Cain receives Secret Service protection

doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2011/11/18 02:26:40
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  • Lana 2011/11/20 14:15:10
    Could we be serious for a minute with this stupid man. Why do we have to pay money for a loon like Cain. He is nothing and no one would try to take the idiot out as he is doing it to himself
  • Max7 2011/11/19 14:09:45
    Why? I cannot see him as a threat to anyone
  • Jdogg 2011/11/19 05:04:56
    Not even elected in public office and already using tax payer money. I find this kind of questgonable , Who else has this man made mad?
  • Queen B 2011/11/19 03:51:16
    Queen B
    So do they have to ride in the same clown car with Herman?
  • **StarzAbove** 2011/11/18 21:10:22
    He should pay for his own security if he feels he needs it.
  • carolynb 2011/11/18 13:06:17
    Who would want to waste their time going after Cain? He will never win and he is a laugh a minute. All of his little cutesy comments come from cartoons or movies. After he says 9-9-9 at least 100 times in each debate, he is done.
  • **Starz... carolynb 2011/11/18 21:11:08
    You are sooooo right. He's nothing but a clown.
  • dandieselonian 2011/11/18 05:48:46
    Its good to see cain is being accepted into the secret service child care program
  • tea for you 2011/11/18 05:44:46 (edited)
    tea for you
    yea well there's some sisters out there that's going to kick his sorry azz 200lbs sisters
  • A Founding Father 2011/11/18 05:42:42
    A Founding Father
    Did he really take that threat from Rick Perry seriously? Perry was just kidding about the
    "Texas Injections".
  • Zuggi 2011/11/18 02:30:33
    Good. I expect any major candidate to receive protection. There are crazy folks out there.
  • Melizmatic Zuggi 2011/11/23 18:55:09
    "I expect any major candidate to receive protection."

    Not on the tax payers' dime; if he feels 'threatened,' let him pay for his own security.

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