Cat with Arrow Through Head

Brownie, a 4-year-old cat ran away from home, but then returned to its owners several days later. And while its owners were glad to have their cat back home, they discovered, much to their horror, that the cat had an arrow through its head (kind of hard to miss).

Luckily, the 13-inch arrow stuck through the cat's head only skimmed Brownie's skull. Brownie is expected to make a full recovery.

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  • Warfoundtaco 2009/09/07 15:26:25
    Poor cat, that's so horrible! :[ I'm happy that he'll recover, though. Whatever retard did that needs a good choking.

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  • Maddy 2009/10/01 23:57:26
    That is very freakin in-humane, obviously someone hates animals and should be charged with animal cruelty. I dont much like cats, but would never go that far!
  • khaliah 2009/09/23 21:25:31
    oh my God, who ever did that needs to be put in jail and get some help for putting a freaking arrow in a freaking cats head. what type of moron does something like that?!
  • <3V-Tiger<3 2009/09/15 01:15:45
    Poor cat. Who ever tht is is a totally retard
  • andy 2009/09/14 22:35:31
    that's so sad and horrible. poor kitty. but man is that one lucky cat.
  • Velociraptor 2009/09/13 20:18:46
    I love that he looks happy after they take it out. He;s finally content at home. :)
  • Velociraptor 2009/09/13 20:17:35
    Poor kitty! :*( I'm so glad he'll be okay. What an awful person to do that!
  • EchoPsychotic 2009/09/12 03:38:14
    yeah i heard about this on the news. its horrible.
  • Cassie~ShadowClan Apprentice 2009/09/12 02:46:53
    Cassie~ShadowClan Apprentice
    Thank goodness. I'm glad the cat's okay.
  • TeeTee Metal(is a real girl) 2009/09/11 05:20:07
    TeeTee Metal(is a real girl)
    Wow, I hope the person that did that falls down some stairs onto a bed of white-hot, razor sharp, nails...
  • Shota 2009/09/11 04:28:44
    Poor kitty. =(
    Good that he'll make it out alright.
    Good luck Brownie. Good luck.
  • Lunatic 2009/09/11 04:22:34
  • TeeTee ... Lunatic 2009/09/11 05:22:04
    TeeTee Metal(is a real girl)
    Awwwww! Poor sweet puppy!
  • Lunatic TeeTee ... 2009/09/11 05:25:53
    ya i was like oh shoot watching the video a few weeks ago
  • thecumberbatchmobile 2009/09/11 04:08:16 (edited)
    i'd like to teach a few lessons to the creep who did this http://www.momssoapbox.com/wp...
  • Elaine~ 2009/09/09 20:22:18
    that's so cruel to a poor kitty..............
    the person who did this should totally be punished!
  • Raindropkitten™~the author ... 2009/09/09 16:44:16
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    Omg! If that was my cat, I would find out who did that and shoot them with an arrow in the head. See how they like it.
  • kara 2009/09/09 16:42:46
    Well that's one life down, only 8 more to go! Seriously though--whoever shot the arrow needs to be found and spanked hard. It was probably a future Jeffery Dahmer!!
  • olivia 2009/09/09 16:03:47
    OMG!!!!!! i can't look at that poor cat anymore!!!!
  • Ron Weasly 2009/09/08 21:05:02
    Ron Weasly
    i feel so bad.... who would do this to a poor little kitty
  • LaurenM. 2009/09/08 20:50:00
    wow thats a miracle poor kitty

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