Bravo to Indiana! Law Enforcement Officers CAN BE SHOT!!!!

Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2012/06/12 10:45:21
Law enforcement officers need to follow the laws of nature - it is about time. People do have a right to protect their private property; even from government thugs.


If ANYONE comes into my house without an invite, they are going to be dropped. I do not care who they are.

Hats off to Governor Daniels and everyone else involved in making things Constitutionally right for a change.

NOTE: I do not block. You are free to come here and spew venom or whatever else makes you happy.

Read More: http://www.allgov.com/Top_Stories/ViewNews/Indiana...

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  • Wahvlvke Chris -... 2012/06/14 11:58:31
    The Winter we were up there was advertized as the coldest and most snow in decades. Flew into Dulles one night and all the cars in the parking lots were buried in snow including my Explorer. Too much for me to take.
  • Chris -... Wahvlvke 2012/06/14 13:24:16
  • Wahvlvke Chris -... 2012/06/14 18:16:16
    Complications due to congestive heart failure ... I'm one step away from reptile.
  • Chris -... Wahvlvke 2012/06/14 18:59:40
  • Wahvlvke Chris -... 2012/06/15 12:51:27
    No problem ... you didn't know and it's the card I've been dealt in life so I have to make the best of it ... and that means "further south than Maryland".
  • Chris -... Wahvlvke 2012/06/15 13:50:00
  • Wahvlvke Chris -... 2012/06/16 13:03:29
    Actually I'm far better now than I was when I was in Maryland. Just staying South.
  • Chris -... Wahvlvke 2012/06/16 14:59:38
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/06/12 13:01:12
    Lady Whitewolf
  • Chris -... Lady Wh... 2012/06/12 13:14:02
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/06/12 12:37:54
    Christopher Kirchen
    It's shocking you should think this; are you a criminal?
  • Daniel Christo... 2012/06/12 13:03:45
    You do realize many cops are. Hate to break this to you, but they're human and we had 5 cops who were child molesters here in Arizona. Yep and it all got hushed up quick.
  • Chris -... Daniel 2012/06/12 13:15:36
  • Christo... Daniel 2012/06/12 13:36:10
    Christopher Kirchen
    Five out of how many in the world? I repeat, are you a criminal? I bet you are.
  • Daniel Christo... 2012/06/12 14:06:35
    Obviously more than you think. In 1992 or 93 can't remember. Eleven tons of marijuana was taken from police evidence. That's 22 truck loads. Now your comment about a few. Well it only takes one.
  • ordman Christo... 2012/06/12 14:36:07
    6 Maryland State Troopers Club and Taser to Death a Diabetic Architect; 46 Others Watch
    Some criminals wear a gun and a badge.
  • Lady Wh... Christo... 2012/06/12 18:42:59
    Lady Whitewolf
    reality much?
  • Chris -... Christo... 2012/06/12 13:14:29
  • DeeB Christo... 2012/06/12 13:34:09
    What??? You do realize this is a police state, do you not? We are all considered criminals. Do you know that you can be walking down the street in NY and they can just put you up against the wall and frisk you? Hello.!!
  • john Kills DeeB 2012/06/12 14:38:27
    john Kills
    For this reason alone some need to be shot. They are treating law abiding people like criminals for no reason and it's not right and needs to be stopped.
  • DeeB john Kills 2012/06/12 15:47:02
    I am so with you on that. We should have put a stop to it before it began.
  • c.ruth93 DeeB 2012/06/12 15:15:49
    Yeah they can frisk you but they can't take out anything in your pockets unless it feels like a weapon. If they do take anything that isn't a weapon out then they can'y use it as evidence against you. Its simple as that. Just have to know your own rights as a person of America.
  • DeeB c.ruth93 2012/06/12 15:51:33
    I hope you don't think that is a good thing. They better never put their hands on me. I am not a criminal and I refuse to be treated as one. But in their eyes, we all are. When in actuality they are the biggest criminals. Everything they are doing is against our constitutional rights as human beings. You don't nip this in the bud you are asking for a much bigger problem. Have they started the TSA scanners on the streets yet? That's coming and I'll be damned if they are allowed to radiate the people.
  • Chris -... DeeB 2012/06/12 15:54:27
  • John "B... Christo... 2012/06/12 15:34:18 (edited)
    John "By God" American
    If you support leave cops unaccountable, like they've become, you're the criminal...
  • Chris -... John "B... 2012/06/12 15:53:03
  • Tamara McMillan 2012/06/12 12:28:22
    Tamara McMillan
    Sounds about right. . . My home . . . my business. Got a warrant? Don't knock unless I call. That being said I have high respect for officers and would not want their jobs. It is the ones on a power trip that scare me. Lord knows they don't get paid nearly enough so sometimes their reasons for taking the job can be less than good ones. Ya know what I mean?? People are people no matter their position.
  • Lady Wh... Tamara ... 2012/06/12 13:02:00
    Lady Whitewolf
    "It is the ones on a power trip that scare me..."

    My thoughts exactly
  • Tamara ... Lady Wh... 2012/06/12 20:00:01
    Tamara McMillan
    Yep. . in the job for the wrong reasons!
  • Chris -... Tamara ... 2012/06/12 13:16:11
  • Tamara ... Chris -... 2012/06/12 20:00:41
    Tamara McMillan
    Thanks for agreeing!!
  • Chris -... Tamara ... 2012/06/12 20:51:22
  • Tamara ... Chris -... 2012/06/13 04:03:05
    Tamara McMillan
    I agree. .. helps to balance the scales!
  • praiserock 2012/06/12 12:24:21
    Here's the new law:

    Nice job of spelling it out so that any mook should be able to read and comprehend the law. I understand that LEOs took concern, but this law won't create an "open season" on them. It's correcting a mistake from the Indiana courts. Nice job.
  • Chris -... praiserock 2012/06/12 13:17:08
  • john Kills praiserock 2012/06/12 14:52:39
    john Kills
    Good law. Thanks for sharing. I think this law is proper and I really don't see it resulting in any police deaths, I do believe it will stop a LOT of rights violations. This should be made policy in all 50 states.
  • Lily 2012/06/12 12:14:25
    Now to get the rest of the states onto the same page! right to bear arms
  • Chris -... Lily 2012/06/12 13:17:23
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/06/12 11:36:41
    At least *some* State governors are leading the fight for liberty. I gather that now the police lose their sovereign protection to go wherever they want to go. They need warrants, writs, or at least *something* to justify their entry.

    As in so many other things, the case law will determine what circumstances are "exigent" enough to justify barging in. I can foresee a few complications of domestic-violence cases, for example. (In fact, that's where this law came from: a judge decided that State law allowed a citizen no recourse against a barging-in officer. This new law gives them that recourse, and standing.)

    By the way: the link works now, though it is slow to load. The article has a link to the new law. Judge for yourself.
  • Chris -... Temlako... 2012/06/12 13:18:09

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