Can you tell whether people are on Welfare or on Food Stamps or not?

Pete 2012/03/11 16:53:56
Do you know when someone is on food stamps? I know I do. Every time I go to the grocery store my carts always have like from 10 to 15 items that I buy. All I buy is what I use up the most such as milk, bread, eggs, cheese, etc. But I have notice that many people walking around the aisle with two carts at a time. Yes, you read that right, two carts completely loaded and pack with food from bottom to top. It's like a mountain pile of food. In facts, I have seen them carry about 50 to 80 pounds of meat, 6 gallons of milk, 4 cases of soda, corn flakes by the dozen, 6 to seven loaf of bread, ice creams by the gallons and on and on. Two full carts. Just to see I wasn't hallucinating I check them out. So what I did was I got on line behind those people with two full loaded carts just to see how they were going to pay for it. Yes, you guess it right they use the Lone Star Card or food stamps. Now, can you tell who is using food stamps? Yes, you're right those that have over loaded carts with foods. Don't believe me. Next time you go to the grocery store check it out yourself and you will convince yourself but don't just take my words for it.

Peace be with you
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  • kade6767 2012/04/01 15:37:06
    Absolute moronic story.
  • danila777 2012/03/12 02:34:29
    I buy the same items every 2 weeks, and since I shop for a large family a lot of people think I'm having a party and some ask me who's paying for my stuff and I show them my debit card.
  • Angi 2012/03/12 00:23:08
    You either have too much time on your hands to follow people in the super market or you should mind your own business.
  • Pete Angi 2012/03/12 00:31:22
    I believe this is everyone business. especially the taxpayer who have to pay for these people who don't deserve a dime. So, you need to stop your nonsense foolishness ignorance or find another topic....................... Peace be with you
  • Angi Pete 2012/03/12 00:34:11
    I knew you would say something like this.
  • Emma's ... Angi 2012/05/22 22:27:13
    Emma's Dilemma
    You sound like you might be one of those welfare leaches.
  • Angi Emma's ... 2012/06/02 17:26:58
    You think and say what you like, it saddens me how people like yourself just throw insults around when someone disagrees with you. Personaly what does it say of a nation who classes all the unemployed and sick and disabled injured etc in one group and label them unworthy or worse. How many people have lost their jobs for no fault of their own, their homes and everything. What of soldiers being injured in the recent conflicts. We have benefits/welfare here, some of them soldiers are claiming welfare now, would you say they are leaches. Personally I think welfare for looking after sick and disabled giving the unemployed a safety net is something to be proud of. Go ahead slag me off, you are just proving what I think of you.
  • JanHopkins 2012/03/11 19:48:52
    I'm not on food stamps but I really hate to shop, hence the two carts of food. I don't like to do this more than once a month.
  • gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/03/11 17:33:46
    gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F
    No I can't just by looking at them. I do know several proud hard working American families who have lost jobs, homes etc. that have gone assistance as a last resort. I also know some who did whom have been able to recover now. Not all people are chronic users of the system.
    Sorry I didn't mean to rant so much lol I have deep feelings on this subject.
  • Pete gldynmd... 2012/03/11 17:52:02
    I am not talking about whether or not people are abusive of the systems. My question was not about who or for what people do or use the systems for. This is not about trying to criticize someone for using the systems. This is about how those who don't have food stamps have to limit their budgets while those on food stamps don't. Again, my question was can you tell who is on food stamps and who is not? That's basically it.................. Peace be with you
  • gldynmd... Pete 2012/03/12 00:33:45
    gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F
    I know Pete. That is why I apologized for ranting. lol
  • Pete gldynmd... 2012/03/12 00:37:52
    Now you got me laughing....... Peace be with you...
  • Doug King 2012/03/11 17:04:43
    Doug King
    Not until they get to the cash register.
  • lonewolf 2012/03/11 16:54:33

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