Catholic Business Leaders File Lawsuit against HHS Mandate

Birthpangs 2012/05/08 15:07:54
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Legatus—Nation’s Largest Organization of Top Catholic Business Leaders Files Federal Lawsuit Challenging the HHS Mandate

ANN ARBOR, MI – The Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, today announced it has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the HHS mandate, on behalf of Legatus, the Nation’s largest organization of top Catholic business CEOs and professional leaders.

Also joining in the lawsuit as Plaintiffs are the Weingartz Supply Company, a Michigan retailer since 1945, and its President who is a member of Legatus. The 42-page Complaint was filed late yesterday afternoon against the Obama administration in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

Legatus” is the Latin word for “ambassador”, and its members are called upon to become “ambassadors for Christ” in living and sharing their Catholic Faith in their business, professional and personal lives. It was founded in 1987 by Tom Monaghan, the former owner of Domino’s Pizza, to bring together the three key areas of a Catholic business leader’s life – Faith, Family and Business. The lawsuit was filed on the 25th Anniversary of its founding. Legatus currently has over 4,000 members in 73 chapters located in 31 states.

The first paragraph of the lawsuit succinctly sets forth the nature of the case: “This is a case about religious freedom. Thomas Jefferson, a Founding Father of our country, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and our third president, when describing the construct of our Constitution proclaimed, ‘No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of the civil authority.’”

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center commented,

“Whether you are a Catholic or Protestant or have no religion at all, the free exercise of religion and right of conscience is our most fundamental human right and must be vigorously defended on behalf of all Americans. Or else our constitution becomes nothing more than a piece of paper with nice sounding words. That’s why I believe every American regardless of religious beliefs has a stake in the successful outcome of this lawsuit.”

The purpose of the lawsuit is to seek a court ruling that permanently blocks the implementation of the HHS Mandate requiring employers and individuals to obtain insurance coverage for abortions and contraception on the grounds that it imposes clear violations of conscience on Americans who morally object to abortion and contraception.

The lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of the HHS Mandate under the First Amendment rights to the Free Exercise of Religion and Free Speech and the Establishment Clause. It also claims that the HHS Mandate violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Administrative Procedure Act enacted by Congress.

Thomas More Law Center attorney, Erin Mersino, is the lead counsel in the lawsuit. Joining as co-counsel is the Law Office of Charles LiMandri, the Law Center’s West Coast Regional Director and a member of Legatus.

Named as Defendants in the lawsuit are Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services; Hilda Solis, Secretary of the Department of Labor; Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Department of Treasury; and their respective departments. Click here to read the complaint.
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  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2012/05/08 16:28:48
    Let the lawsuits begin. Obama's strongarm tactics need to be twarted.
    I support this completly. It is about time we start pushing back to save our rights.

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  • beach bum 2012/05/20 03:13:14
    beach bum
  • Angie ♥♡Obama♡♥ 2012/05/12 13:36:53
    Angie ♥♡Obama♡♥
    just because you get insurance that covers it doesn't mean you have to use it, idiots.
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/05/11 00:05:15
    Let the lawsuits begin. Obama's strongarm tactics need to be twarted.
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    The more people/businesses we can get to push back at our over reaching government, the better!
  • Birthpangs Aqua Su... 2012/05/11 18:25:04
  • mind-pilot 2012/05/10 15:00:38
    No state funded abortions. No state funded contraception for the purpose of interfering with child-birth and ban the pill unless it's used for women with paiful and violent menstrals.
  • Walter Harris 2012/05/10 13:49:42
    Walter Harris
    Personally I dispise abortion, which is the key issue for the Catholic's, but I also do not want women to go back to "coat hangers" or "travelling butcher Dr's" like they did in the 50's and 60's. So I am for most of this "Obamacare" plan.
  • Birthpangs Walter ... 2012/10/27 15:16:03
  • Mike 2012/05/09 23:21:16
    they are a church , go find a job elsewhere if you don't like it.
  • Walter ... Mike 2012/05/10 13:51:13
    Walter Harris
  • docdj 2012/05/09 20:25:33
    A rule is a rule.

