China Develops pulse weapons

JT For Political Reform 2011/07/22 11:22:13
China is planning on using pulse weapons on our aircraft carriers should we get into a scuffle over Taiwan. Another reason for us to stop buying Chinese made items and buying things made in our own country. All Americans need to start reading labels on where the things they buy are made.

Read More: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/jul/21/be...

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  • 2012 rick 2011/07/22 11:55:51
  • JT For ... 2012 rick 2011/07/22 13:44:13
    JT For Political Reform
    That may be, but if it is used against us we won't care if it's outdated or old technology. The fact is they are intent on screwing with us and we should be making sure they don't use it against us. If we stop buying their junk, they will have to find someone else to pawn their crap on.
  • 2012 rick JT For ... 2011/07/22 16:50:27 (edited)
  • JT For ... 2012 rick 2011/07/23 00:04:00
    JT For Political Reform
    Same with me.
  • T1 2011/07/22 11:44:51
    pulse weapons have been around awhile now......
  • JT For ... T1 2011/07/22 11:46:53
    JT For Political Reform
    We know that, the problem is they will be used against us before we use them against them. Even though people like lulzifer think we would use them first goes to show how little they or people like them know about us. We would use it as a last resort.
  • Mel the Witch POTL PWCM~JLA 2011/07/22 11:33:50
    Mel the Witch POTL PWCM~JLA
    Everyone say thank you to Billy (Bubba) Klinton, He sold top secret technology to the Chinese, as payback for Campaign contribution....

    Can anyone say "Treason"
  • JT For ... Mel the... 2011/07/22 11:37:59
    JT For Political Reform
  • lulzifer 2011/07/22 11:28:28
    Don't kid yourself. America would do the same thing.
  • JT For ... lulzifer 2011/07/22 11:29:13
    JT For Political Reform
    Better us than them.
  • lulzifer JT For ... 2011/07/22 11:30:09
    They think the same way.
  • JT For ... lulzifer 2011/07/22 11:32:57
    JT For Political Reform
    If they take us out, there goes Germany also.
  • lulzifer JT For ... 2011/07/22 11:37:03
    I would be cool with that. If it were even true, that is. Last I heard we were getting quite cozy with the Russian Federation.
  • JT For ... lulzifer 2011/07/22 11:39:43
    JT For Political Reform
    So if China takes Germany out you're cool with that? Russia should be the last country that you would befriend. They held half of you hostage after WW11 until the wall came down.
  • lulzifer JT For ... 2011/07/22 12:06:37
    Not half. Roughly a third.
    And what country should we align with?
    All three rife with government corruption.
    All three repressive against their populations to varying extent.
    One of them for all intents and purposes a dictatorship.
    One of them breeding xenophobia, religious fundamentalism, militarism, vile rethorics in their politics, and involved in 3 wars, 2 of them in violation of international law.
    The third one with a massive oil pipeline supplying Europe with Oil. (Yes, it's Russia.)
    Out of necessity, and because of a case of "the lesser of evils", Russia seems like the only choice.
  • jon lulzifer 2011/07/22 13:23:46
    One allows and recognizes the ownership of personal property.
  • lulzifer jon 2011/07/22 13:29:42
    all three do.
  • jon lulzifer 2011/07/24 09:46:50
    The Russian and Chinese governments PERMIT the ownership, the US laws recognize and implement restrictions on imminent domain.
  • JT For ... lulzifer 2011/07/22 13:47:03
    JT For Political Reform
    Good luck with that, Russia is still run by the KGB and after Hitler I would think you guys would be very cautious to whom you let control any part of your lives. But maybe you are one of them. Not my business so I don't really care.
  • lulzifer JT For ... 2011/07/22 13:51:41 (edited)
    Russia may be run by the KGB, China a dictatorship, but the US is run my the military industrial complex.
    Not much choice there either.
    You have the audacity to presume that your country is the shining beacon of freedom, justice and democracy of the world.
    You are not.
  • JT For ... lulzifer 2011/07/22 14:14:01
    JT For Political Reform
    There are plenty of us that can and will change this country into what it should be. Besides, if it was as bad as you say, why would all these immigrants want to still come here? I think you've been reading too much communist propaganda.
  • JT For Political Reform 2011/07/22 11:25:28
    JT For Political Reform
    China is no friend of the United States and it's time "We the People" get away from the Walmart mentality and try our best to buy things made in America. We could create many jobs in the good old US of A and begin to diminish the power of China and their power against us. We all need to think of the future of this country before we no longer have the power to do so.

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