Can Sarah Palin be taken serious politically after doing reality shows?

Christian 2012/09/01 08:02:09
Can Sarah Palin be taken seriously politically after doing reality shows
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  • CoolChange80 2012/09/02 23:22:39
    Palin is absolutely taken seriously. That is why she is attacked.
  • Christian CoolCha... 2012/09/03 01:02:55 (edited)
    She was not at the convention, Bush has a lot of power in the GOP still, and he is not happy with her, this leads makes me suspect that the GOP is distancing themselves from her.

    I think she is a good person to have to help campaign, but I do not see a long term relationship with her and the GOP.

    If she does not make a run for something over the next year or two, she will fade away.
  • Red 2012/09/02 07:11:09
  • Christian Red 2012/09/03 01:09:13
    Interesting view as far as the Tea Party, however she is not a racist of any kind, I do not think.

    She may have slept with an African American basketball player, but even with out that she does not seem like she is a person that judges people by race. Why African Americans do not like her has nothing to do with this. Its probably because they do not agree with the right wings platform especially the Tea Party, the extreme right has no staying power in our society.
  • Red Christian 2012/09/03 01:13:00
  • hapman Red 2012/09/03 09:03:31
    no politician's motives can be trusted.
  • Red hapman 2012/09/03 17:49:30
  • hapman Red 2012/09/04 02:02:19 (edited)
  • hapman 2012/09/02 00:15:18
    can she be taken seriously regardless?
  • Christian hapman 2012/09/03 01:09:46
    It depends on what she does over the next two years.
  • hapman Christian 2012/09/03 06:28:47 (edited)
  • Christian hapman 2012/09/03 08:24:08
    Good points.
  • hapman Christian 2012/09/03 09:04:55
    thank you.
  • Christian 2012/09/01 20:07:07
    I am not trying to hurt Sarah Palin, I am just asking you to field the question. Can Palin be a serious presidential consideration anymore, after doing a reality show.
  • ehrhornp 2012/09/01 16:22:42
    Who has taken sweet Sara seriously since she made a fool of herself as McCain's VP?
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/09/01 15:27:00
    YEs, and I am disappointed that she was not the "Key-note" at the RNC convention.. The poor vision of her in the media is stricktly a creature of the nmedia and one that needs to be cut down , Palin is the best ignored leader w have....
  • Christian jackola... 2012/09/01 20:00:13
    They would not even let her in the convention.
  • BigEyedFish 2012/09/01 15:26:58
  • KAREN JAMES 2012/09/01 14:27:31
    No, she has proven herself to be a money-grubbing pig.
  • cancled 2012/09/01 14:07:28
    So she grabbed the brass ring when it presented itself.
    As we all would do, and you know it.
    Only those who continuously lie to themselves would say otherwise in the same situation.

    I remember years ago I worked for a law firm that Jerry Brown ( the governor) was a lawler at in San Diego. Most of the lawyers there were envious and jealous of Jerry Brown. Myself, he seemed like a great guy, as he was dating Linda Ronstadt at the time. And she was very nice also.
    One day Jerry Brown came to the office to see everyone, as he was rarely there. And all those lawyers that hated and were envious of Brown acted like Jesus had come to see the christians, Lol, they sucked up to him like he was responsible for their future, Lol.
    Shallow people to say the least.
    And people who put Sarah Palin down for taking the opportunities presented to her are the same type of people........shallow to say the least.
    Get over it America, Palin is better than most of us!!!!!
  • Christian cancled 2012/09/01 20:02:05
    Speak for yourself, Palin may be rich that don't make her better then anyone.
  • cancled Christian 2012/09/01 20:31:55
    Has nothing to do with money.
    It has to do with what you do with it, and how you live your life.
    Attitude and charcter determine who you are according to most people.
    One could be dirt poor and still be better than others, or rich as hell and be likewise.
  • sickofpolitics 2012/09/01 13:47:08
    Yes, people wanted to see how she lived, they got what they asked for in the reality show. On the flip side, unfortunately not too many people took her seriously anyway. Reality tv or not she is not the most liked person in America. I like her, but the jury is still out for some.
  • PoliticalSanity 2012/09/01 13:13:04
    Have you seen those shows? They are far more family oriented than one would think of when reading the term "reality show". There are lots of attempts to defame Sarah Palin, but this one is lame.
  • ed 2012/09/01 11:15:05
    maybe ,maybe not
  • brian.southworth.921 2012/09/01 11:08:40
  • clasact 2012/09/01 09:54:29
    it didnt take her doing that to make me not take her seriously but when she did them it just showed her ego and that she is just in it for the money
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2012/09/01 09:40:20
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Yes. Palin's reality show was the only normal reality show on national TV that was ever aired.
  • umapathy Krishnamurthy 2012/09/01 09:30:29
  • sky blue pink - American 2012/09/01 09:05:10
    sky blue pink - American
    Have a nice day !
  • themadhare ~IJM 2012/09/01 08:09:47
    themadhare ~IJM
    No way Jose.

    ronald reagan

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