Cheney: Obama "Has Been An Unmitigated Disaster To The Country". What do you say?

jt 2012/04/16 00:45:41
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  • big T 2012/04/16 01:12:23
    Cheney is right...
    big T
    I say get his ass out of America along with all of his Obama supporters and his entire adminestration. The main problem is all thhose fools that voted Barack H.Obama into the presidents seat. They are the rea; problems.
  • bob h. big T 2012/04/16 03:09:17
    bob h.
  • big T bob h. 2012/04/16 17:49:20
    big T
    yes everu single person that is involved with Barack H. Obama's adminestraton ship them to another country over sea's of hang the lot of them American traiters.
  • bob h. big T 2012/05/21 23:27:08
    bob h.
    Obama is for Education. Get it???
  • big T bob h. 2012/05/21 23:28:46
    big T
    teah re-education and indoctrenation.
  • bob h. big T 2012/05/22 02:30:34
    bob h.
  • big T bob h. 2012/05/22 04:27:11
    big T
    yeah Obama ias juat idocrenating children to be what he wants them to become.
  • Met big T 2012/04/16 05:02:24
    no, no, i get it.

    You love America, just not it's government, or people.
  • Apache Met 2012/04/17 16:49:12
  • Met Met 2012/04/18 10:26:53 (edited)
    I love it when fascists like Apache block me, and call ME the commie. I didn't even reply to him, he just sees something i wrote, calls me a communist, then blocks me so he doesn't have to hear me ask him to define communism. (which he obviously can't do)

    If dumbasses were rainbows, America would be 52% rainbow, and 48% liberal.
  • HOMBRE 2012/04/16 01:11:04
    Cheney is right...
    Why couldnt Obama been the leader to Russia. Let him destroy their country.
  • swistzwatch 2012/04/16 01:09:51
    Cheney is right...
    Worst preident ever !
  • Met swistzw... 2012/04/16 05:12:49
    really? worst president ever?

    Please explain how he's worse than Hoover (great depression) worse than Lincoln (almost destroyed the union on day 1, arrested over 35k american citizens for speaking against him publicly, and seized and destroyed over 150 printing presses for printing out against him) worse than Eisenhower (Vietnam war) worse than bush sr. (depleted uranium wmds, charged and convicted of war crimes, 2 recessions) worse than W. Bush (charged and convicted of war crimes, 2 decade long wars paid for by social security funds, worst recession since Hoovers depression)

    I'm sorry, but being black and having a funny sounding name doesn't even compare to the trash the Republican party has brought us over the years.

    And you can't site any policy under him that would support your argument. by the numbers, he's a better republican president than either of the bushes.
  • Gohmert... Met 2012/04/17 01:40:57
    Gohmert Pyle
    You left out Wilson, FDR. and Carter. Don't forget Jackson; he made the Indians cry during their field trip.
  • Apache Gohmert... 2012/04/17 16:52:19
  • Apache swistzw... 2012/04/17 16:50:35
  • Lady Willpower 2012/04/16 01:09:51
    Cheney is right...
    Lady Willpower
    I couldn't agree more!
  • ETpro 2012/04/16 01:09:35 (edited)
    Cheney is wrong...
    Accomplishments on his watch. Launched two disastrous and unfunded wars illegally. Instituted torture. Presided over the worst terrorist attack in US history. Crashed the US economy into the worst economic crisis and deepest unemployment since the Great Depression. Doubled the national debt. He has no room to criticize anyone else. It would be hypocritical of him to criticize Herbert Hoover, for goodness sake.
    Bush Cheney Miserable Failure
  • JustThe... ETpro 2012/04/16 01:34:11
    The credit rating that Bush handed obama was AAA. What is it now?
  • Dana JustThe... 2012/04/16 01:40:54
    And who was to blame for that? It was the tea baggers in congress who flat out refused to compromise, They insisted that it was GOOD to let the credit rating drop. Are you remembering this? W/ Bush, they just plain played the game over and over to keep the rating high.
  • JustThe... Dana 2012/04/16 11:06:23
    I remember R's halted the continual stimulus failing spending of Dems, that HELPED the credit rating, not hurt it.

