Can cops get finger prints from rocks?

ErinHearsAWho. 2009/06/09 19:00:26
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  • ctuagentdown 2009/06/09 20:16:52
    Yes why
    depends on the rock formation i guess.
  • LeetleGiant 2009/06/09 19:23:56
    no why
    Rocks don't have fingers.
  • ctuagen... LeetleG... 2009/06/09 20:16:19
    best answer of the day
  • ErinHea... LeetleG... 2009/07/13 19:32:40
    thanks ur alot of help?????
  • LeetleG... ErinHea... 2009/07/14 13:52:40
    The more defined the texture and the higher the rise & fall of that texture, the less likely it is that they can get reliable fingerprints from a rock. If one was to try and get the fingerprints off of a rock face where a rock climber had just passed, they'd be hard-pressed to be able to get a good finger print. On the other hand, if they tried getting the finger print off of a polished tomb stone, they'd probably have no trouble at all. Getting a finger print off the kind of rock that you'd find along the shore would present challenges as well
  • ErinGoBragh87 2009/06/09 19:06:15
    Yes why
    if it was a smooth rock they could

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