California Lawmakers Are Considering Installing Panic Alarms in School Classrooms, Theaters and Gyms. Do You Think It’s a Good Idea?

ABC News U.S. 2013/04/06 10:00:00
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A California bill that would require panic alarms to be installed inside schools across the state got preliminary approval on Wednesday.

AB1076 passed the Assembly Education Committee and now moves to another Assembly committee. The bill would require heavily-used areas like classrooms, theaters and gyms, to be equipped with panic alarms linked to law enforcement.

"This is low-hanging fruit in providing solutions that improve school safety for students, teachers, staff and administrators" after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn., Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen, R-Modesto, who introduced the bill.

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  • snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cl... 2013/04/11 16:15:42 (edited)
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    In Schools certain 'lock down' measures installed, plus staffing composed of perimeter retired, or off duty LE or special trained Commissioned Security.

    In theaters post LE perimeter out front and in.

    Gyms post inside/outside LE. Most times just a 'show' of force is all
    that is needed as deterrent .....

    ....let's get (serious) about domestic terrorism!

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  • MsDianna 2013/05/03 01:58:34
    no. just adds more distractions.
  • Galia1 2013/04/20 04:27:33
    They would do better to allow and even provide guns to the teachers and the training to go with it, so that the next S.O.B. who tries something like what has happened will get an earful of lead!
  • Djobido 2013/04/18 14:15:59
    yes,but more like a silent button...like the ones we have in stores or banks
  • L Dub 2013/04/15 18:17:52
    L Dub
    9-1-1 is a joke is yo' town. I'd rather have an armed principal or teachers on campus with my kids, if the unfortunate should happen. You know, someone who could and or would take a gunman out, preferably as soon as he brandished his weapon, or while reloading the "smaller sized magazine" that Obama says would curtail school killings.
  • Marek 2013/04/15 15:42:30 (edited)
    It will not do much to limit the number of casualties or improve the police response. The killer will still have time to kill a lot of people before the cops show up. The only effective deterrent and defense is someone with the gun either scaring the killer away or stopping the killer dead. In Newtown an adult with the gun would have shot Adam Lanza as soon as he started shooting thus saving most of the people that died just because of the stupid idea of gun free zones. The politicians that passed that law are resposible for at least 20 deaths in Newtown. It is almost like they shot those kids.
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2013/04/15 04:40:44
    rather be safe than sorry!
  • Aader 2013/04/15 04:16:09
    let's be honest how many of you has ever pulled a Fire alarm. raise your hands. i can see you. wait i'm sorry gun in the hands of citizens is bad. interestingly enough Statistics say criminals don't care about laws. crimes are committed hourly and a student without a Cell Phone is a weird guy. really no phone.
  • MasterLibertarian 2013/04/15 02:37:17
  • Grammar... MasterL... 2013/04/15 19:52:06
  • Masaca 2013/04/15 02:34:33 (edited)
    Sure, they have alarms that go straight to the police in (all) banks. I think human life is more valuable than money
  • Just Jenn for Now 2013/04/15 01:17:25
    Just Jenn for Now
    The safety of the children is a main concern, especially with the number of school shootings that have been on the rise. Jeez, what has our America come to.
  • nerak611 2013/04/14 20:20:46
    GREAT IDEA - as well as adding metal detectors. Safer.     fff
  • Just Je... nerak611 2013/04/15 01:16:27
    Just Jenn for Now
  • nerak611 Just Je... 2013/04/15 01:52:54
    I second that Amen!!!!!
  • Marek nerak611 2013/04/15 15:52:49
    Why not turn schools into prisons with all the bars, metal detectors and the works. What about armed guards? Oh, that would be illegal in the gun free zone.
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/15 19:56:16
    Grammar Freak
    Many schools have armed guards. That is, in fact, what the NRA is touting... armed guards in all schools.
    Columbine had armed guards.
    Then, the cops, when they did show up, just stayed outside until everyone was dead before they came in.

    Cops are not always the best solution.
    Yeah Yeah. They have a stressful job.
    Some of them are very good at it.
    But some of them are even more stupid than stupid & so incompetent that they really shouldn't even wear a cop's uniform for Halloween, much less daily for their actual work.
  • Marek Grammar... 2013/04/16 21:05:21
    Columbine had armed guards? Not that I know off. If they were there, have they been hiding under the tables?
    "Cops are not always the best solution."
    Agreed, the cops can't be everywhere that is why designating schools gun free zones, advertising it and making impossible for anyone to use firearm in defense is plain stupid. let the teachers and other adults who have the license to carry a weapon and passed appropriate training carry their guns to schools and other public places. Teachers are the next best thing to a parent for the children in their care. The brave teachers tried to protect children with their bodies and have been killed for their effort. Why then some insist on denying them the right to be able to do so by taking away the most effective tool, the gun?.
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/17 19:42:40 (edited)
    Grammar Freak
    Haven't you noticed?
    There are few to no teachers who agree with you.
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/17 19:49:33
    Grammar Freak

    ...not to mention that the police didn't enter the building until the shootings were over & the shooters were dead.
  • Marek Grammar... 2013/04/17 20:16:18 (edited)
    "...not to mention that the police didn't enter the building until the shootings were over & the shooters were dead."

