Chick-fil-A's all across America packed today. What message do you think this sends?

KaelynnRose 2012/08/01 22:16:24

SLIDESHOW: Chick-fil-A crowds

Cars fill the parking lot of Chick-fil-A
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Cars fill the parking lot of Chick-fil-A

  1. Cars fill the parking lot of Chick-fil-A

    Cars fill the parking lot of Chick-fil-A

  2. Crowds fill Miami Chick-fil-A

    Crowds fill Miami Chick-fil-A

  3. Long lines at Chick-fil-A

    Long lines at Chick-fil-A

  4. Line backed up outside door.

    Line backed up outside door.

  5. This place is packed.

    This place is packed.

  6. Drive thu lines crazy

    Drive thu lines crazy

Chick-fil-A's all across America packed today. What message do you think this sends?
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Crowds overwhelm Chick-fil-A with support, as Americans flood the restaurants. Lines backed out past the door, and wound around the building as the restaurants were hit with a huge inundation of support.

crowd at chik fil A

Many had things to say like, I am here to support freedom of speech. Some voiced their support for the owner. Some voiced their support in his stance on homosexual marriage. Either way, business was booming for Chick-fil-A today.

Chick fil A crowds The drive thru line wrapped around the building even after 3 PM.

What message do you think this sends?
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  • Ken 2012/08/01 23:39:46
    It sends the message that America supports freedom of speech.
    The message to ideologues like Rahm Emanuel is STFU and stick to governing. I almost choked when Emanuel said that Chick-fil-A "doesn't have Chicago values!!!" I would like to ask him, "What values are those, Rahm -- graft, corruption and bribery?"

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  • Jane 2012/09/13 18:40:17
    It sends this message.
    That America has too many bigots.
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/08/26 02:35:04
    It sends this message.
    Christopher Kirchen
    Both of the above, plus that America will not be bullied by deviant special interests.
  • ProVega 2012/08/10 04:44:56
    It sends this message.
    There are lots of religious zealots who would like to push their belief down our throats. I say live and let live. Keep your religious beliefs to yourself.
  • Kuruptsoul 2012/08/09 18:18:21
    It sends this message.
    It shows America really loves chicken.. That is exactly how Lee's chicken looked when They first opened up in a local ghetto..
  • JoeM~PWCM~JLA 2012/08/07 23:57:47
    It sends the message that America supports freedom of speech.
    I wish they had a store within 400 miles of here.
  • JamesSpendfoot 2012/08/07 21:49:09
    It sends this message.
    ...that this is a busy city and people are whores.
  • Amalia Amalia 2012/08/07 16:19:59
    I meant to click on freedom of speech
  • RobinPeta 2012/08/06 18:00:07
    It sends this message.
    It sends the message that Christians hate more than they love. ... effectively making them non-Christians. We certainly don't see Christians lining up at food kitchen and homeless shelters like this.
  • K-ZOOMI... RobinPeta 2012/08/07 02:39:35
    Visit a Gospel Mission and you will see the complete opposite of what you believe.
    I am very familiar with the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission and volunteers are everywhere on a daily basis.
    The food alone donated DAILY by Christians, restaurants, stores would make you reevaluate your ignorant leftist's stance.
  • RobinPeta K-ZOOMI... 2012/08/07 17:25:29
    Christians donate for selfish reasons, to get into heaven, and possibly for tax returns. True philanthropists expect NOTHING in return. And when you donate hundreds of millions to fight same sex marriage and their families your can of expired beans means nothing.
  • K-ZOOMI... RobinPeta 2012/08/07 19:41:21
    Such a sad view of the world you have.
    I will keep you in my Prayers. :)
  • RobinPeta K-ZOOMI... 2012/08/07 23:39:51
    Better to have a sad view than a delusional view. And frankly this is not my view of the world, because the world to me is the beautiful world between the religious wars, religious oppression, and religious hate.
  • K-ZOOMI... RobinPeta 2012/08/08 03:34:08
    So much hatred within you. Religious Intolerance oozes out of you.
  • teigan 2012/08/05 23:39:56
    It sends the message that America supports freedom of speech.
    It's a stand for the right of free speech and against being demonized for our personal thoughts and feelings. The Constitution does not guarentee the right not to be offended by someones beliefs.
  • RobinPeta teigan 2012/08/07 17:29:03
    There are two parties exercising their freedom of speech here. Chick-fil-a and anti-haters. The fact that Christians lined up for corporations freedom to hate says a whole lot about these people and the entire Christian population in America.
  • teigan RobinPeta 2012/08/08 07:47:31
    There is no hate involved, it's religious beliefs that bigots seem to have a problem with.
  • tom 2012/08/05 16:54:11
    It sends this message.
    That it is okay to treat a section of America un-equally...
  • mikeeonly 2012/08/04 06:18:42
    It sends the message that America does not support homosexual marriage.
    homosexuality is way too far in the open so that kids shouldn't be exposed to it , mixing up their values. I don't believe in the thoery that people are born gay
  • RobinPeta mikeeonly 2012/08/06 18:00:58
    God makes them gay, and that's for very special reasons.
  • LadyPatriot 2012/08/04 06:09:37
    It sends this message.
    That Chick-fil-a serves good food and has good service. America will always support freedom of speech.
  • RobinPeta LadyPat... 2012/08/06 18:01:41
    I don't eat animal carcasses, but a friend of mine had to try it out yesterday. She told me "Robin, you're not missing anything, even their fries suck". And of course she will never go back.
  • The_Red-fox 2012/08/04 04:52:28
    It sends the message that America does not support homosexual marriage.
    "like a boss"
  • Nilam 2012/08/04 04:02:29
    It sends this message.
    america loves chick-fil-a chicken!
  • mustangluver 2012/08/04 03:31:37
    It sends this message.
    Not everyone can be intimidated into accepting what some do not believe is normal. Ppl have the right to not go against their own beliefs. Why do gays think they have some kind of special right because of their sexual preferences?
  • flrdsgns 2012/08/04 02:52:11
    It sends this message.
    It sends the message that right wing christian groups like greasy fast food chicken...
  • RobinPeta flrdsgns 2012/08/06 18:02:48
    Because they are as misinformed about nutrition as they are about reality. Their prayers will not save them from that heart attack or colon cancer.
  • flrdsgns RobinPeta 2012/08/06 20:56:42
    This is true, and the right wing is only against medicare until they get sick, then the hypocrites all want the government to pay.
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/08/04 00:11:14
    It sends this message.
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    It sends the message that America supports freedom of speech It sends the message that
    Christians has rights too !!!!!

