Chinese Company Names Sunglasses After Helen Keller: Brilliant or Bad Idea?

Business 2012/04/21 23:41:37
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A new line of luxury sunglasses named after a blind icon? We sure didn’t see (pun intended) that one coming!

But this is no joke. A Chinese company has actually named their eyewear after the famously deafblind Helen Keller who, by the way, never actually wore sunglasses! You may be wondering: Is this a case of deliberate eyerony? A glaring oversight? Something lost in translation? Apparently, none of the above.

According to the Washington Post, “Helen Keller is apparently a staple of China’s school curriculum – an exemplary figure that overcame her disabilities to make a mark – and a socialist to boot.”

Furthermore, the company’s spokesperson Chen Wenjing said that they were fully aware that Helen Keller was blind, but chose the figure for what she represented: “her philanthropist spirit which spread optimism around the world.” Hmm . . . we’re not sure we buy that explanation.

As if this story wasn’t ridiculous enough, the company’s motto—“You see the world, the world sees you”—just seems to make the use of Keller’s name feel even more insensitive. Yet, some are calling the marketing strategy bold. After all, the Helen Keller sunglasses certainly have received significant media attention.

What do you think SodaHeads? Was the Chinese company’s decision to name their new line of sunglasses after Helen Keller brilliant or a bad idea?

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  • sglmom 2012/04/22 00:33:59
    Bad Idea
    As someone who is now vision impaired (yep .. my blindness is recent indeed)
    This is INSULTING ..
    Obviously .. not a joking matter ..
    For I do have to protect myself .. and what's left of my eyes ..
    (I use shields .. because I can still sense things .. but it also means I have migraines if too much light hits my eyes).

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  • Fenabarb 2012/04/23 01:40:20
    I would buy the Ray Charles ones now that guy's pretty cool
  • Onew Sangtae 2012/04/23 01:17:12
    Bad Idea
    Onew Sangtae
    Kinda insulting if you ask me, seems like some sort of mockery/irony.
  • CAPISCE 2012/04/23 00:59:53
    It would be wonderful if America wasn't so politicall correct and sensitive
  • Chris -... CAPISCE 2012/04/23 21:47:57
  • joe mauro CAPISCE 2012/04/23 22:49:32
    joe mauro
    its not
  • Sour Dime 2012/04/23 00:57:04
    Sour Dime
  • cs 2012/04/23 00:53:03
    whats the big deal lol so what, another trend
  • cs cs 2012/04/23 23:47:43
    maybe im missing something.. i dont understand .. what is so offensive.. they look like any other glasses.. someone please explain
  • C. C. Rider 2012/04/23 00:49:17
    Bad Idea
    C. C. Rider
    Bad idea, you mean they could not see that?
  • Pat 2012/04/23 00:45:20
    Bad Idea
    I think it would be a bad idea over here. Maybe the Chinese thought they were honoring Ms.Keller by naming the glasses after her. What's good in one culture might not be good in another.
  • ETpro 2012/04/22 23:26:03
    I have to wonder if Helen Keller might not feel flattered.
  • Mike Le... ETpro 2012/04/23 20:29:44
    Mike Legacy
    How would you let her know...? :)
  • BRIDGET 2012/04/22 22:59:02
    Bad Idea
    that would be the same as calling a new line of rifles "the JFK special". TACKY!!!!!
  • C. C. R... BRIDGET 2012/04/23 00:50:09 (edited)
    C. C. Rider
    Excellent post
  • Gwen 2012/04/22 22:52:25
    Bad Idea
    " I long to do great and noble things, but my puropse in this life is to do the everyday things as if they were great and noble" ~Helen Keller