    So the cops just waited until the shooters ran out of ammo or kids whichever occurs first.

    All the more reason to permit teachers and other adults employed by the school to carry firearms.
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/18 08:25:01
  • Marek Grammar... 2013/04/18 09:33:46
    You write:
    "Yes, the cops just stood outside waiting for them to either kill themselves or run out of ammo."
    What good are the cops who wait for the killers to run out of ammo killing children and after they are done kill themselves?
    then you write:
    "We should not make kids think that military police walking around is some sort of "normal." It isn't."
    Then have teachers carry concealed weapons that kids normally never see until it is absolutely necessary to use it to save their lives. It will make the military police unnecessary.

    The rest of the stuff you wrote is utter nonsense not worth responding to.
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/18 09:52:03
    Grammar Freak
    Well, you can close your eyes to real-life situations, but teachers have to face them daily.
    There is no single kind of school. Our nation is full of variety, including in our schools. What might work in one certainly won't work in others.
    You cannot legitimately or logically compare an inner-city school in a poor district to a rural school. The thinking of the people themselves is inherently different, so are the methods of raising kids.

    One cannot be narrow minded or closed minded when discussing such topics. Our nation is far too large for such ignorance. The beautiful parts of America are also problematic for us to find solutions.
  • Marek Grammar... 2013/04/18 10:04:32
    True our nation is large so stop being so ignorant, admit that you are wrong and we are going to be friends, otherwise I don't care to discuss this topic with you any further.
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/18 21:03:04
  • Marek Grammar... 2013/04/18 21:25:32
    Your grandmother is very smart lady, you would do well to listen to her. She has the life experience you lack. Since you are so eager to disregard the opinions and experience of your grandmother and all those that came before you I can easily predict your future and it will not be what you imagine. You and your generation will repeat the history and learn the hard way that your grandmother, myself and many others with life experience were right. If you survive then likely you will become like me.
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/18 22:34:27
    Grammar Freak
    My grandmother lived in a very different time... when loads of segregation of people was normal, when she wasn't able to be free to be who she was either, so was trapped by societal constraints to live a life she would not have chosen for herself.
    I don't disregard her. She is a very good example of the times she lived in.

    I live in different times. As much as they were changing then, they are moving at 200x the rate they were then. Our population, culture, demographics... every single thing... has changed & is rapidly becoming something else .
    ...& on & on & on & on.
    I know that there is no turning back time to some yesteryear when "everything was better," because that time never actually existed & perhaps the reality is that it has YET to exist. The best days might just lie ahead... for everyone... if we choose to stop living in the past & simply learn from it... ALL of it... not just the bits we choose to see.
  • Marek Grammar... 2013/04/19 00:25:27
    It does not make any difference if your grandmother lived in the different time. It does not change the fact that her life experience is far greater than yours. She left you legacy to continue to protect and you are willing to throw it all away. The change you are so excited about may become a nightmare. there was a change in 1917 in Russia and 120 million people paid price for it. The change in Germany in 1933 was very exciting too and nearly 50 million people died. The marxist idea of new man, communist man was very exciting and people like you were willing to do anything and pay any price to make it come true. Ask yourself, was it worth it?
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/19 18:15:37
    Grammar Freak
    We've been changing since we started... the USA, the humans, the whole world. You wish to long for some nostalgic, imaginary time when "everything was better." But it simply doesn't exist & it never has.

    Everything changes.
    Every single thing.
    You can hate it. You can fight it. But you cannot stop it.
    Everything in life & on this planet changes.

    So... the point is that the changes we make need to be positive, healthy & need to move us forward. Putting guns in teachers' pockets isn't some silly nostalgic thing of the past. Our teachers never had guns holstered to their hips before. This is not a positive change.

    Don't you think that we have to get to the root of the problems in our nation in order to weed out those who want to do harm? Isn't that more of a positive solution? Wouldn't that do more good than just trying to stop a symptom or the end result? Why not stop the problem at its source? THAT would be a productive, positive change.

    Our demographics are very different now than they were 235 years ago. They're going to continue to change. You cannot stop it.

    ...& my grandmother was an angry, bitter, nasty, rude, mean old bag, for your information.
  • Marek Grammar... 2013/04/19 19:06:44
    True, everything changes. That is why we need to be very careful what change we wish for and embrace.
    "Don't you think that we have to get to the root of the problems in our nation in order to weed out those who want to do harm? Isn't that more of a positive solution? "
    Indeed, and who will decide who is the weed and what is the positive solution?
    Communists embarked on that in 1917 and all they brought is destruction death to millions and misery to survivors.
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/20 08:07:07
    Grammar Freak
    Give me a break.
    It isn't an individual. It's the conditions that form the individual.
    We're talking here about kids killing kids & school shootings, or have you forgotten? Kids are the ones who normally pick up guns & shoot other kids, their teachers, parents, etc.
    So figuring out what the hell is going on to cause that would be a hell of a lot more productive than trying to resolve the problem when it's already so big that it's nearly at the end of a dramatic/traumatic situation... that likely never had to happen.
    The kids at Columbine said over & over that there were numerous times those two boys could have been stopped long before they began their rampage. I would bet that's also true for Springfield, VA Tech, the Aurora theater, etc.

