Bush Vs. Obama On Gas Prices

snipe 2011/04/22 18:39:28
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During the first twenty-six months of President Bush’s first term in
office, the price of gasoline increased by 7%. At the end of his second
term, the price had decreased by 9% from the time he took office
(adjusted for inflation). During the first twenty-six months of Obama’s
term in office, the price of gasoline has spiked over 67% with no
relief in site

President Bush’s response to $4/gallon gasoline was to lift presidential and congressional moratoriums on expanded drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf, a move that many critics say came too late. But what about Obama?

Some on the right have criticized Obama for having no energy policy. This is wrong. Obama’s energy policy is working exactly the way it is designed.
This administration knows that unless the price of fossil fuels
skyrocket, expensive alternative energy sources, no matter how heavily
subsidized, will continue to be unattractive to American consumers.

Obviously, this risky desire to have high gas prices is a punitive
policy that foolishly ignores how Americans use petroleum. While oil is
largely a transportation fuel, solar and wind can only contribute to
our electricity demands. Oil accounts for less than 1% of our electricity demand.

The liberal fascination with developing expensive vehicles that run on
electricity doesn’t change that: 1) Solar or wind powered vehicles
don’t commercially exist; 2) The cars that do run on electricity, or
even battery-powered hybrids still require gas; and 3) the high cost of
the alternatively fueled vehicles makes them largely insignificant in
the auto market and cost-prohibitive to the average consumer.

President Obama must stop killing energy jobs, hurting American
business owners and penalizing taxpayers at the pump in order to score
unrelated points with his environmental base. Obama needs to end the
EPA practice of imposing regulations on refineries that increase the
cost of oil production. He must stop looking to raise taxes on oil
producers while heavily subsidizing other energy industries.

And Obama must at least end his de facto moratorium and get America
back to the domestic supply capabilities we had just two years ago. As
Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) told Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in a hearing on oil prices this week:
“In January 2009 there were 16 permits issued. The next year there were
12 and this January, only two. We’re so far off the historic level.
We’ve got to get it back up as quickly as possible.”

This time, in this economy, with these transportation and energy
realities is not the time for Obama to curry favor with eco-liberals by
raising the cost of living for the average American family. President
Bush may have wanted to increase the drilling status quo by too much in
your opinion, but surely we can all agree that intentionally decreasing
our domestic supply makes little sense today.

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  • Lily Blooms Eternal 2011/04/22 18:58:02
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    Nothing Obama does make any sense. Unless you see it through the lens of a master plan to destroy America. Then it makes all the sense in the world.

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  • Lanikai 2011/05/03 14:05:48
    Whatever obie does, his supporters and worshippers will be okay with, but if Bush had done the same thing, they would hang him in effigy in the streets.

    One more double standard, hypoctritical POS thing this clown gets away with.
  • Deviant 2011/04/25 16:26:59
    67% is not even a closely accurate figure. When Bush as still in office we were paying as much or more than we are today.
    How does anyone post such an article when they know it's not true?

