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SLIDESHOW: when george w bush how many people were on welfare in 2008

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Bush is still the welfare president king by beating obama by $196 billion a year

cut and paste king 2012/03/25 15:35:17
in 2000 when george bush took office welfare spending was $178.billions
in 2009 when george bush left office welfare sdpending was $415 billion
in 2009 when obama took office welfare spending was 415 billion
in 2012 under obama welfare spending is $456 billion
bush increased it by $236 billion
obama increased it by $41 billion
see usgovernmentspending.com
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  • NetAdvisor 2012/07/18 04:22:22 (edited)
    What is left out in this equation.

    Under Bush the increase occurred over 9 (NINE) years, not 3 (THREE) years assuming the numbers are correct. The (D)'s controlled Congress where budgets are written (and ignored) from 2007-2009.


    assuming numbers correct ds controlled congress budget written 2007-2009 source

    The rest of the data appears to be flawed and without proper citation. According to President Obama’s own FY 2011 budget request, total welfare spending would go to $953 billion, a 42% increase over welfare spending in FY 2008.

    Source: http://www.heritage.org/resea...

    And one last note:
    Obama Deficit to Exceed 8 Years of Bush in Half the Time
  • Daryl 2012/03/25 16:58:41

    Looks like a copy and paste.

    Here let me show you.


    The answer is: no time in US history, given the same interval has there been a higher number of Americans move into government dependency.

    Your uncited numbers don't speak to this fact.

    I understood Newt Gingrich, did you?
  • cut and... Daryl 2012/03/25 17:35:13
    cut and paste king
    dont waste my time with money cnn thats a journalist review and cannot beat the figures from the us giovernment go to
    and look at it foryourself . sure there has been an increase but the payouts are at $100 dollars a month and $300 a month in food stamps and some cash thats it! and if u got unemployment forget about food stamps .
  • cut and... Daryl 2012/03/25 17:38:56
    cut and paste king
    Newt Gingrich is labeling Barack Obama as the "food stamp president."

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- A record 44.7 million people -- or 1 in 7 Americans -- were on food stamps last year. But does that make Barack Obama the "food stamp president?a a
    it states that
    a record of 44 million were on welfare it does not say that 44 million went on welfare under obama comprende!
  • Daryl cut and... 2012/03/25 18:12:34
    Yes I believe Newt is right and yes I understand in English and Spanish.

    Barack Obama has moved Americans to dependency more than any other president.

    Compare any other president at the 3 year mark and you will see it is true.
  • cut and... Daryl 2012/03/25 18:28:25
    cut and paste king
    believe a politician! thats great ,exellent . well have a great day
  • cut and... Daryl 2012/03/25 17:41:36
    cut and paste king
    a record of 44 million were getting welfare /it does not say that obama took in 44 million new welfare recepiants ,and coming from newt the $2.50 a gallon of gas ha ha ha ha
  • Daryl cut and... 2012/03/25 18:12:59
    Strange comment and not true.

    This is dull.

    Good day.
  • cut and... Daryl 2012/03/25 18:32:34
    cut and paste king
    newt words ;
    A record 44.7 million people -- or 1 in 7 Americans -- were on food stamps last year. But does that make Barack Obama the "food stamp president?
    oh i forgot the crash was not on sept 10 2008 it wasd on jan 20 2009 bush bailout
  • cut and... cut and... 2012/03/25 18:32:57
  • cut and... cut and... 2012/03/25 18:33:59
  • Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru 2012/03/25 15:44:55
    Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru
    Everyone with a lick of sense knows that GWB was the real welfare president.
  • MorbidC... Assassi... 2013/08/31 22:20:02
    If that's true he should be your hero.
  • Jo 2012/03/25 15:44:19
    i love your posts!
  • cut and paste king 2012/03/25 15:39:31
  • cut and... cut and... 2012/03/25 15:40:26
    cut and paste king
    george bush sr the second welfare king. it runs in the family
  • cut and paste king 2012/03/25 15:37:18
  • cut and... cut and... 2012/03/25 15:43:19

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