Blast kills Iranian nuclear expert -- "covert war?"

BlueMax372 2012/01/12 22:56:29
TEHRAN -- Motorcycle riders flashed by and attached a magnetic bomb to a car carrying a nuclear scientist working at Iran's main uranium enrichment facility. By the time the blast tore apart the silver Peugeot, the bike was blocks away, weaving through Tehran traffic after what Iran calls the latest strike in an escalating covert war.

The attack -- which instantly killed the scientist and fatally wounded his driver on Wednesday -- was at least the fourth targeted hit against a member of Iran's nuclear brain trust in two years. Tehran quickly blamed Israeli-linked agents backed by the U.S. and Britain.

Provocative hints from Jerusalem reinforced the perception of an organized and clandestine campaign to set back Iran's nuclear ambitions.

--From wire reports; The St. Augustine Record, January 12, 2012, p. 5A.

Read More: http://www.staugustine.com

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  • S. Gompers 2012/01/15 13:04:32
    S. Gompers
    Good to see people are finally picking up on that, there have been some pretty big "industrial accidents" as well.

    This has been going on for years.
  • Ken 2012/01/15 00:58:45
    Just Iran putting a scare into their scientist to get the job done or end up like this scientist.
  • BlueMax372 Ken 2012/01/15 01:03:01
    Another distinct possibility, Ken! Thanks for that!
  • Brian Tristan MacQuillan 2012/01/13 22:22:31
    Brian Tristan MacQuillan
    Could be.
    But the attack could also have been planned and carried out by Iranians.
    Both possibilites.

    Of course if the U.S. and Israel are smart, they attack was carried out by Iranians, with the help of U.S. and Israeli intelligence.
  • BlueMax372 Brian T... 2012/01/13 22:49:08
    I tend to agree with Typhoon (http://www.sodahead.com/unit... that it was more likely Mossad than CIA.
  • Brian T... BlueMax372 2012/01/14 00:20:37
    Brian Tristan MacQuillan
    Most likely, yes. But who knows? There are plenty of elements inside of Iran that would do it. Israel's position hardly needs to be spelled out (Iran with a nuke, bad), so it could have been them. And the U.S. heck, the last thing we want is boots on the ground in Iran (most of us anyway), and taking out scientists is a little easier foreign relations wise, than dropping bunker busters on the facilities.

    Iran, and its leadership pose a one big ass problem for the U.S., in that they are North Korea of the Persian East, and plan to disrupt shipping, plan to build a nuke, and God knows what else. We could flatten them (the current leadership, and its stuff) certainly, but the consequences might be WW III ish. So we have a huge vested interest, very close to what Israel's is.

    Since we have been holding Israel back from bombing the nuclear sites in Iran, I would have to say our CIA is certainly involved, as well as probably our Special Ops, even if it is just for information and logistics.

    I would say the magnetic car bomb that was attached by Iranian motorcycle riders, and not Israeli, or U.S. people. Where the planning, and the bomb came from, that is an entirely a different matter.
  • J 2012/01/13 21:05:56
    I think if Israel were going to destroy the nuclear capabilities of Iran, they wouldn't go about it this way. There are several surrounding nations that have much to worry about if this is not halted. I would hate to have to pinpoint who would be willing and capable of carrying out these types of "hits."
  • Ramon 2012/01/13 12:15:58 (edited)
    I think it was definitely Israel...it has their scent all over it.

  • modernminuteman 2012/01/13 11:43:53
    alls fair in love and war. iran will get no sympathy from me. the biggest supporter of terror in the world.
  • TuringsChild 2012/01/13 03:07:32
    They do love to blame the US, even when we WEREN'T involved. Don't they realize when you threaten people, they tend to react?
  • J Turings... 2012/01/13 21:07:00
    Obama's "people" won't react.
  • seadog6608PWCM 2012/01/13 02:24:48
  • wtw 2012/01/13 02:04:58
    Good move!
  • LADY LIBERTY SILLY WORDSMITH 2012/01/13 01:49:38
  • Max 2012/01/13 01:39:57
    There's an article, at a web site address www.activistpost.com, written by Paul Joseph Watson, that explains what happened, from inside sources.

    According to that author, a group named MEK(mujahadeen) working with Mossad is responsible for this. This is the fourth or fifth time they've hit a scientist.
  • J Max 2012/01/13 21:08:33
    That is where I was thinking these actions were coming from. And, I think I know why. They do love to blame the US and Israel - even if they are the ones doing this.
  • Typhoon 2012/01/13 01:01:27
    To well planned and executed for any CIA involvement.
  • BlueMax372 Typhoon 2012/01/13 01:05:36
    LOL! Ya got that right! More likely Iranian operatives working for the Mossad.
  • Typhoon BlueMax372 2012/01/13 01:14:47
    There has been increasing unrest in Iran of late...
  • BlueMax372 Typhoon 2012/01/13 01:28:12
    Possibly the result of successful pot-stirring by the Mossad.
  • Typhoon BlueMax372 2012/01/13 01:33:03
    There are more than enough reasons for the Iranians to be restless. Even though the pro-democracy and other anti-regime protests were put down, the ideas were never truly eliminated.
  • Ramon Typhoon 2012/01/13 12:18:28
    I agree...Definitely not CIA....Mossad all the way. They have the intelligence and know how to pull this type of thing off.
  • BlueMax372 Ramon 2012/01/13 13:59:39
    Not the mention the chutzpah, something sorely lacking in our current regime.
  • Ramon BlueMax372 2012/01/14 08:05:55
  • beachbum 2012/01/12 23:43:31
    This is right out of Joel Rosenberg's "The Twelth Imam" book that came out October of '10............very interesting book. If you haven't read it, or "The Tehran Initative" (out October of '11).............
  • Will on the road again 2012/01/12 23:05:42
    Will on the road again
    Oh well.....

    smallest violin
  • Walt 2012/01/12 23:01:46
    It looks like it's not safe to be a nuclear scientist in Iran!
  • wallygator64 2012/01/12 23:00:59
    Yes the Iranians did it to themselves.

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