sad?
  • Erica!!! 2010/06/09 01:31:04
    Chris Brown did his time. He made a mistake, apologized and should be able to...
    The only reason this is being taken so seriously like it is, is because hes famous this isnt fair to him chris brown mistake apologized job music reason famous fair
  • Kitty 2010/06/09 00:03:19
    Chris Brown deserves everything he gets.
    Don't expect things to go back to normal. Chris did the crime, he will recieve the consequences.
  • lolvampirebookworm 2010/06/08 23:23:30
    Chris Brown did his time. He made a mistake, apologized and should be able to...
    the guy has reeped every mistake he has made. Does that make what he did right
    every body deserves a second chance all you have to do is have faith tha someone will do the right thing gosh so harsh
  • Soldier4Christ82 2010/06/08 23:08:14
    Chris Brown deserves everything he gets.
    I don't doubt at all that he's sorry, the question is whether what he's sorry about is getting caught and having his abusive behavior shown to the world or whether it's that he's actually sorry that he abused her. Either way, the fact that he's temporarily sorry doesn't mean he won't do it again so an apology, and that is a statistical fact.
  • pria** 2010/06/08 22:54:17
    I think Chris Brown ...
    Karma IS a bitch, I agree on that thought
  • Caity 2010/06/08 21:52:53
    I think Chris Brown ...
    We all learned something from this: If you're going to commit a violent crime, don't plan on working in the UK.
    Seriously though, I know his punishment from the rest of society has been harsh, but hopefully it will teach others that violence is never a good choice to make.
  • Katie~awkward child♥ 2010/06/08 21:45:51
    Chris Brown deserves everything he gets.
    Katie~awkward child♥
    Good for the UK, if it were my country I wouldn't have let him in either.
  • cat 2010/06/08 21:34:06
    Chris Brown deserves everything he gets.
    Well all of us who have had a love one beaten up by a boyfriend and could do nothing about it because our loved one would turn on us hope Chris Brown justice (Karma) befalls all the abusers.
  • Hales 2010/06/08 21:22:04
    I think Chris Brown ...
  • No More Commies 2010/06/08 20:52:28
    Chris Brown deserves everything he gets.
    No More Commies
    Nothing wrong with not wanting undesirables in your country. William Ayers was sent back to the US last Christmas by Canada. He had a speaking engagment there. Canada has the sense to turn away domestic terrorists.
  • KayleaDrake 2010/06/08 20:31:54
    Chris Brown deserves everything he gets.
    this is what he gets. he should have hit her. he had no right to, just b/c she didnt do wat he wanted to her to do dosent mean he can hit her. i hope his music dies. he was my idol but now hes scum
  • Artemis 2010/06/08 20:23:25
    Chris Brown deserves everything he gets.
    Good. Abuse is never okay. I've made mistakes in my life, but none of them ever sent anyone to the hospital. Calling what he did a "mistake" is just offensive.
  • Miss K 2010/06/08 20:23:09
    I think Chris Brown ...
    Miss K
    i used to like him a lot .. until the rihanna thing popped up. i don't think he should get respect for what he did but i still like listening to his music and i try not to think about what he did during it and i enjoy it so i think people shouldn't be so judgemental, i mean if they enjoyed his music before then why stop now? it's not like you have to keep liking him but i don't see any reason why people would take the issue so personally? they'll probably never meet him and it's not like he looks like and is a pedophile like michael jackson and even with MJ people kept on listening to his music
  • Toodleloo SodaHead 2010/06/08 20:21:01
    Chris Brown deserves everything he gets.
    Toodleloo SodaHead
    Goes to show that when you're pissed, hit a pillow, not a person.
  • For Your Entertainemnt 2010/06/08 20:21:00
    I think Chris Brown ...
    For Your Entertainemnt
    haha the dumbass deserves everything he gets! chris brown haha dumbass deserves
  • Melizmatic 2010/06/08 20:15:19
    I think Chris Brown ...
    He's a dumb ass.

    Maybe next time he'll think before he lets his temper get the better of him.
  • nancydoodle 2010/06/08 20:00:49
    Chris Brown did his time. He made a mistake, apologized and should be able to...
    It's terrible how one event can ruin his entire career and life. I wish the best for Chris Brown on his time of need for support. I hope that he gets a chance to turn his career around and to keep having faith in himself since this a huge test and obstacle he has to overcome and once he overcomes this huge obstacle in his way he will come back ready to face anything and again I wish the best for him.
  • alicha 2010/06/08 19:41:10
    Chris Brown did his time. He made a mistake, apologized and should be able to...
    hey alright he should get another chance
  • Princess Eeyore 2010/06/08 19:26:22
    Chris Brown deserves everything he gets.
    Princess Eeyore
    He still has fans?

    chris brown deserves fans

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