Bush and The Extremists and Radicals

dras 2007/05/26 19:02:14
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If you happened to watch Bush answer questions in his news conference Thursday, you can't have any doubt that he's come to the end of his string of lies about Iraq, and about the state of his manufactured 'war on terror'. For the past year Bush and Cheney have adopted a strategy of renewed fearmongering which includes "listening to the terrorists." Bush repeated that on Thursday as he attempted to wrap his Iraq fiasco in the tattered banner of his phony terror war.
"In a war against extremists and radicals like these, we ought to be listening carefully to what they say," Bush told reporters in the Rose Garden Thursday. "We ought to take their words seriously."
There is the obvious question of why Bush is more intent on listening to and repeating the words of terrorists rather than demonstrating just once that he's listening to the American people who he claims he's defending with his swaggering militarism. There's also the obvious question of why the individuals he holds responsible for the 9-11 attacks are still at large and are able to issue their threats and edicts with impunity from their safe haven in Afghanistan/Pakistan.
Do you believe that G.W. Bush has served his use to the American People. Yes or No?

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  • baby10 2007/05/27 03:41:44
    He has never served the American people, lets get that straight! What has he or his cabinet done to improve American lives? I can tell you who he made rich. And of this week we may as well ask what has Congress done?
  • lonewolf 2007/05/26 20:31:18 (edited)
    served the american people? when has he done this. i'm still waiting.
  • jax290 2007/05/26 20:00:15
    After reviewing your recent polls, it is obvious you are a shill for the Democrat party. Give it a rest.
  • dras jax290 2007/05/28 14:46:22 (edited)
    Your right my friend and I believe that I've voted long enough to know what party serves the average working American the best.
    Even today as you sit at your PC, remember who got you the paid holidays that you are so used to. Do you think it was the Chamber of Commerce.
    Let's see, how about the new Wage Bill. Check who voted for it. You can't tell because the majority had to attach it to the "war funding bill to get it to pass Bush's Veto".
    But, then again if you have the money to be able to own your own plane you probably support your local Chamber of Commerce.
    By the way, ever heard of the Taylor Craft?
  • valrie life's a Beach! 2007/05/26 19:58:02
    valrie life's a Beach!
    I think he's been a terrible president. Even the conservatives (I'm a moderate) in my office are questioning his leadership or lack therof. They are especially upset about his and the Republicans support for the ridiculous Immigration Bill, obviously I am, too!
  • jac 2007/05/26 19:27:39
    no....you're not a partisan idiot!!!!!! there's a nice socialist/communist country in Europe waiting for you...buh bye!
  • dras jac 2007/05/28 14:56:10
    Last time I looked there was only one and they have free elections. How does that work?

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