Can Vampires Get HIV/AIDS?

Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3 2008/12/13 01:16:10
I don't think they can...
Maybe they can...
How do you come up with crazy stuff?
Sure they can!
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The only sure fire way I've heard of for completely destroying the HIV/AIDS virus is exposure to oxygen. Since vampires traditionally just drink straight from their victims' bodies there's not exposure to oxygen.
So can they get HIV/AIDS? Would it have any kind of effect on them?
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  • Körïnthïän 2008/12/13 03:14:54
    I don't think they can...
    What would happen to them? Would onions kill them too? Plastic stakes? Lamp light? Aluminium?

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  • Dan 2009/01/01 14:30:08
    I don't think they can...
    because imaginary beings can't catch real viruses and diseases.
  • fuckyou 2008/12/29 08:32:48
    vampires are already dead assclown how the hell would they get aids
  • Suicide... fuckyou 2008/12/29 14:55:17
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    I'm looking for theories.
  • Ally 2008/12/19 13:27:54
    They could, but it doesn't matter much because they're already dead ;) Haha, good question though. :)
  • SocalRichard 2008/12/19 11:47:51
    Sure they can!
    It just wouldn't affect them.
  • Tomus Megalomania 2008/12/19 11:35:20
    Sure they can!
    Tomus Megalomania
  • DemonKiTTiE ♥ In MUSE I Tru... 2008/12/16 01:26:26
    I don't think they can...
    DemonKiTTiE ♥ In MUSE I Trust ♥
    It's only their food, and as they are generally considered immortal, I don't see what it would do to them...
  • CitizenErased 2008/12/15 15:51:21
    I don't think they can...
    I reckon...that since a vampire cannot be killed by diseases the lack of an immune system will be of little concern.
    Perhaps it can lay dormant in a vampire and then infect humans.
  • Tomus M... Citizen... 2008/12/19 11:35:50
    Tomus Megalomania
    yes...how creepy!
  • Sweetness ~Loves her Lion~ 2008/12/15 11:59:59
    I don't think they can...
    Sweetness ~Loves her Lion~
    cause they're like immortal which also counters them getting any sicknesses...
  • dude, its katie 2008/12/15 04:55:41
    Sure they can!
    dude, its katie
    but since they are immortal and all, it doesn't kill them.
    they could just pass it along.
  • Adam 2008/12/15 04:31:32
    It depends on what mythology your useing. Because they are imaginary. If you say they do, then those ones do. If you say they don't, those ones don't. In that fiction. You can't use scientific ideas to support one way or the other, because they are magic.
  • Bee 2008/12/15 01:15:19
    I don't think they can...
    HIV works by weakening the immune system. Unfortunately, being dead, any immune system that vampires have is probably nonexistant or frozen at the point of death. Frozen is more likely, since they don't seem to ever get ill like humans - ever read a vampire story where one got a cold, or chicken pox?

    They'd probably become carriers....or maybe not. Maybe the virus would die because it's occupying a walking corpse. But maybe the virus would survive and infect any victims that the vampire doesn't kill.

