Born Again Believers

We believe that Jesus died on the cross as the blood sacrifice that paid for all sin, that God our Father raised Him from the dead as our promise of eternal life, and that He is the Christ, The Son of the living God.

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There is a blog posted by Jill-**patriot!!**. On this blog she offers the discussion, "Hitler Fails His Fuhrer Obama". One of the replies is posted by a sodahead member named Jeff Murray. It is a grossly blasphemous and obscene depiction of Jesus sodomizing a photoshop image of Himself, along with a caption describing this filth. Please write sodahead and convey our disappointment that this has not been removed. On his profile, Jeff describes himself as an atheist. He needs our prayers.


Hello, fellow believers in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Several weeks ago, I posted the question, "Is Hell the real place the Bible says it is"? It got a good response, and I pray it was a blessing in someone's life, but interest has died down, and I would like to ask your help. Could we all pray for God's inspiration to come up with another question that will attract the attention of unbelievers, and will hopefully lead someone to the Lord. Thank you and God Bess you.

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