Can Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama?

Savior 2012/01/16 05:21:10
As a Ron Paul supporter I would like to address fellow Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike on Barack Obama.

If you look at Barack Obama's approval right now, it will show you that he should not win the election in 2012.

if Mitt Romney was against Barack Obama in an election many polls have him beating Barack Obama.

But these polls do not show how the campaign will play out.

If Mitt Romney wins the nomination, it will show three things of the Republican party

1. They care so much of beating Obama that they'd nominate a Mormon as their candidate. A party that claims to be so Evangelical will nominate a Mormon.

2. In a year that Wall Street has become so hated, they will elect a nominee who's the perfect example of what Wall Street is. The Republican party will become the defender of Wall Street.

3. They care so much about beating Barack Obama, they don't care if the nominee has similarities to Barack Obama. (Ex. Romneycare, support for economic stimulus and TARP, ties to Wall Street etc.)

Barack Obama's campaign strategy would then be to attract Occupy Wall Street'ers.
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  • Tee Massad 2012/01/19 14:20:10
    Tee Massad
    My answer is No ... If you happen to find a hubcap from Mitt Romney's Bentley on the side of the highway, that's what I call trickle down economics. lol
  • cher2 2012/01/19 03:44:03
    You are hysterical !!!!!!
  • Zach Tool 2012/01/16 07:58:42
    Zach Tool
    if you got everyone drunk and then got all the police to arrest them you may have a chance
  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2012/01/16 06:26:09 (edited)
    No way no how. Romney couldn't even beat Ted Kennedy.

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