Breaking News - Iranian warships headed to Israel.

lalouisiane 2011/02/16 19:33:13
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Iranian warships are headed to Israel.

What do you think Obama might do or not do to either help or worsen this situation?

Israel says this is a threat, not only to Israel but to the West as well.

Do you agree or disagree?

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Warning... I will not tolerate anti semitism on this blog. I think I still have the ability to block any and all who cannot offer up comments in a manner that do not involve profanity and vulgarisms and hate.

We'll see.

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  • cub 2011/02/17 00:48:17
    Obama's foreign policy with Israel alone is disastrous . I am compelled to believe that Israel has real worries ahead of it. Forget the peace treaty that Mubarek had signed with Israel. If the Muslim Brotherhood gets in, the treaty will be null and void.
    Now, the warships from Iran??? The Middle East countries want to annhilate Israel. Pray.

    I believe the prophesies in the Bible are coming to fruition. People can make fun of me all they want. I only read parts of Bible here and there. But,Things that are happening are Biblical folks. I side with Israel. The Jews are God's Chosen People.

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  • bones327 Don Heath 2011/02/17 17:38:58
    The question is not, Emmanuel - God with Us. The question is, do we choose God?

    There is a simple choice to be made here. Either we side with the Deity of The Scriptures or we side with Allah, who was known in biblical times as Baal, or Satan, or the Deceiver or the old Serpent.
  • bones327 Glory 2011/02/17 02:32:32
  • les_gvt 2011/02/17 01:17:49
    Bernadine Dohern and Medea Benjamin hav been kissing Machmouds's toes again?
  • bones327 les_gvt 2011/02/17 17:42:57
    It is always the same with leftists. The reject the Deity, but go running to do the whims of the evil one.

    People do not always realize that there is a spiritual battle being waged and it will become more intense as we approach the End of the Age.

    A choice must be made. Either one will side with the Deity or be at enmity with the Deity. There is no middle ground. The Muslims have made their choice. Although, I have read that more and more of them are secretly turning to a personal relationship with G-d and turning away from Mohammed and his idol, Allah. They are in secret, because changing faith away from Islam is a capital offense in Islamic countries.
  • Scott bones327 2011/02/17 20:45:58
    They risk being beheaded for leaving the Muslim faith . You " can NEVER leave " . To have known Allah and " turn " , becoming an Infidel ................ you must be killed . There is NO leaving the faith .
  • Skater62 2011/02/17 01:17:12
    Has there been any strikes or powder burned yet?
  • JohnGalt 2011/02/17 01:17:02
    It's interesting that when I google this story it comes up as Iranian AID ships...
  • VICTORIA JohnGalt 2011/02/17 01:42:00
  • CRStar 2011/02/17 01:13:47
  • citizen-cain 2011/02/17 01:11:53
    If Iran's navy takes on Israel, it will be no contest. What's the source on this?
  • Temlako... citizen... 2011/02/17 01:19:40
    Well, here's one source: http: www.jpost.com="" diplomacyandpolitics="" article.aspx?id="208524"

    And another: http: www.nytimes.com="" 2011="" 02="" 17="" world="" middleeast="" 17suez.html?src="mv"

    They're headed for a Syrian port. Let's see--someone here said it was a frigate escorting a supply ship. I'd like to know what kind of supplies that ship is carrying. Missiles, perhaps?

    This could be a prelude to an attempted overland invasion.
  • Cogs Temlako... 2011/02/17 01:27:03 (edited)
    With one small warship? I doubt it.

    Israel doesn't control the Suez, the Mediterranean, or Syrian shipping. They should chill out. Where the hell would Iran run an overland invasion from anyways? Israel and Iran are a thousand miles apart. A big chunk of the American military is still sitting there in Iraq, right in the middle of the Iran->Israel or Iran->Syria routes.
  • Greg Cogs 2011/02/17 01:42:40
    Israel can take out one ship if they have to.
  • Cogs Greg 2011/02/17 01:47:53 (edited)
    Very easily. That's why it's really silly to worry about one frigate going past Israel in the Mediterranean. If it tried anything hostile, it'd be sunk before it got anywhere near the shore. A frigate without serious air cover is a sitting duck.
  • bones327 Cogs 2011/02/17 17:44:11
    Listen to Avi Lieberman, it is a provocation. It is a test of the envelope; it is a test of the weakling in the white house
  • VICTORIA citizen... 2011/02/17 01:42:28
    Made up in the author of this post's mind.
  • T-Time1 2011/02/17 01:09:44
    I would like to see the source, as I have not heard anything like this, .....yet...but if true , Obama will deny it, and not help! Neither would Hill-Billy Clinton or Carter or any other dem as most are progressive and are anti-Israel.
  • VICTORIA T-Time1 2011/02/17 01:42:54
    It's not true, that's why there's no link posted.
  • JOHN SMITH 2011/02/17 01:08:33
    of course its a threat. dont expect the nutless ballsack-in-chief to do anything about it either. my $ is on the israeli airforce to take care of the ships
  • CyanWhispers 2011/02/17 01:06:32
    I certainly agree it is a serious threat, additionally I believe it is a threat to the US (west) as well... What will Obie do?? I'll just point to the saddness that is his previous record in all aspects of the foreign arena... We'll be lucky if war manages to hold off long enough to get someone with a clue into that office on the hill... We are most likely in for a seriously ugly situation... Lives are going to be lost and lots of them.... Hold on to your hats folks!
    I sure hope I'm wrong...sigh

    situation lives lost lots hold hats folks hope wrong sigh
  • gg~POTL... CyanWhi... 2011/02/17 01:17:49
    I believe as you do, Cyan
  • CyanWhi... gg~POTL... 2011/02/17 01:37:23 (edited)
    Israel is tough and they are ooohhh soooo tired of all the BS... The only reason they didn't do any serious leveling during the start of the Gulf War was because we held them back... I know Obie doesn't have the power or respect to do this as Bush did... Israel will not be moved or restrained by anything Obie says... If the Iranians threaten Israel in anyway, they will get wiped from the face of the earth!

