Chicago Residents To Vacant Condo During NATO - courtesy of MyFox/Chicago

Sean 2012/04/23 12:53:04
nato g8 summit Fox

Read More: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt9bhMZGDZc

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  • SoCal71 2012/04/23 19:32:35
    Crackheads, hookers and pimps urged to stay!
  • Callaway 2012/04/23 15:06:22
    No huge surprise for someone living in the Peoples Republic of Illinois. I'm only surprised they aren't using Soldier Field for an LZ and providing at tax payer funded food and drink for our new "friends" from different places. Nothing and I mean nothing surprises me anymore coming out of Chitown. The city of broad shoulders has turned into the pathetic welfare capital of Illinois.
  • Cookielane 2012/04/23 14:32:31
    I don't understand why.
  • ray Cookielane 2012/04/23 15:42:16
    The residents will lock themselves in in fear of the mobs that will take over the streets..
    Google the Riots and protests of France, England , Oakland California and Seattle Washington .
  • Cookielane ray 2012/04/23 18:38:17
  • U-Dog 2012/04/23 14:15:14
    Why is this event even happening in a densely populated urban center, wth don't they move it to a place that would not totally fxck up individual citizens lives?

    There is no way that a private event holder would be allowed to endanger and disrupt the public like this but apparently anything goes when it is King Thuggernment doing the screwing. Seriously, does it get anymore hypocritical and arrogant than this?
  • S and S 2012/04/23 13:49:51 (edited)
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2012/04/23 13:33:33
  • NarcolepticGoat 2012/04/23 13:32:50
    "Vacant" condos?
  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/23 13:13:19
    A NATO summit in Chi town. I just love. Can't afford to fix the bridges, potholes or pay our bills, but we've got spare change to waste on these back stabbers. What Chicago needs isn't NATO mucking up the works... anyone seen that Irish cow around lately?
  • ray 2012/04/23 13:11:24
    The condo is going to lock the doors of the building . Residents have to decide to be locked in or Locked out . Each must make their own decisions.

    IS it not disgusting that an American city will simply surrender the streets to the Thugs , Criminals , Possibly rioters,and Fringe hate groups ? When the law abandons the streets to the lawless , Should not the politicians all be removed?
  • Sean ray 2012/04/23 13:24:00
    Should not the law be removed?
  • ray Sean 2012/04/23 15:36:30
    There is no law, the condo managers and residents are forced to fear the lawless demonstrators that will take over the streets .
    Law enforcement will largely surrender the city to the mobs.
  • whitewu... ray 2012/04/23 13:34:34
  • Bob DiN 2012/04/23 13:08:57
    Bob DiN
    Living in Chicago is like living in Moscow, maybe worse.
  • Sean Bob DiN 2012/04/23 13:09:46
    For those of us who have never visited Moscow, elaborate, what are you making that comparison?
  • Bob DiN Sean 2012/04/23 13:12:13
    Bob DiN
    You can do as you please or come and go as you may like to.

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