Bringing Down America from the safety of Vancouver, BC

Yankee Traveler 2011/10/15 20:26:27

The magazine of the Canadian non-profit Adbusters Media
Foundation—that revives 1960s-styled protests for ultimate Marxist
takeover—is printed in the United States of America.

Without even a passing mention that they, with Barack Obama, are
actually masterminding it, Adbusters November issue asks on its cover What Will We Do As America Declines?

The cover pictorial, portraying a lone
boater in a mist-shrouded lake surrounded by trees aims at a peaceful
pastoral message—the direct opposite of what revolutionary Adbusters is
all about.

The message of its 100,000 circulation, mostly in corner convenience
stores like 7-Eleven is a clarion call to Marxism: “Let the Global
Revolution Begin”, “Cultural Revolution is Our Business”.

Adbusters lure to disaffected youth is the raunchy: “Having fun, Kicking #####”.

Adbusters founders are as ambitious as they
are arrogant. ”We are a fast growing global network of culture jammers,
mental environmentalists and social revolutionaries working to change
the way information flows; the way corporations wield power, and the way
meaning is produced in our society.”

Current Adbuster projects list Occupy Wall Street first.

Under their Killcap and Wikiswarms category: “We’re developing the
next generation of political gaming. See what happens when one billion
of us start living for real.”

“No Starbucks” is an order to Adbuster followers: “We walk away from
Starbucks and give local indie coffee culture around the world a

Now that their lie-in drones have taken over the parks of dozens of
American cities, with Canada coming on stream with 10 cities, starting
tomorrow in Toronto, they are busy with “Truth Bombs on Israel TV”:
“We’re gathering a major meme offensive in Tel Aviv.”

Only Adbuster co-founder Kalle Lasn sees the movement whose roots go
back to Tahrir Square, before being planted in fertile Zuccotti Park and
now headed to Canada where the protests were conceived as “coming full

“I kept on wanting to go to New York, and now instead of me coming to
the occupation, the occupation is coming to me,” he said. (The Canadian
Press, Oct. 14, 2011).

For an organization that flies on an anti-corporation theme, it costs
$9 to buy one copy of Adbusters Magazine in Canada. And there must be
real money in ‘non-profit’ these days as the group advises its readers
to watch out for a series of corner ads in the op-ed pages of the New York Times.

With chaos and confusion of the Occupy Wall Street protests spreading
like bed bugs, Lasn has emerged from the closet to pat himself on the

Perhaps a tad heady from the open sympathy of Obama and his
Democrats, Lasn admits the movement seeks to have U.S. President Barack
Obama “ordain” a presidential commission “tasked with ending the
influence money has over our representatives in Washington.”

The today-the-pond-tomorrow-the-world attitude of this freshly minted
Icon of the Revolution makes him think he is running the show in the
U.S. all the way from Vancouver, BC.

“I think our movement can energize the political left,” Lasn said.

The long suffering Socialist underbelly that has eaten away at liberty in Canada may have a new leader.

“In Canada we have Harper so strong, the Conservatives so strong
because there is no energized opposition. Over the next few months, and
possibly one year, it’s possible for fascinating, exciting new ideas
that the political left has had had for a long time, for those ideas to
push up from the grass roots and start having an impact again on
Canadian politics.”

Subversive at heart, Adbusters will now return to where it has always clung: underground.

“However the movement evolves, Lasn said Adbusters will not be
leading the charge. The magazine has done its part, but will continue
to support the movement and play an active behind-the-scenes role.

“Its flexibility and lack of structure is its greatest strength, he added. (Canadian Press).

Speaking of Occupy Wall Street activists camped out in New York, he is like a proud father.

“What they’ve done is miraculous,” Lasn said.

“Without leaders, without demands, they’ve been able to launch a
national conversation the likes of which America hasn’t seen for a
couple of generations. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Meanwhile, there are millions of average Americans who don’t see
mindless chanting as “conversation” and who see nothing “miraculous” in

Judi McLeod
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  • patriot 2011/10/15 22:40:47
    These guys are financially supporting OWS and I heard Soros funds them.
  • Yankee ... patriot 2011/10/15 23:09:25
    Yankee Traveler
    apparently they'll except money from any one
  • J Montana 2011/10/15 22:13:32
    J Montana
    Canada too?
  • TruBluTopaz 2011/10/15 20:30:01
    Is this the same group that organized a few of the GSummit protests in Seattle and I think Montreal? As I recall this group had a number of internationally, Interpol identified, paid protesters and they handed out instructions for such things as avoiding flashbangs, tear gas and how to passively protest by going limp. Real prizes. Our lovely neighbor to the north. Exporting chaos.
  • Yankee ... TruBluT... 2011/10/15 20:44:21
    Yankee Traveler
    Ya but not everyone up there is that phuked in the head
  • TruBluT... Yankee ... 2011/10/16 05:57:12
    I hope not.

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