Case of blonde girl beggar strikes nerve in Mexico - NEXT? AMERICA!

Kilroy 2012/10/29 06:05:54
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MEXICO CITY (AP) — At a busy intersection, a girl with a high half ponytail looks at you as she begs for coins. There is dirt beneath her fingernails and her pink shirt looks unwashed. The image in the photo could fit thousands of impoverished Mexican children who sell gum or beg for money in the streets, but for one thing: The girl in this picture is blonde.
The flurry of internet attention to the photo, and the quick way officials reacted, has renewed a debate about racism in Mexico, a nation that is proud of its mestizo heritage but where millions of indigenous people live in poverty and passers-by often barely notice the dark-skinned children begging in the street.
It started last week when a Facebook user posted a photo of the girl standing next to a rearview mirror on a Guadalajara street. He apparently suspected she might have been stolen because "her parents are brown," and said he had already contacted a welfare agency and state prosecutors.
"Let's spread this photo around," he wrote.
Tens of thousands shared the photo of the golden-haired, green-eyed girl and dozens commented on it, some thanking him, others complaining the post was racist.
Lino Gonzalez, the spokesman for prosecutors in Jalisco state, where Guadalajara is the capital, said the widespread distribution of the photo was seen as a sort of collective warning, and an investigation was launched.
"The concern was the suspicion the girl had been stolen," Gonzalez said. "We had to respond because there was suspicion a crime had been committed."
Officials quickly tracked down the 5-year-old child, put her in a Guadalajara orphanage and detained her 23-year-old mother for two days.
Authorities said she lied about her address and about the father of the girl, first stating he was a foreigner, then saying he was was Mexican, but estranged from her.
The child's grandmother — who also has green eyes — was able to hand over the birth certificate of the girl. Gonzalez said the mother was released and there were no signs the girl had been kidnapped, though DNA results are pending. Authorities say they are also considering charges of child exploitation.
The case outraged many.
"We need to see a white girl to worry about kidnapping, trafficking of children and child exploitation. I've never seen photos of Indian children or simply dark-skinned kids circulating on the Internet with people asking others to help them," wrote human rights activist Yali Noriega in her blog.
Some think the mother could sue the government. Xochitl Galvez, a former federal Cabinet minister who is an advocate for Indian rights, said authorities tend to rely too much on public opinion when chasing delicate cases.
"It is not right that just because of the color of her skin, they can say it's not her daughter," she said. "There is no such thing as a pure race. We are a mix ... that tells you a lot about the authorities' lack of knowledge."
Galvez said authorities should instead work to reduce the high rate of child labor in Mexico and create more programs to support poor single mothers.
"The solution is not to arrest the mother or take the girl from her," she said. "We should be asking what do we do to help these children?"
Amparo Gonzalez Luna, director of the orphanage where the girl has been living, said the mother is poor and the episode should encourage her to take better care of her children.
"It has caused her a lot of pain," she told the Televisa network.

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  • ruthannhausman 2013/01/20 10:10:17
    She's probably the offspring of MATING between foreigner and mother.
    There are so many child abductions going on in this world, most of it for various slave traders (for pedophiles, prostitution, slave labor, you name it), that a blond child in a country with darker-skinned, black-haired citizens as the norm kind of stands out. There is no harm done in verifying the child's origins. In fact, it is almost imperative. But it should be done with utmost delicacy and minimal stress to the family, particularly mother and father.

    I can see the Al Sharpton types jumping up and down hollering "Racist, racist, racist" on this one; however, I would have to strongly disagree with that label. It is just one of Nature's anomalies which stands out in a crowd in this case and the authorities took advantage of it, as they should. What if the girl was kidnapped? Would you not want the parents of a kidnapped child to know that everything possible is being done to find their child?

    Incidentally, years ago, when my family lived in Korea, there was a married couple who bowled in the same league as my mother and I did. The wife was Korean and the man was an average white man. They had a daughter who was the most beautiful blond child I had ever seen, and our community was quite little in those days, so there was no mistaking that the little girl belonged to that mother and father. Recessive genes have a way of surprising everybody now and then.
  • juneathomas 2013/01/20 05:11:35
  • joe keeney 2013/01/19 22:33:26
    Prostitution has it's 'DRAWBACKS' !!!
    joe keeney
    Maybe kidnapped.
  • Butterfly 2013/01/19 19:37:07
    Prostitution has it's 'DRAWBACKS' !!!
    Birth certificate? People think, it is legit? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    They are the PROFESSIONALS, of fraudulent documents. She is a stolen child. No question in my mind. The dark gene,,,,is dominate. It will not produce a blond child.
    Poor child. She has been kidnapped. I am happy, they are doing a DNA test, but if it is mexico doing, it,,,I dont' believe it either. The place of corruption,,,to the nth degree!
  • Okie Lady 2012/12/20 04:58:48
    Prostitution has it's 'DRAWBACKS' !!!
    Okie Lady
    With all the high profile kidnapping cases in the last few years, such as the one of the little girl, daughter of 2 doctors who disappeared while they were on vacation somewhere in Europe, it never hurts to check on a blond, fair skinned child in a country in which the citizens are overwhelmingly dark skinned. Wouldn't you want someone noticing this if your child were missing and is blond and fair skinned?
  • Butterfly Okie Lady 2013/01/19 19:38:50
    Common sense,,, yes.
  • Penis Haven 2012/11/04 20:11:38
    She's probably the offspring of MATING between foreigner and mother.
    Penis Haven
    She isnt the only Blonde Mexican in Mexico, just like there are Blonde Italians, are they all victims of kidnapping too? Although I appreciate concern over children, you know what they say about assume.... ass outta u n me
  • Butterfly Penis H... 2013/01/19 19:39:53 (edited)
    I know, but if her mother is dark, she would not produce, this white child. Biology. Dark gene is dominate.
    That would be NORTHERN Italians, and they would both be fair skinned, and produce a blond Italian.
  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2012/11/03 11:44:32
    She's probably the offspring of MATING between foreigner and mother.
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    argh,people calling this story racist now?
  • poet4justice 2012/10/30 17:55:18
    She's probably the offspring of MATING between foreigner and mother.
    I don't care what color she is but one thing it is clear she should be in school and not begging... It is constant reminder of how we can be next.""... here in California voter will have to make a choice of increasing tax or get less education

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