    If they don't like it F*CK 'EM!
  • Prophet 2012/05/09 15:50:38
    Let the lawsuits begin. Obama's strongarm tactics need to be twarted.
    Do not even think about changing any of the laws in the church. It is bigger than you and older than you and your philosophy. It exists for the salvation of mankind and you want to destroy it.
  • BRIDGET 2012/05/09 04:29:51
    Let the lawsuits begin. Obama's strongarm tactics need to be twarted.
  • mind-pilot BRIDGET 2012/05/10 15:14:01
    Then help us criminalize the birth control pill and viagra. It's time to take America to the days we so enjoyed. It'll stop pornography and probably minimize drug usage. We have way too many pregnancies anyhow, so it's not like todays women are using the pill. Ban the Pill! Help us!
  • Birthpangs mind-pilot 2012/10/27 15:17:10
  • mind-pilot Birthpangs 2012/10/28 04:00:32
    No, but it's an end to a means. Everyone complains that "life isn't what it use to be"(and I'm an old man so I've heard that for years) so why not do it like we use to do. Men had to abstain and women had to abstain also. No big deal. Just criminalize the two and stop fornicating unless you want children and people stop your bitching. Mitt wants to get rid of RoeVWade.....it's time we stop the abortion of children through the pill and viagrra. What are you complaining about? We're on your side.
  • Birthpangs mind-pilot 2012/10/28 04:40:32
  • mind-pilot Birthpangs 2012/10/28 15:15:03
    You're difficult to understand. So, if you're against abortion, then you're certainly a "anti-war" protestor. So you don't like murder in any form? That's commendable. Moral responsibility.
  • Birthpangs mind-pilot 2012/10/28 19:06:54
  • mind-pilot Birthpangs 2012/10/28 19:32:25
    Meaning you just like telling women what to do and you're afraid to tell men what to do? Murder is murder. Whether pre-birth or post-birth, abortion is abortion. I'll bet you have problems in the water closet too? LIke I said you're difficult to understand.
  • Birthpangs mind-pilot 2012/10/28 22:48:45
  • mind-pilot Birthpangs 2012/10/29 00:29:02
    You know, I didn't know that ,Colonel, with the drones and all the reality of post-birth abortion that the military practices, it's obviously hipocritical for you to be anti-choice for a woman to make her own choices. In turn, you wouldn't like the guy trying to fatten-up the military budget with that stupid F-47(the plane that doesn't fly for 30million dollars a hit?????) just for the sake of the contractors when the money could go to the rebuilding of AmeriCIA( I'll bet you were pissed like the rest of us for him spelling America that way) in the right way and not padding the pockets of the "businessmen" in that field.
  • Birthpangs mind-pilot 2012/10/29 02:10:40
  • TrudyGirl 2012/05/08 22:21:38
    For many years religions have ridden rough shod over those of us who do not believe as they do and it is totally against the laws set down in our constitution, Let us just say we are going to make sure every American is able to receive health care. They need to study their book of fables (bible) about their Savior..would he have fought to deny medical care to anyone? This is just another Republican game to try to make health care look bad. I become more and more convinced that religion is EVIL. Most wars have been fought over religion, people (including their savior) have been tortured and killed in the name of religion, and the list goes on into infinity. When will these acts contrary to our Constitution stop? If they don't want their employees to be able to be able to have contraception because they might be able to avoid unwanted and or children they don't want or need then just don't offer health insurance in their benefits packages instead if trying to force the rest of us to live by their religious beliefs. It has nothing to do with religion, this game they are playing, but does have everything to do with Politics. Stop this unacceptable and illegal behavior and tell them they have to live by the laws of this country, NOW..
  • Birthpangs TrudyGirl 2012/05/08 22:31:49
  • Michael... TrudyGirl 2012/05/09 10:27:56 (edited)
    Michael Hertel
    He would have fought to save the unborn, no question.
  • Chokmah TrudyGirl 2012/05/11 02:57:49
    Just look at the religious wars in the Holy Land today! The American backed religious zealots killing the poor and disenfranchised, bulldozing homes and stealing land. Yes, State Religions are EVIL. Religion is bad, but more people have died in the name of Big Govt in the 20th Century than have died in all wars of religion in the last 4,000 years.