    Have fun with your blog
  • the.kno... Deviant 2012/07/04 18:47:52
    Deviant, your name fits really well since your brain deviates so far from reality. You are a moron if you think we paid more for gas under Bush- and I hate Bush probably as much as you do (but for real reasons and not the BS propaganda of your shepherds). Stop listening to other idiots and do the research Bozzo!
  • wysiwis 2011/04/24 17:26:37
    Good post! BO hasn't a clue as to what will actually help the average American. His only goal is to destroy us a nation, and if by raising the prices of our energy (i.e.: gas, electricity, etc) that's fine by him and his environmentalist wacko friends. It'll be easier to control us that way!
  • bman~AVA~BTTB 2011/04/24 16:59:44
    Good post. I agree with it. Everybody bashed Bush when he was the President saying he was all for the big oil companies and yet there's been no mention of what's now happening now that our illustrious leader is at the wheel. It makes me sick the double standard we have in politics.
  • Lanikai bman~AV... 2011/05/03 14:08:11
    obie gets HUGE amounts of money from big oil, and his sheeple are so blind they refuse to see that connection. Big oil is reporting record profits again, DEMS will benefit from this while raping the american people.
  • bman~AV... Lanikai 2011/05/04 01:22:05
    And yet when they do it then it's o.k. but if the republicans do it they scream bloody murder. The GOP needs to start playing the same politics as the democrat machine and give them a healthy dose of their own medicine. See how they like it put back in their faces.
  • Steve Boston 2011/04/24 14:16:53
    Steve Boston
    President Obamuppet's policies will eventually break the back of our country. He'll make the BP spill look like a quart of 10W-30. We're doomed with this impostor in the oval. He's gotta go. Come on 2012 before its too late.
  • mal 2011/04/24 14:02:34
  • wysiwis mal 2011/04/24 18:07:52
    "we made the problem worse with trillions of dollars in unpaid-for tax cuts". What an F*^&ng joke! I still haven't heard back from my liberal senator as to how tax cuts are funded. It's been two years, and still no answer!
  • mal wysiwis 2011/04/24 20:12:13
    Don't expect one. The government is corrupt......
  • mal mal 2011/04/24 20:13:17
  • wysiwis mal 2011/04/25 02:41:03
    Good article, too bad it's true!
  • wysiwis mal 2011/04/25 02:36:50
    I don't. this is the same senator that after having come home for a family emergency, raced back to DC to be the final vote for "BO Care". I also still haven't gotten a response as to whether or not he EVER read the damn thing... period!
  • Don Wenk 2011/04/24 07:37:34
    Don Wenk
    The only way we will be able to get our production back to decent levels more in line with our needs will be to dethrone the emperor. BHO had proven he is not the President of the United States. He has done everything in his power to circumvent the constitution, violate federal law, and destroy our economy. The sooner we get him and his cronies out of public office/influence the better off the United States will be. Dethrone the emperor VOTE Don Wenk for President.
  • bman~AV... Don Wenk 2011/04/24 17:01:43 (edited)
    Sounds good to me Don. You've got my vote. When can you start?
  • Don Wenk bman~AV... 2011/04/24 17:41:34
    Don Wenk
    I am ready now unfortunately law says I have to wait until 2013.
  • bman~AV... Don Wenk 2011/04/24 20:15:01
    I hear ya.
  • zyledr 2011/04/24 04:20:40
    Oil is the life blood of the world economy like it or not. This "green energy" thing is nothing more then Carters term reincarnated. When are we ever going to learn history and learn from our past mistakes?
  • Maj. C. D. Hardy 2011/04/24 03:25:18
    Maj. C. D. Hardy
    This is typical for the Democrats look what happened during the carter administration. The same thing happened President Ford and the republicans did what they could to control gas prices, enter Carter and we are buying gas on odd and even days according to our license plate numbers. The supposed party of the people are a bunch of buffoons.
  • "TEX"-"OFT"-"ROOC"~POTL~PWC... 2011/04/24 02:45:14
    I am Oilfield employed now for 30 years. I have chased this business from Northeast Texas to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. What hell am i gonna do when Osama finally kills this business that supports me and my family and thousands of others just like me. Am i gonna buy a hybrid ? With what ? Osama does not like American oil because American oil did not back him in his run for POTUS ! buy hybrid osama american oil american oil run potus buy hybrid osama american oil american oil run potus
  • snipe "TEX"-"... 2011/04/24 02:50:26
    Destroying the oil Industry, as we all know by now, is part of his plan to force us into alternative Energy.
  • zyledr snipe 2011/04/24 04:24:38
    Alternative energy is a farce.
  • bman~AV... "TEX"-"... 2011/04/24 17:04:52
    My hat's off to you sir. Oil is the life blood of this country and to destroy it would be the destruction of this country as we see it.
  • "TEX"-"... bman~AV... 2011/04/24 17:32:37
    I do appreciate the support.
  • bman~AV... "TEX"-"... 2011/04/24 20:15:35
    Any time.
  • wysiwis "TEX"-"... 2011/04/24 17:34:10
    I thank you for that work!
  • "TEX"-"... wysiwis 2011/04/24 17:37:03
    Thanks for the support.
  • wysiwis "TEX"-"... 2011/04/24 17:59:51
    You're quite welcome. That's one job I don't think I could have done even in my younger days!
  • Lanikai "TEX"-"... 2011/05/03 14:10:19
    Did you know that Walmart is the only company selling ONLY American produced gas? Support Walmart and send a clear message to the others.
  • Dave Th... "TEX"-"... 2011/08/03 05:43:49
    Dave Thrush
    Excellent point and from an Oil Worker, who, obviously Obama is not listening to. Only BP who gave him a ton of money....follow the money.
  • mach-1 BL-106 2011/04/24 02:39:45
    mach-1  BL-106
    His answer is GREEN! Crap we will all be dead before the green initiative takes hold...Obama is horrible as a leader and care nothing American's ....So why would he care what we pay for in Gas? HE doesn't...Folks......
  • Lanikai mach-1 ... 2011/05/03 14:10:49
    Soylent green.
  • mach-1 ... Lanikai 2011/05/03 20:28:34
    mach-1  BL-106
    yes ...scary!
  • jumpboots 187th PIR 2011/04/24 02:11:21
    jumpboots 187th PIR
    He has to be kicked out. We have got to put someone in that will open up our resources,along the East, West coast,as well as the gulf and Alaska,and our shale in the mid west. Who said it's to late? It's never to late. Get rid of the incompetent fool obama. shale mid west late late rid incompetent fool obama
  • Steve J~PWCM~JLA 2011/04/24 02:07:52
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    UM, there is a reason food and gas are not included in inflationary numbers.


    Now having said that.

    There are reasons that might not be inflationary, that are more policy. That is where the B.0.
    Hits it out of the park.

  • easyedu... Steve J... 2011/04/24 04:07:46
    The other reason could be that their values are based on sliding scale elasticity. The USD currency's fluctuation (mostly decline lately) has made it more volatile in accurately indicating these commodities true value, and percentile yield vs. inflation. B.0. is just merely an opportunist to have these conditions work in his favour in not having these factored into COLA indicators.
  • Steve J... easyedu... 2011/04/24 04:19:52
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    Yes, and the natural cyclical nature of the economy. Most commodities that are resource driven, have inelastic supplies. Therefore the quicker swings in the economy can and does cause "supply imbalances". Can't just legislate more wells can we!!!! Or instantaneously create more corn. So, when the price goes way up? The farmers plant more and next year it drops.

    Sadly, those same imbalances can be regulated, but only in an upward manner. Forbidding drilling, raising environmental issues, etc. It can't be legislated in a downward manner. You can give out drilling permits like candy, but if it is not economical to drill, no one will.

    Therefore the Dems, use the upward pressure for social engineering. The Republicans only hope for cooperation.
  • easyedu... Steve J... 2011/04/24 16:18:34 (edited)
    Excellent points. However, the social engineers have to comprehend that one can not legislate "morality." Inelastic supply and demand could not be feasibly dictated by moral relevancies of regulation. Profit can not be made with too much bureaucracy if it's obstructing with development-manufacturing-dis... processes in commerce.
  • Steve J... easyedu... 2011/04/24 16:25:12
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    The "social engineers" don't care about profit. They would prefer those profits to be transferred to them, so they could fulfill there dreams. Regulations today are not regulations per se. They are ways to distribute any potential profits most efficiently to those that create the regulations. Those not at the table are left to fend from the floor.

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