Can a christian marry a muslim?

jt 2009/12/31 04:48:52
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  • Ahmad 2010/02/04 15:27:35
    i think first of all she have to accept islam
  • Bangon Kali 2010/01/10 09:35:55
    Bangon Kali
    It is not permissible for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man.

    It is permissible for a Muslim man to marry a Christian/Jewish woman strictly under these two conditions:

    1. She is a true Christian/Jew – not by name and/or ancestral background.
    2. She did not renegade from Islam and become a Christian/Jew.

    link: http://www.answering-islam.or...
  • wombat 2010/01/08 19:54:08
    Yes if you love the one more than your church you can.
  • JBousaid 2010/01/08 11:02:55
    It is permissible for a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman, but, it is not permissible for Muslim woman to marry a Christian man.
  • MaxxaM 2010/01/07 04:59:25
    why the hell not? my girlfriend is muslim (azeri) im atheist.
  • Jo 2010/01/06 05:53:27
    From what I've read, if a Muslim man marries a non-Muslim woman she must convert to Islam, and Muslim women are not allowed to marry non-Muslim men.
  • Tora 2010/01/05 02:07:44
    well...... i guess as long as one doesnt try to kill the other infidel... lol. the bible basically says to spread the word, but dont force it on anyone...
  • God bless American freedom 2010/01/04 17:23:15 (edited)
    God bless American freedom
    legally ( government legal ) yes ... but in wisdom? Not a good idea in accordance with the commands of God.

    Sharia/islami law is diametrically opposed to the original commands of God writ on sapphire. Islam /Muhammed ..invited satan to BE a muslim..satan agreed enthusiastically ....

    God forbids those who believe in God to associate with satan. A commited christian must obey the original commands of God.

    In any case..under sharia law .. only a male muslim can marry outside of islam ..

    I am a freedom lover .. I would never marry a muslim in any case ...sharia law is evil.
  • Isabel-Publius 2010/01/03 06:17:11
  • Angel 2010/01/03 01:29:12
    of course if they are destined
    cause i have a christain boyfriend
  • Isma'ila (God has heard)! 2010/01/02 09:38:38
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    No. 2 Corinthians 6:14: Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and and lawlessness?
  • Marek 2010/01/02 06:58:14
    A christian woman can marry a muslim men but not the other way around. She would be invited to convert and considerable pressure will be used to persuade her. There may be some very rare exceptions. the idea is that all children belong to the father and since he is muslim the children are also muslim. By that rule mister Barack HUSSEIN Obama is muslim as I was told by some of my muslim friends.
  • JBousaid Marek 2010/01/08 11:13:35
    I was of Christian background when I married my first husband who was Muslim he did not ever pressure me into accepting Islam. I took it upon myself to learn more about Islam. He never pushed his religion on me and I never pushed mine on him. I could not push my religion on him because my own faith in my religion was lacking. can't push something you don't fully believe. I converted to Islam on my own, it had nothing to do with him. It was completely my own decision.
  • Marek JBousaid 2010/01/08 12:13:44
    Sometimes marriage like that can work but most of the time it does not. Since this is very personal, You don't need to answer. I know that you converted on your own because you were already predisposed to it. After all you were attracted to a muslim, married him,and did not have strong Christian belief it was only natural that you would convert. I am curious, why are you not married to him, is your second husband a muslim? I know that you are still a muslim. Do you have children from your first marriage? If you do, are they with you? Is your second husband a muslim? You say that you are happy. Good for you and good luck.
  • JBousaid Marek 2010/01/08 18:51:46
    I am not with my first husband for reasons that were major for me back then but are now trivial . I do not have children from my first marriage. I think the reason my first husband did not take the time to teach me was because he wanted to cover over his own faults. My first child is from a relationship that was not ideal. My second child is from my second marriage, he too was Muslim. I am not with him because he had used me then abandoned me. My third child is from a less than ideal relationship that I am very thankful to Allah that I am no longer in. I am now in my third marriage. I am extremely happy with him, he too is Muslim. Right now I am trying very hard to live a better life for myself.
  • Marek JBousaid 2010/01/08 19:49:13
    You are a sincere in your belief and good person. Good luck to you and yours.
    One thing I am curious. After having converted and when you became single again, did you consider relationship with a christian man or ruled that out?
  • JBousaid Marek 2010/01/08 20:48:18
    Both my past husbands were Muslims as is my present husband. They all also from Morocco. My first two husbands are older than me, but my present husband is about 10 years younger than me. I don't think much consider a christian man for a serious relationship. I know that I personally would not even consider an American man older or younger than myself for a relationship. I have a sense of belonging to Morocco. I don't know fully why I have such a strong to aversion American men. It is something I don't thing will ever change about me. I think part of my issue is that my thinking does not coincide with American thinking. I have recently been to Morocco, the standard of living is not the same as here but they make up for it in culture. I feel more at peace in Morocco than I do here.
  • Marek JBousaid 2010/01/08 20:59:08
    At one time I discussed conversions to and from Islam with a muslim man who has PHD in philosophy. He said that many converts become very intense in their new faith, so much so that they reject all that they were before conversion in order to prove to themselves that their decision to convert was the right one.
  • JBousaid Marek 2010/01/08 21:02:54
    As a child I always had a strong faith in God but I had little faith in what the church was teaching.
  • Marek JBousaid 2010/01/08 21:10:45
    Me too.
  • JBousaid Marek 2010/01/08 21:21:56
    In 7 th grade i went to Catholic school but flunked religion because I did not believe as the church taught. I was the one that sat and reasoned everything out in my mind and was compelled not to accept the teachings.
  • Marek JBousaid 2010/01/08 22:20:01
    So, you rejected Catholic Teachings but willingly converted to Islam. Why?

