Can you ever trust the IRS again?

Newsmax 2013/05/15 18:00:00
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Evidence is mounting that the Internal Revenue Service gave far better treatment to left-wing groups than those on the right, with data showing that the agency approved dozens of liberal and progressive organizations as tax-exempt while leaving conservative groups hanging.

No tea party applications were approved in a 27-month beginning February 2010. But numerous applications from liberal and progressive groups were given tax-exempt status during the same period, USA Today reported.

Some of those approved:

Bus for Progress, a New Jersey nonprofit organization whose mission is to support "progressive politicians with the courage to serve the people's interests and make tough choices." The group, which uses a red, white, and blue bus to "drive the progressive change," was approved as a social-welfare group in April 2011.

Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, approved in September 2011. The group says it fights against corporate welfare and toward increasing the minimum wage.

Progress Florida, which lobbies the Sunshine State's legislature to expand Medicaid under the provisions of Obamacare, and was approved in January 2011.

The groups, like the tea party organizations, sought tax reductions as social-welfare groups.

The details come at the same time that it was revealed that the IRS expedited tax-exempt status for a charity run by President Barack Obama's half brother, despite numerous questions about how it is run. The application from the Barack H. Obama Foundation was even backdated, the Daily Caller reports.

Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas, said the IRS actions show how the Obama administration puts politics ahead of anything else. Last year, Flores filed a complaint after the IRS asked the Waco Tea Party for information that he said was "overreaching and impossible to comply with."

The IRS wanted transcripts of radio interviews, copies of social-media posts and details on "close relationships" with political candidates as part of the process, claimed Flores, who says that when he asked questions, the agency failed to answer adequately.

"They did more than sidestep the issue," Flores said. "They flipped me the finger."

Lois Lerner, the IRS official responsible for granting tax-exemption status, has admitted the agency was mistaken to subject tea party groups to additional scrutiny and has apologized. But she denies rejecting groups based on ideology, and said some progressive groups also were selected for further scrutiny.

One such group is Action for a Progressive Future, which took 18 months to get approval, USA Today reported. Co-founder Jeff Cohen said he didn't mind answering intrusive questions, so long as they were fair.

"From my perspective, if the IRS can hold up legitimate tea-party applications today and get away with it, then who knows if progressive groups will be held up and specially scrutinized in a few years. It's utterly unacceptable, if that's what happened," he said.

IRS records, obtained by the Daily Caller, show Lerner signed papers granting tax-exempt status to the foundation run by Obama's half brother Abongo "Roy" Malik Obama.

She signed off on the organization's tax status in June 2011 — right in the middle of the 27-month hiatus for tea party groups — and granted it retroactive status within a month of filing

Action for a Progressive Future has faced legal issues over the past few years.

In the month before the foundation was granted tax-exempt status, the National Legal and Policy Center filed a complaint with the IRS, asking why the group was allowed to solicit tax-deductible contributions when it had not applied for a determination.

That's when Lerner gave it the retroactive exemption back to December 2008.

“The Obama Foundation raised money on its web page by falsely claiming to be tax
deductible. This bogus charity run by Malik had not even applied and yet subsequently got retroactive tax-deductible status,” complained Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center. He called the attempt to raise money "common law fraud and potentially even federal mail fraud.”

The Obama Foundation was set up ostensibly to help poor children in Kenya, where Roy Obama lives.

However, the Caller says, it has not registered in Virginia, where it is said to be based.

Lerner, a registered Democrat, has been slammed for the IRS handling of conservative groups, but her colleagues defend her, saying she acts “apolitically.”

Larry Noble, FEC general counsel from 1987 to 2000, told The Daily Beast that Lerner "is really one of the more apolitical people I’ve met.” "That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have political views, but she really focuses on the job and what the rules are. She doesn’t have an agenda.”