    Helen Keller, you did indeed live a life that had greatness and periods of noble accomplishments...
    I do not think this is great and noble.....quite sad making a buck off of this.
  • CAPISCE Gwen 2012/04/23 22:04:54
    Get a sense of humor and off the politically correct train
  • Gwen CAPISCE 2012/04/23 23:14:36
    what has this got to do with politics?...I think it is in bad taste and sad. If she was alive and endorsed them....I would have a different opinion.
  • CAPISCE Gwen 2012/04/24 12:30:12
    Has everything to do with the reaction of people who think it's offensive---politically correct Liberals are preventing free speech as usual
  • Gwen CAPISCE 2012/04/24 13:01:42
    well....I must be an exception then????.....I'm certainly not a liberal....lol...
    Like I said....if she was alive and endorsed them....I would feel differently. Probably say "alright...capitalism working"....( which would be ironic kinda since Keller was not into Capitalism ) ....but she was not born in a time when one trade-marked their name and image like nowadays....and this is another country profiting off a iconic person who had disabilities....just think it is tacky....maybe it is because I have and am parenting children with disabilities.....
  • CAPISCE Gwen 2012/04/25 17:36:40
    She is an overrated figure in history
  • Gwen CAPISCE 2012/04/25 17:51:43
    in your opinion.

    apparently not tho to this company...if they want to use her to sell glasses...
  • CAPISCE Gwen 2012/04/25 20:18:42
    They are using her blindness not her significance
  • Gwen CAPISCE 2012/04/25 22:50:01
    why not another blind person.......if it wasn't for her signifcance?!...she is afterall....a household name.
  • CAPISCE Gwen 2012/04/26 14:25:45
    Well it was her, Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder. I agree with choosing her out of that group
  • Gwen CAPISCE 2012/04/26 16:22:25
    Stevie Wonder...no problem...he is alive, can say yes or no...
    Ray Charles, nope...not alive to say ok....same as Helen Keller.
  • CAPISCE Gwen 2012/05/02 01:59:15
    lol, my bad, forgot about Ray
  • Marcus ... Gwen 2013/03/05 07:17:27
    Marcus Clark
    The term "politically correct" is not about politics. It is about being extremely overly cautious in your words so as to avoid any possibility of offending anyone.
  • sundance 2012/04/22 22:33:20
    Bad Idea
    First, isn't this insulting to the visually impaired? Second, isn't this kind of like calling a legless guys clothing line "greased lightening?". I am often amazed at the lengths people go, with no thought to the journey......Just a thought....
  • Thomas 45 2012/04/22 22:27:52
    Bad Idea
    Thomas 45
    That shows how little they really know about the West and the USA in general!
  • boatnectar 2012/04/22 22:22:43
  • Fashionable60s 2012/04/22 22:13:23
    Bad Idea
    Anything with a Western name is cool in China. I do not think the sunglasses creator had any idea who Helen Keller was. This name was picked out of ignorance and for wanting to sound American. We are the Chinese's largest trading partner so if they they are thinking of exporting the sunglasses to the US, they would have to change the name.
  • Marcus ... Fashion... 2013/03/05 07:06:41
    Marcus Clark
    You didn't read the article, did you?
  • Grizzle 2012/04/22 21:54:45
    The name seems to be getting the sunglasses a lot of free publicity.
  • TJ 2012/04/22 21:15:58
    Bad Idea
    I think it is kinda rude
  • Inquisitve Kat 2012/04/22 20:04:19
    Bad Idea
    Inquisitve Kat
    I'm not going to lie, though, I'm still laughing...
  • Max7 2012/04/22 20:02:07
    Very befitting
  • joe mauro Max7 2012/04/22 20:38:01
    joe mauro
    befiting to insensitive people suppose it were your child or parent that were blind?
  • Max7 joe mauro 2012/04/23 03:58:27
    What's the harm in naming glasses after Helen Keller? I would consider it a compliment.
  • Devin Pederson 2012/04/22 19:56:29
    Bad Idea
    Devin Pederson
    Lame and disrespectful
  • Mike 2012/04/22 19:08:07 (edited)
    Bad Idea
    No one buy them - absolutely idiotic - there may be copy right law violations also, doubt that would apply to the Chinese

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