    Think about how silly what you are saying is. It would be like telling us you improved your credit rating because you bought a $300,000 house with no money down. Absolutely ridiculous!
  • Dana JustThe... 2012/04/16 18:18:39
    Under Bush they kept raising the debt ceiling. This news to you? They refused to raise it again under Obama, and so the credit rating dropped.

    Are you still on earth here? or just spinning in the orbit somewhere of RWNJ la la land?
  • JustThe... Dana 2012/04/17 00:52:21
    "They refused to raise it again under obama"? Oh really? Better check your facts....get back to me.
  • Dana JustThe... 2012/04/17 01:13:50
  • bob h. JustThe... 2012/05/22 21:16:20
    bob h.
    What it WAS, was a DJ of 7,300. What it is, is 13,200, What the $US lost was .47 cts. What it's gained back is .21 cts. What it was, was two wars, what it IS, is one war.
  • JustThe... bob h. 2012/05/26 01:33:23
    So, you're saying that the stock market determines how well the economy is doing?
  • bob h. JustThe... 2012/05/28 19:05:14
    bob h.
    That's what it's for; remember?
  • JustThe... bob h. 2012/06/09 11:20:07
    Congratulations....you couldn't be more wrong.

    The stock market, in no way, is a true barometer of economic gauge. Example is the past four years. The turn to Socialism never promotes economic growth, yet the stock market is currently close to it's highest levels. Unemployment is around 15%, conservatively, poverty is at an all time high, government debt is at an all time high. The obama depression is destroying our economy yet the stock market is up.

    As misguided as you are regarding what is good for our country I strongly advise an economic 101 class immediately to learn some basic concepts.
  • bob h. JustThe... 2012/06/11 16:37:05
    bob h.
    How about the $US gaining 24cts, GM & Chrysler back, American oil sold overseas again, Rolls Royce opening a plant in the South. You see these as a long string of coincidences?
  • JustThe... bob h. 2012/06/14 23:44:01
    Exactly what does any of that have to do with Americans wealth rapidly evaporating, destroying our health care, $5 trillion of new debt, the highest rate of poverty in our nations history, less people employed than 4 years ago, a disastrous housing market that hasn't turned around since the Dem led Financial Crisis?

    You make so little sense....
  • bob h. ETpro 2012/04/16 03:11:57
    bob h.
    Imagine how bad it could have been if Bush was sober occasionally?
  • Apache bob h. 2012/04/17 16:55:07 (edited)
  • JustThe... Apache 2012/05/26 01:37:40
    That is Bob H. as well. Man, I wish he would pass it around instead of hogging it all like obama!
  • JustThe... bob h. 2012/05/26 01:36:22
    Now you're being flat stupid. Bush quit drinking long before he took office. He quit playing golf while sending American forces into war as president. barak obama has only tried to destroy our nation while pretending (or hoping) we won't notice.

    Bush was a 1000 times more patriotic and sincere than this pathetic piece of sh!t president. You, seriously, have to be kidding with that stupid statement.
  • bob h. JustThe... 2012/06/11 16:40:00
    bob h.
    Bush was drunk on half his speeches; he was called a deserter by his CO; his VP was a 6 time draft dodger, Rove didn't even fake it.
  • JustThe... bob h. 2012/06/14 23:47:39
  • bob h. JustThe... 2012/06/19 02:38:10
    bob h.
    Bush took over 500 hangover days, slurred his speech, walked into doors; but you think he was sober. Ever see him drive a car?
  • ProudProgressive 2012/04/16 01:09:08 (edited)
    Cheney is wrong...
    That's kind of like hearing Hitler say "That Neville Chamberlain is a war monger". No single public official in the history of this nation has done more harm to it than Dick Cheney.
  • JustThe... ProudPr... 2012/04/16 01:37:37
    I have 16 trillion reasons why obama is the worst leader of all time, in any country. Cheney was a VP. Your desperation is transparent, too bad obama isn't.

    Like I said, 16 trillion lies that obama is the worst ever......
  • ProudPr... JustThe... 2012/04/16 02:06:00
    The Bush/Cheney administration is responsible for a hell of a lot more of that 16 trillion than the President is. The tax giveaways to millionaires ALONE added more to our national debt than every penny President Obama's programs have added since the day he took office.

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