Breaking The Bank: Boston City Officials Begin Investigating Police Overtime System

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For instance, in 2011, 128 officers made more than both the Mayor and the Police Commissioner who are paid approximately $175,000, the report adds. In fact, 41 officers made more than $200,000 last year.

“I think that when they (the public) see outrageous salaries, there are questions and I think it’s really important to answer those questions,” Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said.

“Basically the officers have figured out a way to manipulate the contract to generate substantial increased revenue for hours that aren’t worked,” Sam Tyler, a municipal watchdog, said.

What are some of the ways police officers have figured out how to play the system?

“For example,” CBS Boston explains, “an officer called in for a court case gets a four hour minimum, even if he is only needed for a fraction of that. Ditto when working a paid detail. It is all perfectly legal and spelled out in the union contract.”

So if an officer works one minute over four hours, he gets paid for eight.

“When you see this type of practice and you have 2,100 police officers in Boston, that all adds up to a lot of extra dollars that the taxpayers are paying,” Tyler said.

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