California Restaurants Defy Foie Gras Ban: Does California Have Too Many Laws?

Fef 2012/07/10 22:00:00
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California has earned a reputation as the "Left Coast," in more ways than one. Even Wikipedia has an entry that defines California as the "Left Coast": "Left Coast is a political expression that implies that the West Coast of the United States leans politically to the left or the expression can refer to states that lean politically left."

Some Californians argue that the state's government went too far in banning foie gras. California banned the food product made of liver of a duck or goose, because of its process of force-feeding the animal.

The Orange County Register reported that Antoine Price, owner of Cafe Mimosa in San Clemente, defied the ban, which went into effect on July 1, 2012. Mr. Price created a dish called, "Foie You!" and claimed, "They can lock me up if they want. I don't mind."

The Presidio Social Club (PSC) in San Francisco also defied the ban -- but on a different legal basis. The PSC claims that California law doesn't have jurisdiction over the restaurant because it sits on federal land not subject state laws. The PSC issued a press statement that read: “PSC will be celebrating two important independences this July: Bastille Day for the French, and the freedom to enjoy Foie Gras for Californians."

FOXNEWS.COM reports:
California may have banned foie gras, but soon you will be able to dine on the duck liver delicacy in one San Francisco restaurant.
banned foie gras dine duck liver delicacy san francisco restaurant

Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2012/07/10/restaura...

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  • Shadow13 2012/07/11 02:23:16 (edited)
    This ban is not an example of a "nanny state." It is about preventing the abusive industrialized practices that many factory farms use. This law is about stopping animal abuse, and the profiting from it.
    ad williams

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  • MrsBluEyzMIMom 2013/07/15 22:32:59
    Hackers hacked my account as this is irrelevant subject matter and of no concern to me therefore I would not even reply to this - I do not even know what foie gras tastes like as I have never had an opportunity to even sample any
  • mm61675 2012/10/25 18:05:33
    but I agree with this law if it does hurt animals
  • Wahvlvke 2012/07/30 23:06:57
    It's the queeran complex ... what you can eat ... how you can dress ... what you should believe ... what you can't believe, etc., etc.
  • ScatterJoy! 2012/07/20 00:17:49
    I live here - it's absurd.
  • Peter Combs 2012/07/19 06:53:15
    Peter Combs
    We're boiling Lobsters alive this week...!!!
  • JanHopkins 2012/07/17 03:11:50
    That's the real problem these days. Too many laws. Sure we needed more laws way back in the 1800's and eagerly sought out men to stand between the common citizen and the outlaw. After a couple hundred years I think the lawmakers got bored and worried that unless they came up with new laws they might be out of work. Today, everybody is a potential criminal whether they know it or not.
  • Red 2012/07/15 03:24:24
  • cate 2012/07/13 18:47:20 (edited)
    Closing escrow on a house in California takes 3 to 4 hours!
  • Call me Mark willya? 2012/07/13 17:39:21
    Call me Mark willya?
    This is nothing special in California, they've got laws for everything, from how you can discipline your child to how and when you mow your yard.

    They've got laws to cover everything but premature ejaculation, but I understand that's coming quickly.
  • Ken 2012/07/13 17:27:20
  • NoName 2012/07/13 15:09:37
    Question: Why do the manufactures of this not just, I dunno, pump the geese full when they're already dead? Sounds like it'd be a lot more humane, AND achieve the same effect.

