Can Elected Officals be prosecuted for their FAILURE to uphold their OATH of OFFICE?

Bill in Niantic 2010/03/04 23:37:33

Not being a Lawyer, I am curious as to why we require, in accordance with the Constitution, that these "Elected and Non-Elected" Officals take an OATH to uphold the Constitution.
Yet as soon as they lower their Right Arm, they are violating the Oath. What IS the punishment?
How do we hold them accountable for the Tyranny they are encouraging?
How do we get the Government reformed as the Constitution was written?
How do we shrink these Empire down to what the Founders envision?

I would like to prosecute everyone of the treasonous traitors like Pelosi, Durban, Frank, Dodd, Reid, and Obama. Then either hang them or put them in prison for Life.

What say you?
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  • Bill 2011/07/29 17:17:55
    I was thinking along the same lines, only it's the Republicans, & their Teabagging overlords who are deserving to be hung !
  • Bill in... Bill 2011/07/29 20:49:15
    Bill in Niantic
    So they blimded you to the truth about how Demoncrats have destroyed the economy of America since FDR. Well if your so naive to the facts about which party attacks individualism and innovation, and profit/incentive, then your just another OB Zombie.....
  • Charles E 2010/03/13 04:17:31
    Charles E
    I am with you all the way, especially since D***Head Durban misrepresents me. If they go to prison we need to make sure that the other inmates know all the laws these traitors voted for that helped put the relatively honest people in prison.
  • MARTY 2010/03/06 03:30:50
  • upinthetrees 2010/03/05 17:17:24
    What oath of office. What Constitution. We are going down a path of no return.
  • Bill in... upinthe... 2010/03/05 17:34:28
    Bill in Niantic
    01/20/09 he took an Oath of Office, it's recorded. So are his violations and insults to America and the Constitution.
    012009 oath office recorded violations insults america constitution
  • Bill in... Bill in... 2010/03/05 17:52:17
    Bill in Niantic
    Progressives Suck.
    Progressives are traitors.
    Progressives have infested our Government at all levels.
    Progressives must be shoved out of office IF we are to save Amerca from the BORG !
  • Tiffany 2010/03/05 16:37:05
    I've been wondering the same thing. I think that politicians up in DC aren't held to the same standards as us lowly citizens........ ive politicians dc standards lowly citizens
  • perks-a real PATRIOT 2010/03/05 16:26:24
    perks-a real PATRIOT
    Great blog Bill, I've been wondering the same thing. These pigs have not only acted on the subversion of the constitution from the moment they dropped their left hand, but they've basically come right out and said they want to change the constitution. How does this work?? Aren't they breaking the very law they took an oath to uphold??
  • Charles E perks-a... 2010/03/13 04:20:47
    Charles E
    It is legal to change the Constitution. That is what the amendment process is for.

    What these traitors want to do is pretend the Constitution means what they want it to say without giving the people a chance to speak out on their changes.
  • perks-a... Charles E 2010/03/13 04:41:55
    perks-a real PATRIOT
  • Eric 2010/03/05 12:48:12
    Who's going to prosecute them, Eric Holder and crew? The inmates are running the assylum.
  • Bill in... Eric 2010/03/05 15:32:59 (edited)
  • Charles E Eric 2010/03/13 04:21:12
    Charles E
    You got that right.
  • ɟʇʇoɔs 2010/03/05 11:50:04
    I wish we could...
  • doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~... 2010/03/05 11:46:27
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    I'm with you, babe! They need to be held accountable!
  • jimmy doofieg... 2010/03/05 13:44:12
    right on
  • tc 2010/03/05 10:32:24
  • sweetguy45 2010/03/05 05:54:10
    The process involved in filing a case against the government officials is to get the States Attorneys of the states represented by the alleged violater to file Perjury or Treasonous charges against an individual such as Pelosi,Durbin,Reid,Obama ect.. and give a copy of any evidence you might have to your respective States Attorney or State Attorney General for investigation and possible prosecution. But you must get thousands of people from their respective state request charges by the respective States Attorneys to file these charges.
  • Charles E sweetguy45 2010/03/13 04:22:55
    Charles E
    And if the state AG is a Democrat loyalist the charges will be ignored.
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2010/03/05 02:37:23
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    Yes. Nothing is done about it though. obaaaama should be locked up right now for this:

  • rightside 2010/03/05 02:28:51
    I wish it were, but I've never seen it done.
  • Bill in... rightside 2010/03/05 14:17:17
    Bill in Niantic
    Well, maybe the TIME is now! But we need an organization that can fund and promote such an adventure. I would like to here from a Constitutional lawyer as to the correct process, and then get some group to start collecting names and donations, maybe the Tea Party group. They are pretty much Independents and just want Freedom & smaller Government, that does what the Constitution requires. Time to REBUILD AMERICA and throw the BUMS out.
    independents freedom smaller government constitution requires rebuild america throw bums
  • rightside Bill in... 2010/03/05 15:27:19
    What will be said is that everyone has the right to change their mind.
  • Bill in... rightside 2010/03/05 15:31:22
    Bill in Niantic
    Change their mind? Change their mind not to uphold their Oath of Office after swearing themselves to do so? If that's true, then they should be required to step down from the position and let someone who CAN follow the Oath take the Office.
  • rightside Bill in... 2010/03/05 15:34:20
    Oh I totally agree. But have you seen the excuses that are being "accepted"?
    Its all a load of crap. Look at spector, he changed parties in mid stream.
    The people that voted him in were betrayed! But, it was just accepted as normal for the political arena.
  • Bill in... rightside 2010/03/05 15:53:52
    Bill in Niantic
    I think it's time for us PEONS to rise up and JUST SAY NO to these Communist, tear them out of Office.
    I think the Tea Parties are on the right track, and hopefully more and more Americans are supporting the Tea parties~Democrats (not the Progressives), Republicans, and Independents. Just ordinary Americans who are fed up with this Radical Collective program of Progressives (Socialism & Communisim). We must defeat these scumbags, or America, and it's Constitution will disappear. Only these Elitist Morons will be sitting on top, dictating to us how we shall live, I.A.W. their rules.

    Fight these bastards~~~we must survive and defeat this crap.
  • rightside Bill in... 2010/03/05 17:24:32
    I'm right there with ya!
  • Ken 2010/03/05 02:23:34
    Every politician should be charged and prosecuted for perjury.
  • mike 2010/03/05 01:56:58
    yes infact its high treason
  • Michelle 2010/03/05 00:41:27
    That's been my question too for a very long time. We are held responsible for our actions but for some reason---the rules don't apply to the politicians ESPECIALLY when they hold the majority as the current regime is always reminding us...."We Won so....shut up and sit down"!
  • ImageBandit ~ American Patriot 2010/03/05 00:28:34
    ImageBandit ~ American Patriot
    procecute them I say
  • say what? 2010/03/05 00:01:51
    say what?
    It would probably take many millions of armed citizens and rivers of blood to hold them accountable and limit the government to what the framers intended.
  • Lisa~in... say what? 2010/03/05 11:51:00
    I'm ready.
  • keeper 2010/03/04 23:49:28
    They should be held accountable!
  • Autarchic 2010/03/04 23:49:26
    Violation of an oath is a felony. It is called perjury!
  • Bill in... Autarchic 2010/03/05 00:00:47
    Bill in Niantic
    So which Office or "Official" is responsible for bringing these traitors of the Oath to investigation and prosecution?
    Seems like we have 100's, if not thousands of Government paid Officials ~ Elected & Non-Elected in office that are just ignoring the Constitution as if they never read what they are required to uphold.

    I want them held responsible for their fragrant violations. After all, we are a nation that is based on Law.

    But we seem to have let THUGS and Thieves just move in and take over. Low life scumballs. We the People need to demand they be accountable to their Oath of Office, or we hang them.
  • Autarchic Bill in... 2010/03/05 00:09:28
    I like that hanging part. The Office that is required by law to investigate criminals on a federal level is the US Attorney General. US Marshals have the authority to arrest the president, and anyone else. What we need to do is organize a Citizen's Grand Jury, review the facts, and bring formal charges.
  • doofieg... Autarchic 2010/03/05 11:48:38
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    And therein you have your answer. Holder is an Odimwit pocket pet.
  • Bill in... doofieg... 2010/03/05 14:20:39
    Bill in Niantic
    Obama covered all the avenues with his loyal THUGS.
    But millions of people organizing to hold them all accountable for their failure to uphold their OATH of Office may change things.
    It may even lead to Revolution if that is required to throw the scumbag thugs out.

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