CEO walks through parking lot looking for Obama bumper stickers. Reason: She needed to lay off 8 employees due to Obama's tax plans. What do you think of this?

sandy 2008/11/16 15:40:34
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Fellow Business Executives:

As the CEO of a business that employees 140 people, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barack Obama is our next President, and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, I figure that the Clients will have to see an increase in our fees to them of about 8% but since we cannot increase our fees right now due to the dismal state of our economy, we will have to lay off six of our employees instead. This has really been troubling to me, as we believe we are family here and I didn’t know how to choose who will have to go first.

So, this is what I did. I strolled thru our parking lot and found 8 Obama bumper stickers on our employees’ cars and have decided these folks will be the first to be laid off. I can’t think of a more fair way to approach this problem. These folks wanted change; I gave it to them.


The employment-at-will doctrine:

In the United States, employees without a written
employment contract generally can be fired
for good cause, bad cause, or no cause at all


Can my boss fire me without a good reason?

In most cases, yes. Employers and employees work under a centuries-old system called "employment-at-will." This means that if you are hired for an indefinite length of time, you are free to leave the job whenever you want. The employer is equally free to terminate you without cause.

Can I be fired without notice?

The general rule is yes. However, in certain situations you may be required to give a week's notice before you leave, and the employer must give you a week's notice before he lets you go.

What if my employer and I have an employment contract?

If you can prove that you and your boss entered into an employment agreement that says you can be discharged only for specific reasons - for example, "for good cause" - this contract may be binding on the employer.

What if my work place is unionized?

Where a labor contract exists between your employer and your union, you probably have a grievance process and cannot be discharged without good cause. Even if you are not a union member, you may still have rights to union representation if you are going to be fired.

Did my employer discriminate against me when I was fired?

Discrimination involves singling you out because of the group or class you belong to. Illegal discrimination is unequal treatment because of your:

race or color
sexual orientation
ancestry or national origin
mental or physical disability.
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  • Bob Smith 2008/11/16 21:36:45
    I hope other bosses will follow suit
    Bob Smith
    Sounds pretty fair to me. On second thought, they'll probably quit anyway to get the government handouts from the koolaid king.

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  • unionman jay 2008/11/18 16:31:42
    Not all of them are. Get your facts straight first
  • jay unionman 2008/11/18 16:44:50
    The competent and dedicated ones are volunteers. The jerkoff union ones are out smoking weed or smoking crack somewhere in Obamaland.
  • unionman jay 2008/11/18 16:54:27
    Like I said yuppie X generation Get your facts straight . Too many bugs upside the head causeing your mindset . You are the one on drugs
  • bbq jel... jay 2008/11/18 16:27:03
    bbq jello... derrrrr
    i work in nursing and i can honestly say that MOST of us are better people than you probably are
  • jay bbq jel... 2008/11/18 16:31:14
    "honestly"? LOLOLOLOL
  • bbq jel... jay 2008/11/18 16:54:03
    bbq jello... derrrrr
    how is that funny
    most of us are
    there are certainly people who dont belong in the business, but most of us are exeptional people
    what the fuck is your problem anyways??
  • O-America bbq jel... 2008/11/18 16:46:12
  • bbq jel... mbw 2008/11/18 16:25:32
  • mama mbw 2008/11/19 12:24:56
  • mbw mama 2008/11/19 18:04:28
  • unionman jay 2008/11/18 16:12:37
    I voted for Obama and i"m union and NO I DON"T SUCK AT MY JOB It's called freedom of speech
  • jay unionman 2008/11/18 16:17:40
    Oh, sure. Too bad nobody believes you. If you didn't suck, you wouldn't need a union. Teachers union? = public schools suck. Steelworkers? = jobs gone overseas. UAW? = GM bankrupt. PSEA? = public service welfare. I could go on and on. Wherever you find unions, you find corruption and incompetence.
  • unionman jay 2008/11/18 16:25:46 (edited)
    The only sucking sound is between your ears . You are either on welfare or living off your parents. Hard to tell
  • jay unionman 2008/11/18 16:38:16
    HA! I don't need to have my worth negotiated by other people. Time to call a strike? Look at the goons walking in circles with their idiot signs.
  • unionman jay 2008/11/18 16:42:59
    Must be an X generation person . It's all about me give to me now and the heck with everybody else .I don't want to have to work for anything I just want it now
  • jay unionman 2008/11/18 16:52:23
    You just described perfectly the reason why labor unions exist.....to collect dues in exchange for guaranteed incompetence.
  • unionman jay 2008/11/18 17:07:10
    See you just don't get it I'm talking about you Mr. X generation yuppie
  • mama unionman 2008/11/19 12:26:42
  • O-America jay 2008/11/18 16:47:44
  • bbq jel... jay 2008/11/18 16:48:07
    bbq jello... derrrrr
    fuck you
    unions have a very good purpose
    my father has worked at a grocery store for years as a meat cutter/manager
    he is wonderful at his job and deserves anything he earns
    they cant get fucked over for a noob with no seniority, or fired because somebody else wants the job
    employees that suck can get removed from a union position WITH GOOD REASON
    THAT is the point of a union
  • Comrade... jay 2008/11/18 16:13:18
    Comrade Sean
    Go ride your bike.
  • bbq jel... jay 2008/11/18 16:23:47
    bbq jello... derrrrr
    that is rediculous
    besides, are you saying half the population of the country is on welfare??
    cause it was about half of them that voted for him, and a lot of people that are the welfare cases you make them out to be, wouldnt take the time to register
  • Chuck bbq jel... 2008/11/18 15:43:22
    Cuddlefunny, speaking of losing jobs, have you noticed anyone attempting to expand their business or hire new employees as a result of the 'good news' that we have now elected the "Messiah Obama"? Have you noticed the stock market going up and out of sight as a result of the Obama election?

