Both Russia and China are upgrading their military might while Obama guts ours...coincidence?

Mr. T 2012/08/11 22:05:17
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China and Russia are NOT our friends, never have been and never will be. Both of these countries possess nukes and high technology and are expanding not only their military but their "borders' as well.

Meanwhile...Obama and Leon Panetta are finding ways to cut our military back to the 70s and our head of homeland "Security" arms our border agents with.....paint ball guns and tells them if they see real weapons to "run away".

If you were Russia or China, are you growing more courageous and starting to smell blood in the water?
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  • Grabitz 2012/08/11 22:28:31
    I don't know , China has all our jobs . So what do you do feed the people or buy bombs ? Only thing you will use those bombs on is the starving people coming after for what you have . I think American corporation should stop feeding the commies and you all need to stay clear of Walmart the watering hole for the commies . No patriots left in America or what ? Damn commie shoppers pointing the finger . Pss
  • Mr. T Grabitz 2012/08/11 22:33:12
    Mr. T
    Agree. Americans should boycott "ChinaMart".

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