Brent Bozell Hollywood's Snotty Day in Court

doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~ 2012/01/14 11:13:15
This is where the liberal media is headed! Babies using the F word is supposed to be comedy? These people are crazy! I pray the Court has enough sense to realize that! It was symbolically perfect that on the same day Hollywood went to the Supreme Court to make the case for broadcast profanity, Entertainment Weekly reported that the next showing of the ABC smutcom "Modern Family" would feature a two-year-old girl dropping the F-bomb. The episode's title will be "Little Bo Bleep."

Shameless. There's no other way to describe the people running these networks. We're told "It might be the first time in a scripted family broadcast TV series where a child has said the F-word." But it won't be the last -- especially if the high court grants Hollywood's demands and shreds any regulation of nudity or profanity on TV. The Supreme Court should stay the course with the FCC. No one should expect Hollywood to improve. But at least there's still a threadbare expectation that Hollywood should try and behave when children may be watching. Our children should be protected from this type of manipulation into adulthood too soon! Let them be children until they are of legal age at least!

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  • Tasine 2012/01/14 13:35:41

    Hollywood people are at least this disgusting!! Shame on them!
  • JoeBtfsplk 2012/01/14 11:39:02
    That's Liberal Hollywood for ya!

    Against Conservatism, Religion, Business, and the Family.

    What could go wrong in America?

    Someone should profile the writers that write this crapola - post photos of their homes and families(if they have any) and follow them around like TMZ reporters do celebrities.

    The 'sell-out' - 'celebrities' - have sold their souls to the deviants that write the drivel we are spoon fed as 'entertainment'?

    You can't proceed 2 sentences in any given sitcom, animated program( in this case) without slams, innuendoes, and outright disdain for what America once stood for.

    It is a small wonder we haven't already imploded.
  • Tasine JoeBtfsplk 2012/01/14 13:39:26
    I'm currently reading a great book that targets the love affair of liberals with tyranny and evil, and how it is affecting our nation. It's eye-popping. Written by one who KNOWS the loss of liberty, Jamie Glazov.

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