Can you forgive someone for killing your relative?

Mark 2012/06/26 20:53:30
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As part of her historic visit to Ulster the Queen will shake the hand of Sinn Fein deputy Martin McGuiness, the man who headed up a terrorist organisation called IRA. They killed her cousin Mountbatten.

One of the most famous people from the days of the IRA bombings was a man who lost his children to the them at Enniskillen, he too has forgiven them.

Could you?

martin mcguiness

queen in ulstermartin mcguiness

lord mountbatten
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  • Anna 2012/08/17 04:04:35
    Forgiving such a person would stick in my craw
    In this situation, no, I couldn't forgive them. However I can see several situations in which I would be able and willing to forgive someone who killed my relative.
  • artistheweapon 2012/07/04 18:55:58
    Forgiveness brings freedom.
    If they deserved it, then it was justly so
  • Mimosa 2012/07/02 17:39:23
    Forgiveness brings freedom.
    But we never know until it happens to us personally. The Queen is used to hiding her personal feelings to carry out her duties. We would never know if she truly forgave
  • _-T3x4S_M4D3-_ 2012/06/27 15:52:03
  • Jessica 2012/06/27 05:42:51
    Forgiving such a person would stick in my craw
    It does depend upon the circumstances though.
  • addie 2012/06/27 05:34:16 (edited)
    Forgiveness brings freedom.
    I hate my family! Have at 'em!
  • Hamilton 2012/06/26 23:31:50
    Forgiving such a person would stick in my craw
    Actually, it depends who they kill.
  • Yankee Traveler 2012/06/26 22:54:39
    Forgiveness brings freedom.
    Yankee Traveler
    I could forgive someone that killed a relative of mine if that relative of mine was an Ahole!!!!
  • Will on the road again 2012/06/26 22:08:05
    Forgiving such a person would stick in my craw
    Will on the road again
    Maybe if I got to pick which one... Ha!
  • darcie lamar 2012/06/26 22:06:28
    Forgiving such a person would stick in my craw
    darcie lamar
    In my case I ask for forgiveness for harboring hatred in my heart. The murderer will have to deal with God. I decided not to be his victim too.
  • Joy Buchanan 2012/06/26 21:59:34
    Forgiving such a person would stick in my craw
    Joy Buchanan
    Maybe with time... but i doutb it..
  • waternymphxD 2012/06/26 21:40:43
    Forgiveness brings freedom.
    Don't bad mouth mcGuinness and the fact that he headed up the IRA bombings is also debatable...
  • Mark waterny... 2012/06/26 21:50:43
    You think he was just selling daffodils?
  • waterny... Mark 2012/06/26 21:55:31
    I'm not saying he's completely innocent because god knows all politicians are corrupt in this country however it was never proven so therefore open to debate. Innocent until proven guilty.
  • Mark waterny... 2012/06/27 06:08:16
    He was a commander of the IRA that is not in dispute. The IRA were evil thugs who bombed shopping centres, office complex (I personally remember that one) target cashpoints. Now the IRA is a kind of mini-mafia, engaging in knee cappings for "traitors" or other beatings if you don't pay their "loans".
  • EpicEvan77~TheAnarchyst 2012/06/26 21:10:30
    Forgiving such a person would stick in my craw
    I just couldn't. >_<
  • Sister Jean 2012/06/26 21:01:09
    Forgiveness brings freedom.
    Sister Jean
    no one ever did

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