Boy Scout Was Forced To Drink Urine As Punishment. What Do You Think About It?

Aysohmay 2009/06/18 13:11:10
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Forced drinking of urine at Boy Scout camp blamed on racial slur

By Lise Fisher
Staff writer

Published: Monday, June 15, 2009 at 12:21 p.m.
Last Modified: Monday, June 15, 2009 at 12:21 p.m.

One adult and three teenagers at a Boy Scout camp are accused of forcing a boy to drink human urine because they were "teaching him a lesson" for supposedly making racial slurs to another Scout, the Putnam County Sheriff's Office reported Monday.

Investigators arrested Joseph Wendell Reid, 21, two 16-year-olds, and a 15-year-old, all from Ocala, last week on a charge of kidnapping.

Officers allege the four held a 12-year-old boy against his will, first taping his mouth shut and then forcing him to drink urine, according to the Sheriff's Office.

The four were attending Camp Shands at Baden Powell Road near Hawthorne, the Sheriff's Office reported.

"We are gravely disappointed to learn of this incident that happened between Boy Scouts," said Jack Sears, CEO and scout executive of the North Florida Council for Boy Scouts of America. "The actions of the youth and the one adult do not represent the principles of scouting. Accordingly, their membership in scouting has been revoked."

The camp serves as a summer camp for Boy Scout troops in northeast Florida. There were more than 300 scouts at the camp last week, Sears said.

The incident apparently was retaliatory and related to derogatory comments the younger child supposedly had made earlier in the week.

Reid was booked into the jail without bond. The three teenagers were turned over to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.

Deputies were called to the camp after 11 p.m. Friday regarding a possible kidnapping, according to a Sheriff's Office report. A camp representative told officers a camper had been "lured" away by four other campers to an isolated area, where he was physically restrained and forced to drink urine.

The camp's director, Patrick Wright, told officers he had found two clear plastic bottles containing urine at the site and photographed the scene.

An officer spoke with the victim, who said he had been at the camp for a week and that he had been blamed for calling a boy who is black a racial slur, according to the report. The child said he did not use the slur but that the other boys didn't believe him.

Deputies reported the boy said he had been watching others compete in a swimming activity when he was asked by someone to go to his campsite. He had been walking for about five minutes when the four others ran out of the woods, grabbed him and forced him face down onto the ground. One put duct tape on his mouth, and they told him they were going to teach him a lesson, officers reported, and that he would have to drink urine or they were going to beat him up.

Then one of the four took off the duct tape and poured the urine down his throat, the boy told officers.

After that, the four left him there and walked away.

In addition to the arrests, officers seized a cell phone used by one of the suspects to record the incident, the arrest report stated.

Sears said the four people arrested and the 12-year-old boy were from different Boy Scout troops.

Reid was a volunteer leader in scouting and was with the troop of the other Ocala residents involved in the incident, Sears said.
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  • Dave The Canuck 2012/05/24 21:31:59
    I think....
    Dave The Canuck
    What those three teens and adult did to that kid was meaner and more inappropriate than his racial slur.
  • Joey 2009/06/23 18:54:05
    I think....
    its messed up but hilarious but not hilarious if that was u
  • jade 2009/06/20 05:21:26
    I think....
    That's disgusting and vile couldn't they think of some other punishment for the boy ???
  • CitizenErased 2009/06/18 19:27:05
    I think....
    Maybe a little harsh...
  • davidh BN-0 2009/06/18 18:20:12
    I think....
    davidh BN-0
    I would kick some ass if my child was forced to drink urine. I think they would also learn what human feces taste like.

    This is what happens when you have Mormons teaching our youth? Where are the "Values"? Where is the "Character building"? First they exclude based on sexual orientation, and religion. Now this? Good thing they kept out those "Homos" and "Atheist".......Please.....

    The Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation's largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations. The BSA provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.
  • Vive le Canada Libre!!! 2009/06/18 16:06:01
    I think....
    Vive le Canada Libre!!!
    That is absolutely volatile.
  • Shantizzle 2009/06/18 15:58:16
    I think....
    That is so mean!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kiwi 2009/06/18 15:44:29
    I think....
    that in the future who ever made him drink will end up getting punished and made to do the same thing future drink punished
  • Aysohmay kiwi 2009/06/18 16:18:20
    That looks delicious *throws up*
  • kiwi Aysohmay 2009/06/18 19:59:32

    oh k??
  • Aysohmay kiwi 2009/06/18 22:34:51
    It looks like piss and the straw indicates someone's gonna take a swig of it. And that makes me want to throw up
  • kiwi Aysohmay 2009/06/19 17:20:28
    ohhh ohhh
  • ctuagentdown 2009/06/18 15:15:01
    I think....
    so he goes from making slurs to becoming one what a day.
  • patchesm27 2009/06/18 15:06:30
    I think....
    the boy scouts just keep falling off that pedestal
  • Aysohmay patchesm27 2009/06/18 16:19:08
    Good thing I didn't join that XD
  • Endless Roads 2009/06/18 14:53:45
    I think....
    Endless Roads
    I believe the parents should pin that man down and make him drink HIS own urine.
  • davidh ... Endless... 2009/06/18 18:21:37
    davidh BN-0
    Drinking ones own urine is not nearly as bad as drinking somebody else's.
  • Endless... davidh ... 2009/06/18 19:07:27
    Endless Roads
  • Aysohmay davidh ... 2009/06/18 19:11:25
    Now that's just kinky =P
  • davidh ... Aysohmay 2009/06/18 19:48:02
    davidh BN-0
    I like to think so.
  • I think...
    ƙʊɱɪ ɧɒɲɑβʋʂɑ →ρᴊατσ←
    That's disgusting. Almost as bad as Child abuse.
  • davidh ... ƙʊɱɪ ɧɒ... 2009/06/18 18:21:52
    davidh BN-0
    It IS abuse.
  • Live_for_music 2009/06/18 13:42:17
    I think....
    thats disgusting what the hell kind of punishment is that?
  • oh my science 2009/06/18 13:40:47
    I think....
    oh my science
    that is messed up, good thing the urine isn't harmful in any way i guess
  • Aysohmay oh my s... 2009/06/18 13:43:10
    It may be sterile but its still disgusting >.<
  • davidh ... oh my s... 2009/06/18 18:22:30
    davidh BN-0
    Psychological damage is worse than any short term physical damage.
  • oh my s... davidh ... 2009/06/18 23:12:36
    oh my science

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