California Restaurants Defy Foie Gras Ban: Does California Have Too Many Laws?

Fef 2012/07/10 22:00:00
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California has earned a reputation as the "Left Coast," in more ways than one. Even Wikipedia has an entry that defines California as the "Left Coast": "Left Coast is a political expression that implies that the West Coast of the United States leans politically to the left or the expression can refer to states that lean politically left."

Some Californians argue that the state's government went too far in banning foie gras. California banned the food product made of liver of a duck or goose, because of its process of force-feeding the animal.

The Orange County Register reported that Antoine Price, owner of Cafe Mimosa in San Clemente, defied the ban, which went into effect on July 1, 2012. Mr. Price created a dish called, "Foie You!" and claimed, "They can lock me up if they want. I don't mind."

The Presidio Social Club (PSC) in San Francisco also defied the ban -- but on a different legal basis. The PSC claims that California law doesn't have jurisdiction over the restaurant because it sits on federal land not subject state laws. The PSC issued a press statement that read: “PSC will be celebrating two important independences this July: Bastille Day for the French, and the freedom to enjoy Foie Gras for Californians."

FOXNEWS.COM reports:
California may have banned foie gras, but soon you will be able to dine on the duck liver delicacy in one San Francisco restaurant.
banned foie gras dine duck liver delicacy san francisco restaurant

Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2012/07/10/restaura...

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  • Shadow13 2012/07/11 02:23:16 (edited)
    This ban is not an example of a "nanny state." It is about preventing the abusive industrialized practices that many factory farms use. This law is about stopping animal abuse, and the profiting from it.
    ad williams

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  • D D 2012/07/11 17:50:10
    D D
    That is one of the main reasons I will never live there. Insane liberals that love to create more and more laws.

  • Rubyking 2012/07/11 17:39:34
    lol, at least they still have marijuana
  • tom C 2012/07/11 17:17:21
    tom  C
    California government is worried about Foie Gras ...while the state goes bankrupt.....
    just foolish.......

    i think they try the old misdirection trick.......create stupid laws,inciting debates....while we dont notice the dire condition of their budget and inability to control it.......
  • dave b tom C 2012/07/11 18:58:29
    dave b
    Oh yeah....the Cali gubmint are morons to be sure. They just approved that high speed train that will cost $10B (more, I'm sure) and they are so broke it isnt funny.
  • Purple ... dave b 2012/07/11 21:34:44
    Purple Pinto ~PWCM~JLA
    And the public employed caligraphers, dog catchers and fire fighters continue to collect exhorbitant salaries on the backs of bankrupt municipalities and their tax paying citizens.

    Fools, all of them.
  • Charlotte 2012/07/11 16:09:18
    Lived in California for several years and liked the fact that restaurants were graded and the grade displayed in restaurant. In my part of Canada restaurants have no grading displayed. Briefly worked for a couple of grungy restaurants in Canada that could have used a California grading. When it comes to food and health there should be laws to protect the public.
  • tom C Charlotte 2012/07/11 17:19:22
    tom  C
    in case you havent noticed...the rest of the country rates resturants one way or another...
    and they dont need a foie gras law..
  • Charlotte tom C 2012/07/12 13:21:58
    Whatever floats your boat dude. I can personally live without mushed up duck liver.
  • dekecds Charlotte 2012/07/12 14:05:30
    nah, you should just have common sense and realize that a grungy restaraunt might have grungy food, and thus don't eat there if it bothers you.
  • Charlotte dekecds 2012/07/12 17:22:42 (edited)
    Sure, but you don't know what corners are being cut in the kitchen unless you work there. Hence the reason for health inspectors. Yet, I feel the public has the right to know just what kinda of place there getting into. I worked for a coffee place that will remain nameless; on entering the place it appeared spic and span in the dinning area the kitchen was a different story. A week into starting work there in kitchen; I discovered the way they handled and prepared the food was just unbelievable. This was in a decent business area too. Anyways, have a good day.
  • WinterLynn 2012/07/11 16:06:06
  • aneed2know WinterLynn 2012/07/12 05:28:13
    [...] It was those dirty liberals that made California a clean productive state, it was the Dirty Liberals that kept it a beautiful state. Unlike some of the Southern States and some of the Northern states with republican controlled government that is hell bent on turning their state into a polluted wasteland.