    I contend that had the RIGHT person been elected as President (and I am not saying, it should have been McCain, for I didn't like that sorry ass, either) we definitely would have seen businesses trying to increase their output, hire new and additional people and also, I believe the stock market would be soaring right now!

    I also think that this country is in for a rude awakening BECAUSE of Obama. He will not know to make a decision one way or another without the input of a number of people, that is why he is surrounding himself with the 'old guard' Biden, Clinton, Kerry, etc. etc. I think you get the picture, don't you?
  • bbq jel... Chuck 2008/11/18 16:49:38
    bbq jello... derrrrr
    i dont think that as of yet, we should expect any change
  • Copyrig... Chuck 2008/11/19 07:36:28
    CopyrightAllInformation Images on this non-active account
    Actually my uncle is expanding his business. Whether or not it is a direct result or not, I cannot call that. However, the lender that extended credit was holding out due to the elections. After the election, the credit was extended.
  • bbq jel... Copyrig... 2008/11/20 06:35:00 (edited)
    bbq jello... derrrrr
    of course it isnt a result
    he isnt running the show yet
    but a lot of things were on hold till elections
    probably smart
  • Copyrig... bbq jel... 2008/11/24 12:14:11 (edited)
    CopyrightAllInformation Images on this non-active account
    I was referring more to optimism, and pointing out that not all people are buying into this "the sky is falling" theory. Peace!
  • bbq jel... Copyrig... 2008/11/25 17:11:07
    bbq jello... derrrrr
    i hope not
  • ezek1el 2008/11/18 15:23:32
    I hope other bosses will follow suit
    Ohhhh BAMA!!!
  • goodogcarl 2008/11/18 15:22:34 (edited)
    None of the above
    what a bunch o' baloney!

    you'd be up to your wide hips in lawsuits over wrongful termination.

    don't you have anything constructive to do?
  • jay goodogcarl 2008/11/18 15:28:33
    RIFs (Reduction-In-Force) are not subject to lawsuits. They are conducted all the time. FIRE AWAY!
  • mama jay 2008/11/18 15:47:37 (edited)
  • jay mama 2008/11/18 15:51:48
    That's not true and you know it. You just lost all your credibility on here. Quick, go back and edit before other people see what an imbecile looks like!
  • mama jay 2008/11/18 15:55:32
  • jay mama 2008/11/18 16:05:12
    AWESOME....you DID edit. LOLOLOLOL
  • bbq jel... jay 2008/11/18 16:50:29
    bbq jello... derrrrr
    i know i looked too lol
  • Twisted Victor 2008/11/18 15:16:21 (edited)
    None of the above
    Twisted Victor
    Wow, how many of these imaginary scenarios are you guys going to come up with? None of Obama's plans have even been implemented yet, and already its being condemned. Obviously everything the Neo-Cons have come up with hasn't worked. You could just as well change this story to an employer looking for Bush/Cheney bumper stickers. Though I think with the current economy its more likely that companies would have looked for Kerry/Edwards sticker and just fired everyone who didn't support them.

    bumper stickers current economy companies looked kerryedwards sticker fired support
  • Copyrig... Twisted... 2008/11/19 07:57:33 (edited)
    CopyrightAllInformation Images on this non-active account
    I agree with you. They may laugh, but it's sad that few see it.

    laugh sad laugh sad laugh sad
  • Crusher 2008/11/18 15:11:01 (edited)
    I hope other bosses will follow suit
    Great idea! but wonder if they were your BEST workers???
  • rankola 2008/11/18 15:08:31 (edited)
    None of the above
    It may not be legal, but it is questionable. That said, only the ACLU would take the case, if this is really a case. Unfortunately, a decision based on the presence or absence of "pro obama" bumper stickers may not be a sage one...some of these people might be the company's top producers, or possess highly specialized skill sets.

    A smart company leader makes business decisions based on the performance of his or her employees. If they were poor performers, than pink slips get issued no matter the political affiliation.

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