    It was under the Socialists that human life became worthless and hundreds of millions were killed. Big Govt passed laws, and the killers just said, "Hey, we are just following the law". No, our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and the right of religion to practice free of Government interference. People can always go live in a dictatorship if they want . Move to France, or Israel, if you like Big Govt dictating to you. It's time to tell Big Govt to stop the unacceptable dictating here in the U.S. and let people, including those with particular religious beliefs, live by their own values and beliefs. No one is being forced to work at a religious institution and no company should be forced to include contraception benefits that conflict with their beliefs in their company insurance plans.
  • Chokmah 2012/05/08 20:43:32
    Let the lawsuits begin. Obama's strongarm tactics need to be twarted.
    Thank God for the Catholics!
  • blissful 2012/05/08 20:39:35
    I too don't like the thought of abortion being done. But!! I also believe that I have a right to decide when I want to began a family. God gave us a will to decide ,even, to be with him or to be with the Devil. So I feel it is my right to use Birth Control until I am Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually ready to began a Family..
  • Birthpangs blissful 2012/05/08 22:33:14
  • blissful Birthpangs 2012/05/08 22:43:10
    I'll just leave this between you and your conscience..
  • Birthpangs blissful 2012/05/08 22:47:20
  • blissful Birthpangs 2012/05/08 23:16:33
    You really are Selfish!! I don't care anymore! no comment no comment
  • candi 2012/05/08 20:38:58
    Let the lawsuits begin. Obama's strongarm tactics need to be twarted.
    What about seperation of church and state? Has tht gone by the wayside?
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/05/08 19:50:36
    Let the lawsuits begin. Obama's strongarm tactics need to be twarted.
    Christopher Kirchen
    Good deal. His Socialist takeover of the government must be stopped.
  • syl 2012/05/08 19:44:57
    Let the lawsuits begin. Obama's strongarm tactics need to be twarted.
    The Constitution needs to be upheld, freedom of religion. I'm not a Catholic, but believe totally, that Americans need to be able to claim what was given to us in the Constitution. Obama's administration is trying to take our rights away.

    No way.
  • wow-really 2012/05/08 18:29:10
    I think they government should mind their own business and not mandate that which is clearly against what is practiced and believed.
    BUT I also think This whole thing is a big, fat hypocritical JOKE!!
    Such passion, care, and concern for the life of the pre born, yet little to no regard for them after they get here. I see more care, compassion, and activism for the rights of ANIMALS, than I do about children in this country, yet a woman's contraception is made out to be the DEVIL??????
    If a women chooses to work for a hypocritical organization that preaches one thing, yet practices another, well than that's on her. She has to deal with it.
    On the other hand, I think if anything should be mandated against a "religious organization", it should be the reporting of crimes against others, especially children. That applies to ALL "churches" that have tax-exempt status..And failure to report crimes would be a criminal offense, resulting in lose of their charter tax-exemption status.
    Contraception is not illegal in this country, but crimes against children is. let's not forget that.
  • Birthpangs wow-really 2012/05/08 19:18:15
  • BigKwell 2012/05/08 18:02:41
    Another tactic to try to rule the world.
  • Mz Understood 2012/05/08 17:45:43
    Mz Understood
    You don't want government in your religion than you should also keep your religion out of government. Can't have it both ways.
  • Juliet Alyssa 2012/05/08 17:29:51
    Juliet Alyssa
    Making something illegal because it goes against your religion makes about as much sense as banning McDonald's because you're on a diet.

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