    It sends the message that America supports freedom of speech
  • Sebastian 2012/08/03 23:24:14
    It sends the message that America supports freedom of speech.
    The gay lobbyists are doing their damndest to try and convince the Average American that Gay Marriage is somehow important to them, but it's really not. The Average American cares more about bigger issues like the economy and unemployment instead of worthless questions of "marriage" proposed by a very, very small minority. The Average American DOES care about freedom of speech and celebrates those who have the courage to stand up for their convictions. Double when it comes to an all-American entrepreneur like Mr. Cathy who has carved out a nice niche in the fast food industry despite having to contend with such giants as McDonalds, BK, and Wendy's. I applaud the man's courage and perseverance. I'm sure Mr. Cathy has seen much greater challenges to his business over the years than a small but vocal minority of rabble-rousers and misfits who think they have the right to dictate what other Americans have the right to think and feel.
  • RobinPeta Sebastian 2012/08/06 18:07:10
    So we can only focus on the biggest issues in America? I understand that gay issues are not on top of your list, but for someone with family these issues is profound and important to us. And if gay issues are not important to you, why do you even care? It would be easier to say "same laws for all", than "I don't care about gays so I will oppose them, create laws against them, petition against them, donate money against their cause, and support chic-fil-a".

    Live and let live.
  • Jordache 2012/08/03 21:17:53
    It sends the message that America does not support homosexual marriage.
    OK, here's the thing. Alot of people say this is about freedom of speech, and as far as I care, maybe it is. But lesbians and gays (myself included) don't go around saying "I'm against straight marriage!" or anything that would hurt the feelings of heterosexuals. So you know what? Start caring about my feelings, about my girlfriends feelings, and other homosexuals and their feelings for a change. Because (and when I say this I speak for all homosexuals) ENOUGH ALREADY. Stop hurting our feelings, WE'RE SICK OF IT.
  • RobinPeta Jordache 2012/08/06 18:08:15
    Thumbs up!

    The[...]above you said "no one cares about gay issues", yet he is here debating, supporting chic-fil-a, and probably vote mostly republican because they are against gays and for guns.
  • dallasjoe 2012/08/03 21:14:01
    It sends this message.
    The German people Goose stepped in 1933 we are doing the same in 2012
  • Josh Robinson 2012/08/03 20:23:41
    It sends this message.
    Josh Robinson
    This is another example of America no longer being 1 nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all. I don't know who is doing this but it's very real. In this instance, Christians are being attacked with gays. Americans are having the terrorist fear-cloud shifted on to them, our constitution vilified by the folks who swore to support it. Everything is becoming a War... war on hate
  • Brendakp 2012/08/03 19:43:40
    It sends this message.
    That we Americans/Christians will not stand down. We will continue to stand up for our rights and our beliefs!
  • Think T... Brendakp 2012/08/06 13:10:51
    Think Tank Diva
    I noticed you used the "Americans/Christians" as if they are one and the same. I am of Christian faith; but it puzzles me that more Americans/Christians are actually following the teachings of Christ (as in CHRISTians). His teachings were to love your enemies, give care/shelter and feed the hungry; and there isn't a single scripture that states Christ ever charged anyone to heal (the sick) them. He never even asked for a donation to the church.

    Why don't we see more Christians standing up for these rights and beliefs?
  • Brendakp Think T... 2012/08/06 14:21:05
    In some people, they are the same. I am an American and I'm a Christian.
  • Think T... Brendakp 2012/08/06 14:43:56
    Think Tank Diva
    I understand; as I stated, so am I. But I was hoping a reply would include an answer to the question I asked in response to your comment that "we will continue to stand up for our rights and our beliefs." You used the plural form "beliefs" and this issue is a gay rights issue.

    There is not one scripture in which Jesus Christ (as in CHRIStians) says anything about homosexuality. So if you strictly go by the Old Testament, then you would be Jewish, not Christian.

    Again, why don't we have more Americans/Christians lined up at homeless shelters, feeding the hungry and providing for "the least of them" as Christ (as in CHRISTians) told us to do? How is turning out in masses to stand up for "anti- gay marriage" a stance on "Christian beliefs and rights" which has nothing to do with Jesus Christ's teachings?
  • Angus 2012/08/03 19:41:24
    It sends the message that America supports freedom of speech.
    Nowhere did the company refuse to serve gays. PERIOD
  • RobinPeta Angus 2012/08/07 17:30:29
    That's not the issue.
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