    I did not go to any religious school but was raised Catholic and was serving as altar boy for a few years. Even learned some Latin. Up until 14 years old I did not use swear words believing that God may get angry. Actually even now decades later I hardly ever use foul language. Now I am an atheist.
  • JBousaid Marek 2010/01/08 22:46:55
    i accepted Islam because it is more in line with what I believe in. I know that it comes from a different cultural background. Although I was born and raised in Western society I have just never really fit in with Western society. I am more at peace with Eastern culture. My thinking is more in line with Eastern society
  • MyChemicalRomanceFan~In My ... 2010/01/02 02:24:49
    MyChemicalRomanceFan~In My Chemical Romance we trust~
    Yes.because love is everything love
  • Alicia MyChemi... 2010/01/03 01:21:42
    OK I knew before I looked at your profile that you were a teenager because I thought just as you did when I was your age. I have to tell you that in marriage love is sometimes not enough to overcome some of the obstacles and Christian/Muslim spouses if they were both deeply religious would not be able to accept such opposite religious views.
  • MyChemi... Alicia 2010/01/03 04:12:42
  • rcastleberry 2010/01/02 02:21:03
    i think yes i dont have a problem
  • Mindy 2010/01/02 00:42:50
    If they can reconcile their faiths, then I don't see why not
  • tay 2010/01/02 00:27:58
    i think so...
  • Mrkando 2010/01/01 20:03:41
    I would say it depends on two things. How deeply committed you are to your faith and how willing you are to have this division between you. The biggest problem would present itself when you have children. These religion only have one thing in common. Belief in a God. I know nothing of the Muslim faith so am not sure what their version of God is. I think it is basically the same as with Christians.

    I would think that a Muslim and a person of Jewish faith would fit better as neither believe in Jesus. Their heritage however, seems to be worlds apart.
  • Ruaisu 2010/01/01 16:06:40 (edited)
    No. Someone of Christian background can marry someone of Muslim background, of course. But if they are truly following their religion then no. Their lives would contradict, and they would have to spend their life believing that when their loved one died they were going to hell, never to be seen again, only tortured.

    So I say, if you love someone of a different faith: read the God Delusion, THINK about it, cast off your unfounded blind faith in a God who might not exist and marry the one you love, who does exist and is beautiful in front of your very eyes.

    (WARNING: if you have "loved" a God who doesn't exist and therefore cannot be seen to abandon you, you may be used to false perfection. Blind faith and love of a person can HURT. They are not imperfect, only imaginary friends are. But it's REAL. What you feel is TRUE. It's worth it.)
  • Hiley 2010/01/01 15:25:32
    yes of course they can if it was TRUE LOVE....i do believe in true lovers!!!
    true love true lovers
  • Marek Hiley 2010/01/02 07:04:47
    It is not that simple. Marriages in Islam are arranged by families. Most of the time the bride has absolutely no say who and when she will marry. Man on the other hand can refuse an arranged marriage and no big deal. Marriage has very little to do with love in Islam.
  • Hiley Marek 2010/01/02 08:33:23 (edited)
    so the bride in Islam can't say when the wedding is going to be or she can't refuse the man or divorce with him?
  • Marek Hiley 2010/01/02 08:48:22
    Normally, NO. However she can talk to her parents and hope they will listen.
    You can find better information here;
    and I also recomend that you get and read this book. Laura Mansfield was married to a muslim, lived in Egypt and eventually freed herself and her children;
    book laura mansfield married muslim lived egypt eventually freed children
    You can buy this book here;
    or on amazon.com which is where I got mine.
  • Hiley Marek 2010/01/02 08:51:57
    oh thank you
  • Marek Hiley 2010/01/02 09:08:31
    You are welcome.
  • Hiley Marek 2010/01/02 09:12:50
    i don't know what to say..
  • Hiley Hiley 2010/01/02 09:32:30
  • Jolie Love 2010/01/01 06:14:19
    Jolie Love
    id sayb yah just becaue you have diff. religon dont mean you stop loveing your significant other

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