Chick-Fil-A and the Fall of America

dePSyChO 2012/08/04 18:04:54
I don't support Chick-Fil-A or their anti-homosexual ideals. But TJ is right about this; while we argue about stupid shit and fight over a fast food restaurant, all we're doing is speeding our fall to the end. Watch the vid and then comment.

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  • Soundstorm 2012/08/04 20:05:20
    The only thing that's falling is the left's influence on American culture. That's why so many of today's liberals are simply getting downright nasty. They know they're losing. Not gloating over it mind you. It's just how the pendulum of society swings.
  • dePSyChO Soundstorm 2012/08/04 20:33:11
    Are you serious in saying that *we're* getting nasty? Not you right wing Christians? Not you, who had an entire party (the Tea Party) act like evil people? Or who host the Westborough Baptist Church? Or who are intolerant to anyone who isn't a straight, white, Christian W.A.S.P.?

    Liberals are the ones who push education, try to help with obesity and healthcare, try to expand tolerance for everyone (other religions, races, and all sexual orientation), try to get us out of useless "terrorism" wars that are a sad cover for oil, try to get new energy sources, etc. We're the ones trying to fix this country.

    All you want is for it to be a W.A.S.P. paradise that blindly follows an old book instead of focusing on humanity. All you want is to help the rich, who already rule you.

    You guys are the reason we're falling.
  • Soundstorm dePSyChO 2012/08/04 20:58:32
    You know, you can liberate yourself from this pack of lies you believe in if you'll just switch the channel once in a while. I won't waste my time denying any of your slander. You must make the effort yourself to get out and honestly get to know these people as they really are. But I don't think you want to face the world honestly.
  • dePSyChO Soundstorm 2012/08/04 21:35:29
    Slander? What, the truth is slander now? And maybe it's you believing in lies.

    When was the last time a Republican wanted to get better energy sources besides oil (which brings in money for them/the rich)? When was the last time a Republican really fought for things like gay marriage equality or getting out of useless wars? What about fighting for the separation of Church and State (the way it should be)?

    And I don't think you want to see anything besides what the Bible says.
  • Soundstorm dePSyChO 2012/08/04 21:44:29
    I see a lotta things....
    Now I'd like to see civilization run on dylithium crystals as much as the next tree smoocher. But the better energy sources just ain't there. Obama dropped a huge load of taxpayer dollars to prove that. Your bill for that will be in the mail. Assuming we still have mail service.
  • dePSyChO Soundstorm 2012/08/04 22:22:05
    >Now I'd like to see civilization run on dylithium crystals as much as the next tree smoocher.

    Being condescending about Global Warming? Don't tell me you're one of those deniers. That'd make you stupid. In any case, things light Light Water Salt Reactors (a type of nuclear reactor) can give huge amounts of energy for very little. Wind, solar and water work better in smaller countries, but augmenting them with something like nuclear energy could help us. Or even steam power, which is getting new uses. We don't have to be Big Oil's bitch.

    >Obama dropped a huge load of taxpayer dollars to prove that.
    Yes, Solana (spelling?) failed. Doesn't mean other things will, or that we shouldn't try. And I'd much rather have my tax money going towards new energy and technology and R&D instead of unnecessary wars.

    >Assuming we still have mail service.
    Who needs physical when we can have digital? That's the way things are heading (and rightfully should be).
  • Soundstorm dePSyChO 2012/08/05 05:11:25
    It's not the president's job to invest our tax dollars in companies of his choosing. Especially when the owners are his major campaign contributors. That's a likely impeachable offense.

    Say, is this about energy resources or about Chik-Fil-A? And why are we the only two kooks here lobbing lugies back and forth at each other? Didn't you send out invitations to the rest of your friends list?
    Or perhaps they..........don't care? I CARE.
  • dePSyChO Soundstorm 2012/08/05 05:44:06
    The Bush Patriot Act should've been an impeachable offense, but people were scared at the time and let him get away with it. And don't talk about major contributors; Big Oil is a major contributor to the funds of many big Republicans.

    I started down the energy resource path because you acted like Global Warming isn't a thing. I just published the question, I didn't care about messing with invitations.
  • Soundstorm dePSyChO 2012/08/05 05:55:43
    Well you're tied in a wad over a lot of things today. So how about a little song to cheer you up? It's on me.

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