    IF that is true, then why, instead of an outright an, push for production to shift over to that method?
  • seadog6608PWCM 2012/07/13 14:46:58
  • Soundstorm 2012/07/13 09:05:06
    Californians need to pass a referendum against over busy lawmakers. And another one against federal judges that strike down their referendums.
  • valeria la potra 2012/07/13 09:01:39
    valeria la potra
    Some are so stupid like this one:)
  • Jacob Torres 2012/07/13 07:35:38
    Jacob Torres
    It's sad. People are going to be shot because they're enforcing a ban on weed, but a ban on cruelty won't be enforced.
  • beach bum 2012/07/13 07:34:36
    beach bum
  • bleep 2012/07/13 05:16:12
    Yep califonrnia is a gay tofu state.
  • valeria... bleep 2012/07/13 09:05:17
    valeria la potra
    Don't bring up the gay topic here ok!!! It has nothing to do with that!!! I do agree with you that the law is stupid to a certain extend:)
  • YOUR EARTH ANGEL'S REDEMPTION 2012/07/13 04:42:06
    pretty much every place has too many laws
  • Diddley Squat 2012/07/13 03:48:23
    Diddley Squat
    Being pro-civil liberties is not right wing.
  • Soundstorm Diddley... 2012/07/13 09:07:58
    Does the left wing have a clue what civil liberties are any more? Most of these new laws springing up every day to restrict people's freedoms come from them.
  • Bureauc 0Bamao 2012/07/13 02:49:53
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    Yes Kalifornia has too many laws but one more could save the state from economic ruin. Out law liberals in gov't.
  • PandahSixx 2012/07/13 02:22:05
  • Myagooshki 2012/07/13 02:08:31
    If the animals are being abused, then it is a law well placed. Now I'd suggest an alternative that puts forth regulation of its manufacturing, making sure that the animals are fed in a humane manner. I like the way California regards its animals, especially the law that requires each animal to have a certain amount of room to roam around.
  • baboula 2012/07/13 00:48:16
    could explain why they're broke
  • Donn Wr... baboula 2012/07/13 16:04:49
    Donn Wright
    Ya think! LOL!

    Their cities are declaring bankruptcy almost on a daily basis and yet they have the time and money to pass and enforce laws to protect geese, not to mention a 42 BILLION dollar high speed rail system. I would hate to own a bank in California since apparently no one there knows how to balance a checkbook.

    I left California over 20 years ago because of the insanity of the nanny state then. I couldn't even imagine living there now. Perhaps that's why people and businesses are leaving the state like, well, flocks of Geese in the wintertime.
  • baboula Donn Wr... 2012/07/13 16:14:12
    not knowing how to balance a checkbook is probably a requirement for state office ;D
  • Donn Wr... baboula 2012/07/13 20:43:40
    Donn Wright
    I'm thinking if they can spell GED, they aren't qualified for public office!
  • baboula Donn Wr... 2012/07/14 14:56:03
  • iamnothere 2012/07/13 00:37:17
    this is what happens when liberals are in control.. they JUST HAVE THE NEED to control everything and everyone..
  • clasact 2012/07/13 00:26:56
    wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many and whats funny is if Cali dose it soon the rest will follow its like the blind being lead by the stupid
  • CA Gal 2012/07/12 23:37:45
    CA Gal
    Wikipedia defines California as the left coast....how do you know it's because of politically leaning to the left? The simple answer would be, if you look at a map,,,,California is the left coast and New York (also a liberal state) is right coast. Don't think it really has anything to do with politics. Ever heard the saying, so goes California so goes the nation? California is the reason laws are becoming more strict on auto exhaust emissions, the reason building code standards are more strict, we will be the first to have the high speed rail system in place now that our lawmakers have given it the green light, etc....Personally I do not think the froi gras ban is a bad thing. Many people are complete vegetarians because they do not condone the way animals are treated and not all of them live in California. I have not eaten veal since I was a child and learned how they were treated. I've never eaten froi gras and never will regardless of the law.
  • Elz 2012/07/12 22:36:20
    talking about one stupid law. they also have these weird laws in other states saying you cannot park an elephant by some parking booth or some junk like that.
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2012/07/12 21:30:43
  • Farbiger 2012/07/12 21:28:02
    It sucks that the ducks get forced fed, but to ban foie gras (that I've never had because I'm too poor v.v ) is a little too much. Might as well ban the production of food from animal products all together. Oh, and no vegetarians or vegans better comment like, "That's what I mean" or whatever. You still eat stuff that was once alive gtfo my face. >.>
  • jimmy d 2012/07/12 20:43:48
    jimmy d
    Too many libs ie Charles Mansons...and too many moochers
  • ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠ 2012/07/12 18:40:04
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    Can you imagine going to prison for serving freaking Foie Gras? -____-
  • CA Gal ☠ Live ... 2012/07/12 23:41:40
    CA Gal
    Can you imagine being force fed? I'm guessing you wouldn't like it.
  • ☠ Live ... CA Gal 2012/07/12 23:46:26
  • CA Gal ☠ Live ... 2012/07/13 00:01:29
    CA Gal
    Obviously you are a heartless individual completely without compassion. Not something to brag about!
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