    bush israel moved restrained obie iranians threaten israel wiped earth
  • Cogs CyanWhi... 2011/02/17 01:28:39
    A serious threat from two boats? Lol. Calm down.
  • VICTORIA Cogs 2011/02/17 01:43:53
    Admiral James Burnell-Nugent, former commander-in-chief, fleet, of Britain's Royal Navy, described the action as a form of mischief.

    "I would put it in the manipulative, stirring the pot category, rather than the military, strategic category.

    "And the more wound up the Israelis get over it, the more the Iranians will be laughing."
  • CyanWhi... Cogs 2011/02/17 01:45:51
    Whewwwww ... We can all relax the all knowing sock has spoken....
  • Cogs CyanWhi... 2011/02/17 01:48:46
    Not a sock, yo.
  • CyanWhi... Cogs 2011/02/17 01:52:39
    yo... ya gotta beat for that... geezz
  • JCD aka... CyanWhi... 2011/02/17 09:27:12
    JCD aka "biz"
    Is Admiral James Burnell-Nugent a sock??? That's bad news!
  • CyanWhi... JCD aka... 2011/02/17 15:25:31
    Oh please... You do the math Mr Brain.... All the upheaval in Egypt, Recent happenings in Iran, Libya now starting to run it's mouth again... Obammy signing on to the UN declaration last Friday with the 15 Muslim nations against Israel and Now Iran wants to go on a pleasure cruise past Egypt to visit in Syria... At the very least it is an attempt at instigation...

    So if the Admiral is the best retort you can come up with, troll about elsewhere....
  • USC Gamecock fan 2011/02/17 01:06:18
    USC Gamecock fan
    Personally I don't think obama cares about israel at all. What muslim cares about a nation who the muslims fear. They are just like the United States, the muslims want to take this country from the inside but since our president has no balls the muslims will attack Israel and if obama does decide to send warships to Israel it will be to late for them. The disaster will have happened.
  • RichJ 2011/02/17 01:06:00
    After finding out how he intentionally miss-handled public remarks concerning the protests against Mubarak, and the way the state department was training "Egyptian" protesters for 2 years prior, I would not be surprised if Obama had prior knowledge of it. If he is not intentionally behind it he will do the most incompetent thing he can to paralyze Israel and aid the Iranian cause. Israel has the best armed service - by necessity - something will soon happen to allow them to start rebuilding the temple. Kicking the crap out of Iran, and Syria might just do it.
  • merlinskiss 2011/02/17 01:04:06
    I don't think he needs to do anything but go on alert. Israel should be able to handle two Iranian ships going through the Suez canal. Let them make the first move. Maybe they are visiting Egypt. That would bother me a lot more.
  • VICTORIA merlins... 2011/02/17 01:44:09
  • merlins... VICTORIA 2011/02/17 02:02:44
    I read more than one report hence my comments. We have a SH and one of my SH friends at Port Said. It's a small world.
  • VICTORIA merlins... 2011/02/17 04:13:01
    Getting smaller all the time friend.
  • Will on... VICTORIA 2011/02/24 19:57:51
    Will on the road again
    Your article is dated Feb 16th. Things have changed. I haven't found anything yet saying that they are headed to Israel though.

    Iranian Warships Dock in Syria

    Published February 24, 2011
    Two Iranian warships docked Thursday in a Syrian port, after a journey through the Suez Canal and Mediterranean Sea that prompted Israel to put its navy on high alert.

    The northern section of the canal is just 100 kilometers from Israel. Iran has been accused of smuggling money and weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel said it is closely monitoring the ships’ whereabouts.

    Iran says the ships pose no threat in the region and are in Syria for a training mission. An Israeli official called the move “an Iranian provocation.”

    “When you look at the Middle East, wherever the Iranians weigh in, the situation is never good,” he said Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Channel 2 in Israel. “It certainly does not bode well, but these two ships are not an immediate threat against us.
  • The Gipper~PWCM~JLA 2011/02/17 01:03:25
    The Gipper~PWCM~JLA
    An Iranian frigate dating from the 1960's accompanied by a supply vessel should be very little real threat to Israel. Israel's only concern would be to make sure not to sink them in any shipping lanes! What Ahmadinejad is trying to instigate with this is the real question. The Israelis are no fools and I doubt they will let obama screw this up too badly
  • mrk5panzer 2011/02/17 01:00:49
    Two of them and we keep a hold Aircraft carrier attack group in the Med at all times. Now what do you thing will happen to Two Iranian gun boats if they start something? aircraft carrier attack group med times iranian gun boats sinking destoryer
  • Ferrari Bubba 2011/02/17 01:00:44
    Ferrari Bubba
    Hey Everybody: Is that TO, or TOWARD? The headline might be a tad misleading, don't you think? -- Yer pal, Ferrari Bubba
  • VICTORIA Ferrari... 2011/02/17 01:45:57
    A LOT misleading. One might even say false.

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