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  • naarcissus 2013/12/19 09:58:09
    Trust an agency of the government. Was never quite that dumb.
  • General "Bull" Krapper 2013/08/27 06:24:52
    General "Bull" Krapper
    Didn't trust them before! --- Stay Well, Safe & Free
  • cents-less 2013/08/06 19:14:17
    As much as you can trust any gov. office.
  • MoreFun 2013/08/06 18:21:06
  • kmwakak8 2013/08/05 16:34:34
  • YouFool 2013/08/05 14:47:10
  • friendlyfelix 2013/08/05 11:00:04
    With Obama running loose from the asylum I trust none of the government.
  • bupeda10 2013/08/04 22:45:02
  • gupada10 2013/08/03 19:39:18
  • LoveChilde 2013/08/03 02:30:02
    Anyone who trusts the gov't is a flippin' idiot.
  • ritufa08 2013/08/02 18:26:11
  • GoDucks5 2013/08/02 05:10:22
    They just want to steal our money.
  • cathy 2013/08/02 04:36:31
    can't trust them!
  • patida10 2013/08/01 19:06:06
  • Shannon Cantrell 2013/08/01 17:54:01
    Shannon Cantrell
    Never trusted them in the first place.
  • peradu10 2013/07/31 16:22:03
  • jeb 2013/07/30 20:43:13
    I never trusted them in the first place enough said
  • LadyBichalot 2013/07/29 19:12:09
    round up them animals Pa! we're headin back to them their hills!
  • poraka10 2013/07/29 18:20:40
  • Sapphyreopal5 2013/07/29 14:36:04
    I've never trusted the IRS anyways
  • Mickey V 2013/07/28 14:33:33
    Mickey V
    The IRS did nothing wrong. Political organizations are not tax-exempt. Unless you think Tea Parties are for drinking tea??????????? The IRS is not that stupid, but this question is.
  • Jim 2013/07/28 07:35:31
    Again? Right. An autonomous government organization with the power to destroy peoples lives at a whim. Big trust issues there.
  • Whatever 2013/07/28 01:29:52
  • Stay Focused 2013/07/27 18:44:36
    Stay Focused
    Never did, lay them off and start a flat tax.
  • Haruko Haruhara 2013/07/27 12:24:09
    Haruko Haruhara
    No, evidence is not mounting that left wing groups got preferential treatment.
    But then again, this was a Newsmax question, so naturally, they are going to deny the facts.
  • dupafa11 2013/07/26 15:38:59
  • daruja11 2013/07/25 18:38:27
  • ipesdu11 2013/07/24 16:56:01
  • SonSpeaker AaL CCLA-ZWC 2013/07/24 09:22:21
    SonSpeaker AaL CCLA-ZWC
    Never did to begin with.
  • dovake11 2013/07/23 21:03:49
  • juju.busby 2013/07/21 22:50:43
    Remember the saying, "all roads lead to Rome"? All these scandals lately point to one slippery character who never seems to have dirt on their hands.
  • CWOO10 - PWCM 2013/07/21 22:44:13
    CWOO10 - PWCM
    Why change now? I've never trusted the IRS
  • Lana 2013/07/21 20:27:31
    who said they could ever be trusted in the first place????
  • Jesse-Tired of Liberal Lunacy 2013/07/21 01:06:59
    Jesse-Tired of Liberal Lunacy
    I never trusted them before.
  • Phyllis Murphy 2013/07/21 00:38:40
    Phyllis Murphy
    I had my own ghastly experience with IRS a few years ago...An errant CPA whom I had used for years failed in his duty and not having the knowledge to understand, I literally had the IRS knocking down my doors, put liens on my house, confiscated all my bank accounts and then creeps started daily calls about being able to help me out of the mess. There is no communication with these Gestapo Goons. They did not respond to the letters nor could you get thru with phone calls. I have always been spot on in getting y tax materials processed immediately..Just a typical old honest woman.. Well to make a long story short, a Tax Advocate took over. The Advocates are a branch of IRS but IRS has no control over them and the wonderful woman resolved it, not completely. The mistake was at the IRS office. They had the check they were yowling about. Had been sitting on someone's desk..Duuhhh! I went thru absolute and pure hell and will never, never, never respect our government again as a hard working honest taxpayer. It needs abolished immediately and a simple flat tax system set up which hopefully would block political goons from either party ever prying into files illegally.
  • Jobin Niebrzydowski 2013/07/20 22:19:35
    Jobin Niebrzydowski
    They are money hungry scumbags just like all of the other evil tentacles of government in this God less country.
  • majola11 2013/07/20 15:24:15
  • flexo 2013/07/20 14:22:51
    to get a job at the IRS you have to be a cold hearted ass...
  • bupapa12 2013/07/19 18:41:39
  • Jake Blanton 2013/07/19 15:10:40
    Jake Blanton
    Not that I ever really trusted them to do anything that didn't serve their own interest, but it's pretty obvious these days that they discriminate against those of us who are fiscal conservatives.
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