    Why focus on just the end result? Why aren't people focusing more on the crux of the situation? The problems start somewhere. Has no one noticed that nearly all of the kids in the list about were on psychotropic meds for mental health issues?
    Let's focus on alarms, guns & the end result of ignoring or poorly treating the mentally ill.

    You go ahead & keep your head where it is.
    The rest of the world will keep moving. Hopefully, all of you who think that it's going to or should stay the same, are afraid of change & do everything in your power to halt progress, will soon die off & the rest of us can move forward with time, population growth, demographic changes.
  • Marek Grammar... 2013/04/20 08:41:02
    I am all for finding out what causes guys like Adam Lanza to pick up a gun and start killing small children. Prevention and alarms are all fine but in the case of school shootings the big part of the problem is the gun free zone where there is no last line of defense that is someone with the gun able to defend those children.
    It is like you, a liberal, to resort to personal attacks and insults. I'd say you pull your head out of your ass and get some fresh air. That would be a good change for you, don't be afraid of it.
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/20 11:15:07 (edited)
  • Marek Grammar... 2013/04/21 04:52:59
    Your comments justify my response. As for the rest of your long winded diatribe, it is nothing but noxious exhaust from whatever passes for your brain. A little more oxygen might help. If you wish for people to consider your point of view, refrain from insults and someone might be willing to pay attention.
  • Marek Grammar... 2013/04/17 20:36:36
    From Puffington comPost: the above link.

    "Gardner, seeing Harris working with his gun, leaned over the top of the car and fired four shots. He was 60 yards from the gunman. Harris spun hard to the right and Gardner momentarily thought he had hit him. Seconds later, Harris began shooting again at the deputy.
    After the exchange of gunfire, Harris ran back into the building. Gardner was able to get on the police radio and called for assistance from other Sheriff’s units. "Shots in the building. I need someone in the south lot with me.""

    Clearly lone guard who happened to be on the parking lot being exactly at the wrong place at the time could not stop the killer but had there been another guard inside school or an armed adult the number of killed may have been limited to the killers since the person inside would have heard shots comming from the parking lot and had time to asess the situation and act appropriately.

    You know it makes sense but gun haters are conditioned, like Pavlov's dogs to react in a certain way which is put the tail between legs and wait for the cops to save the day.
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/18 08:30:43 (edited)
    Grammar Freak
    It doesn't matter which paper it comes from, the information is the same.
    Facts are facts.
    There were armed guards.
    It isn't brain surgery or rocket science. You ARE able to run your own search & learn some things on your own. You don't need a nanny to present every shred of information to you on some sort of silver platter.

    I grew up with guns & hunting. My dad & I go shooting whenever I'm home to visit. He says that I can shoot the eyeball out of an ant & is amazed at how I maintain my aim & control even though I never have the opportunity to shoot between visits (which are five-seven years apart).
    Don't you DARE call me a "gun hater." Go piss up a rope.

    Those kids were in the school, left the school then went back into the school. The guard was there, on site, on the grounds. He even shot at the kid.
    The cops stayed outside when they arrived.

    Why have we seen no video from the school's video cameras at Newtown? They had just installed a whole, new, high-tech security system. I want to see the videos from the cameras.

    If you look at/listen to the reactions of the families of the dead from the Boston Marathon & compare them to the reactions from the families of the dead in Newtown, there's a hell of a difference.
    Go ahead. Do your own research.
    Open your eyes.
    This whole gun debate is an intentional debacle ...a very poorly staged debacle.
  • Marek Grammar... 2013/04/18 09:40:54
    There was one guard in Colombine and he was on the parking lot. After firing potshots at one of the killers he stayed in the parking lot unable or unwilling to enter the building. Any teacher inside armed with the gun when faced with prospect of being shot would have shot the killer just to save his and his kids lives.
    BTW; you seem to be an expert in pissing up the rope.
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/18 09:53:20
    Grammar Freak

    Go ahead & wish for what might have been & see how far it gets you.
    What is, is. What ain't, ain't.
    That's reality.
  • Marek Grammar... 2013/04/18 21:57:07
    It is like you to laugh that there was nobody in the school to stop the killing and number of kids died. All you want is to pass a feel good gun ban that does not solve the problem except renders the people defenseless, than again, perhaps that is the point.
    disarmed people are victims
    All these people are very peaceful, non of them is armed.
    disarmed people are victims
  • Grammar... Marek 2013/04/18 22:35:26
    Grammar Freak
    Who the hell said I want to pass any kind of gun ban?
    Who the hell said that?
    Show me ANYwhere I have ever said any such thing.
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