Brutality from the PA State Police Worse than Rodney King‏

DizziNY 2012/07/26 10:29:57

This video documentary includes actual police dash-cam video and audio of a horrific state police beating of an unarmed, non-combative citizen.
This case involves a New York State resident operating his car just across the border from his New York home in Pennsylvania. His name is Robert Leone.

This case is worse that the Rodney King episode in many, many ways. Here are but a few:

Rodney King was involved in a high speed pursuit that involved at least 4 police cars, a helicopter, and exposed the general public to serious injuries or possible death. During this pursuit Rodney King committed innumerable traffic violations including attaining speeds approaching 100 MPH.

Other than not stopping when directed, this incident involved no serious traffic violations and was simply the low speed following of a car that would not pull over.

When finally stopped Rodney King acted in a very bizarre fashion. He did not follow police instructions to lay on the ground but rather pointed at the sky, patted the ground and was laughing and giggling while being ordered at gun point to lay on the ground. When Rodney King was finally “swarmed” by police and taken to the ground he resisted violently by kicking, punching, and flipping the arresting officers.

When finally stopped by the police Mr. Leone COULD NOT comply with the orders of the arresting officers to exit his vehicle with his hands up because one of the officers had blocked Mr. Leone’s door with his patrol car. Mr. Leone sat calmly in his driver’s seat with both hands on his steering wheel, smoking a cigarette. Mr. Leone was tasered multiple times through his sun roof even though he did not display ANY threatening behavior whatsoever. Mr. Leone was then forcibly removed through his passenger door and repeatedly beaten, kicked and tasered while not even attempting to defend himself. The Senior State Police Officer is clearly seen jumping from Mr. Leone’s car roof and intentionally stomping Mr. Leone with both of his feet and all of his weight while Mr. Leone is face down on the ground.

There has never been the claim that Rodney King was ever beaten by police AFTER he was taken into custody.

Mr. Leone was repeatedly beaten by out-of-control State Troopers before and after he was handcuffed and also after he was hog tied. Numerous non-authorized maneuvers were used against Mr. Leone by the arresting Officers including the punching in his face with a closed fist by one of the Troopers. This punch caused the Trooper to break his own hand on Mr. Leone’s face. Mr. Leone was subsequently charged with a felony charge of Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer for using his face to break the Troopers hand (I am not kidding).

There has been a high level cover up of this entire matter by the Pennsylvania State Police Office of Integrity and Professional Standards as well as the Prosecuting District Attorney of Bradford County Pennsylvania. The Judge who heard this case also appears to have a great deal of culpability as demonstrated by some very biased rulings during Mr. Leone’s trial as well as some other very questionable business connections within Bradford County. More on this will follow.

Please watch the entire video and then pass it along to everyone and anyone you know.
The FBI, US Attorney’s Office, and the Justice Department in Washington, DC all have copies of this documentary. But for the grace of God this could have been any one of our family members. I especially shudder to think about how we have instructed our spouses, children or grandchildren to never be pulled over by a police officer in an unlit or unpopulated area but rather to continue on to a well-lit gas station or parking lot. Exposure is our key to the correction of this atrocity.


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  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/07/26 12:37:58 (edited)
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    Police and government are no better than street gangs. If he was black, this would be all over the news. Totally disgusting abuse of power.

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  • uguess 2012/07/27 00:10:13
  • Teri- Oregon 2012/07/26 22:58:30
    Teri- Oregon
    Keep the Oath keepers, loose the killers
  • DizziNY Teri- O... 2012/07/27 11:13:01
    The REAL cops:

    oath keepers
  • Bozette 2012/07/26 22:38:22
    While this is an extreme example, police brutality is much more common than many realize. I recently saw another video where a homeless, mentally disabled man was beaten and tazered to death by police as he cried out for his daddy. I have seen several other disturbing videos as well.

    As long as we don't demand these things be properly investigated and those responsible held accountable, the beatings will continue. Police feel they have the right to do as they damn well please. Unfortunately, so do many of the citizens. I hear many, many people say that if they weren't doing anything wrong it wouldn't have happened, or that criminals deserve whatever police do to them.

    I have several problems with that philosophy. Not everyone who has police contact is a criminal, we have a history of convicting innocent people in this country, does anybody really trust our government that much? And finally, for God's sake, is this really how we should be treating people???

    Thanks for posting this.
  • DizziNY Bozette 2012/07/27 11:14:03
    You're welcome. It's the way I do my part. Also, I happen to know John Perna. It's funny how small the world really is, isn't it.
  • Bozette DizziNY 2012/07/27 21:32:56
    It is...give him my best...don't know what else I can do, except continue to work to correct this, which I shall.
  • stormy rae 2012/07/26 16:45:01
  • AlexTheDrummer 2012/07/26 15:03:48
    The things people do are disgusting.
  • DizziNY AlexThe... 2012/07/26 15:11:21
    These "cops", in particular, are savages.
  • AlexThe... DizziNY 2012/07/26 15:13:10
    No kidding.
  • Arizona1950 2012/07/26 12:57:21 (edited)
    Where's Jesse Jackson ... Al Sharpton? Oprah ... ?? Better yet ... where's Obama!
  • DizziNY Arizona... 2012/07/26 15:10:28
    They are busy selling us down the river to The U.N.
  • Arizona... DizziNY 2012/07/27 00:22:16
    Yep ...
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/07/26 12:37:58 (edited)
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    Police and government are no better than street gangs. If he was black, this would be all over the news. Totally disgusting abuse of power.
  • Bali 2012/07/26 11:06:48
    but, but, he is a white boy.....does anyone think there will be mass riots in the streets?
  • DizziNY Bali 2012/07/26 11:10:24
    People need to stop looking at color and start to realize they will do this type of stuff to anyone regardless of color, etc. The media is the one who helps to divide us. That's what they want though, to divide and conquer. We must NOT let that happen. So, no, you probably will not see this on the news anytime soon.
  • Risk DizziNY 2012/07/26 12:08:59
    I agree ! This undoubtedly happens to probably more Whites then Blacks but the MSM finds they can get a lot more shyt going and controversy if they concentrate on showing White on Black crime. The MSM is a joke in this country ! They only report with very biased and slanted views to get their personal agenda across !
  • Brian DizziNY 2012/07/26 13:25:32
    The media is the one who helps to divide us, as well as our government!
  • DizziNY 2012/07/26 10:31:43
    I used to trust cops, not so much anymore.
  • Bozette DizziNY 2012/07/26 22:40:31
    Same here.

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