    Gas Land
  • WinterLynn aneed2know 2012/07/12 15:00:31
  • aneed2know WinterLynn 2012/07/13 04:38:45
  • WinterLynn 2012/07/11 16:06:00
  • banzaib... WinterLynn 2012/07/11 17:31:35
    Was Arnold a liberal progressive? Get the illegals out, and watch California prosper again.
  • WinterLynn banzaib... 2012/07/11 20:08:19 (edited)
  • Michaelene WinterLynn 2012/07/11 21:33:58
    I just could not believe the people of CA voted for this socialist again! jim jones and jerry brown
  • WinterLynn Michaelene 2012/07/11 22:58:40
  • Michaelene WinterLynn 2012/07/14 16:28:06
    Biden was a good choice for Obama's VP, as a senator in DE, he had many connections to the musltiple Bank Hdqtrs in the state.
    He was known as the "bank whore of DE" for their tax free existence and now many have become advisors, appointees and czars in the Obama administration.
    Yes, Scranton PA is contemplating bankruptcy seriously. They say "Why not, other cities are doing it"
    I'm surprised Philly is not following suit, even after the huge HUD bailout included in the stimulus "bank" bailout. Just the school discrict is hundreds of million in the red, perhaps that had to do with paying the superintendent Arlene Ackerman's 905,000 just to leave after her abysmal job performance, then she dared to file for UE on top of getting paid for 2 yrs while only working less than 1 yr.
    How many others have gotten the same deal? I assume many since the Philly sales tax increased to 8% from 6 and the property taxes have increased dramatically too, all in one year.
  • banzaib... WinterLynn 2012/07/11 23:22:45
    what water? most of southern and interior California is a desert.
  • Michaelene banzaib... 2012/07/14 16:33:13
    Of course it's a desert, that's exactly the plan. Controlling the food we eat starts with destroying the farms that feed us and the world.
    It's just like the Depression all over again.
  • banzaib... Michaelene 2012/07/14 16:46:48 (edited)
    Controlling the water? are you changing your direction?
  • Michaelene banzaib... 2012/07/14 17:19:14
    What do you mean?
    Did you miss the true pics regarding the EPA forced dust bowls that used to be farmland?
    Are you unaware of the new regulations on people's personal gardens on private property?
    Or the EO from Obama controlling the food production of our nation?

    This is just another repeat of the Fulton case, 1942. Thoman Sowell can explain it much better than I could.
  • Kerri Mackenzie 2012/07/11 15:40:36
    Kerri Mackenzie
    Totally out of control here in California, and we're not alone. In 2012 across the US, 40,000 new federal, state and local laws went into effect, and no doubt there are many thousands more to come.
  • WinterLynn Kerri M... 2012/07/11 22:59:09
  • Kerri M... WinterLynn 2012/07/12 04:29:40
    Kerri Mackenzie
    We're on the central coast.
  • BloodlessVeins 2012/07/11 15:26:16
    Shouldn't people be able to make their own decisions? If we try to ban anything that isn't right...we have to constitute "what is right". That definition doesn't seem to be the same for everyone...
  • Jiorgia Bloodle... 2012/07/11 15:55:34 (edited)
    The trick is that the duck/goose didn't get the choice of eating the food that made their livers overgrow.
    They shove a tube down the birds throat and then pour in much much much more food then the bird would choose to eat on its own over and over again day in and day out until the liver is big enough.
    it is a very painful process and the birds quality of life is considered worse then battery hens.

    Every living thing should have the right to a life free from unnecessary harm, the law to ban foie gras is to stop the production, via stopping the consumption.
    Foie gras is actually an endangered food nowadays as even france (the main producer) is thinking of banning it or atleast heavily monitoring the production of it.
  • Bloodle... Jiorgia 2012/07/11 16:00:24
    That is probably true...its easy to feel controversial about human rights...but humans can speak up for themselves...
  • laura Bloodle... 2012/07/11 18:22:05
    Unless you're unborn, and then you can't. Someone else has to.

    I think education is the key. If people are educated as to the horrible practice of producing Fois Gras in the first place, demand will drop and it will not be profitable to produce it.
  • laura Jiorgia 2012/07/11 18:20:31
    I'll bet you're pro-choice, too, aren't you? But I digress...

    We vote with our dollars. Education will turn people against the practices you describe, and if there's no demand for the product, people will stop producing it. Pure and simple.
  • Jiorgia laura 2012/07/12 04:42:03 (edited)
    uh huh, politically pro choice.

    I know where my morality stands and I haven't been hypocritical in my statement.
  • Michaelene laura 2012/07/14 16:37:04
    good point!
    There is something wrong with humanity when advocates for plant and animal rights ingore human rights.
  • jacktown kid 2012/07/11 15:26:09
    jacktown kid
    Yes they do have too many laws
  • rhirhi 2012/07/11 15:16:39
    the freakin US has to many laws against everything
  • Sass 2012/07/11 15:12:43
  • 001 2012/07/11 15:12:03
    Every state or country has too many ridiculous laws.
  • Jiorgia 001 2012/07/11 15:49:51
    America is up there though...
  • merlinskiss 2012/07/11 15:04:22 (edited)
    California? The whole US has to many laws.

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