    This was fun to think about, thanks for coming up with a question other than EDWARD OR JACOB GAISSS? :D
  • GVC 2008/12/15 00:02:41
    I don't think they can...
    Nah - because they are already dead, and HIV is a virus that infects living tissue. :-)
  • Ophelia Violet [clock girl ... 2008/12/14 20:13:44
    Sure they can!
    Ophelia Violet [clock girl <3]~In Time We Trust
    they prolly can it just wont affect them
  • Amanda (Endless Nights) 2008/12/14 15:34:56
    Amanda (Endless Nights)
    Errrmm.. complicated question... They wouldn't be affected by it, but if theyd'd be able to infect others is a completly different question.
  • will 2008/12/14 08:04:19
    I don't think they can...
    however vampires might become altered, as they did in THE UNDERWORLD movies, or BLADE movies. Remember Vampires can change into wolves and rats, which both are known to carry rabies or other diseases. Also, the vampires in BLADE, wanted to be hybrids as to walk the Earth in the daytime and night.
  • TJ 2008/12/14 07:06:49
    Sure they can!
    Think about ti....normally you would have to suck or get down and dirty....they get dirty during the kill...and they suck...DUH!
  • Eyebrowz² 2008/12/14 03:52:12
    I don't know...I wouldn't think so cause they're dead...but in that HBO series True Blood hepatitis makes them very sick...maybe they can, maybe it would react differently in them, maybe they can't, there's really know way of knowing for sure...
  • Little Fox 2008/12/14 02:30:44
    Little Fox
    They would probably just become carriers. Since they're already dead, they can't be harmed by a living disease. Nothing to kill.
  • perfect punk 2008/12/14 01:14:50
    perfect punk
    Yeah, when you can confirm there's a real vampire in the world, let me know...
  • Suicide... perfect... 2008/12/14 20:15:14
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    There are a lot of people in the world that practice vampirism, not to mention vampire bats.
  • perfect... Suicide... 2008/12/14 21:50:21
    perfect punk
    the practice of drinking blood, or vamparic like practices do not sum up one to be a vampire.

    French, from German Vampir, from Serbian vampir

    1: the reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep2 a: one who LIVES by preying on others, not just enjoys drinking blood or b: a woman who exploits and ruins her lover
    So unless your talking about definition 2 B.... then Urrrrrr your out!... and i hardly doubt the question was intended to include bats... come on, work with me here.
  • Suicide... perfect... 2008/12/14 22:56:35
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    I never said they were actual vampires, I said they practiced vampirism.
  • perfect... Suicide... 2008/12/15 01:17:28
    perfect punk
    o.k, o.k... i'll agree with you there, and sorry, i don't mean to be jerk to you about the whole thing, it's just the way the question to this poll comes across... I should of just passed this one by when i saw it.

  • gray 2008/12/14 01:10:07
    How do you come up with crazy stuff?
    i dont think so since they are death.. why you a vampire or wat :D
  • Foxiness 2008/12/14 00:20:31
    How do you come up with crazy stuff?
    their dead, the can't get, so...........they cant get HIV or a STD......right????
  • Sarahxrocksxo 2008/12/14 00:12:47
    Ok, first of all, there are no such things as vampires.
  • Suicide... Sarahxr... 2008/12/14 00:21:31
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    Then let's speak hypothetically.
  • Sarahxr... Suicide... 2008/12/14 00:22:56
    Haha. Hmmmm....I actually don't know lol
  • Aiedail 2008/12/13 23:37:13
  • Mollydolly 2008/12/13 23:11:42
    How do you come up with crazy stuff?
    You have a magnificent sense of the absurd. thanks
  • Suicide... Mollydolly 2008/12/13 23:58:20
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    You are welcome :)
  • hotteacherpet 2008/12/13 23:03:24
    Sure they can!
    i tink they can but lets hope not cuz if jasper was really a vamp then he woould die or sumthin like that
  • Aiedail hotteac... 2008/12/13 23:42:30
  • Chowder 2008/12/13 22:36:30
    I don't think they can...
    How could they? It's practically impossible if they can't receive any sickness or illness or anything once a vampire.
  • Lashiya 2008/12/13 22:30:46
    I don't think they can...
    to my knowledge it would be impossible for any vampire to contract any sort of disease due to their body cells not being fully 'alive'. this means that the viruses wouldnt have anything to attack and they wouldnt get sick.
  • jimmovaio 2008/12/13 22:19:36
    Sure they can!
    actually vampires are the vector of aids and hiv...when they bite someone, as the same time they'll transfer the viruses into the prey's body. I dont think they'll suffer the symptoms as normal human suffer.
  • Maseratti Ric 2008/12/13 22:17:40
    Maseratti Ric
    I would be more worried about them existing in the first place...
  • Cassie 2008/12/13 21:56:55
    How do you come up with crazy stuff?
    I have no idea

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