Blacks terrorized by Hispanic gangs in Compton: Should blacks disarm?

Daryl 2013/01/28 03:35:42
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A Latino gang is intimidating blacks into leaving the city that was once an African American enclave. It's part of a violent trend seen in other parts of the L.A. area.

gang intimidating blacks leaving city african american enclave violent parts

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  • Quazimoto 2013/02/08 22:35:36
    Yes blacks should disarm and trust Dianne Feinstein
    Just the opposite is happening in Houston. Blacks are robbing Hispanics knowing they will not say anything about it for fear of being deported.
  • ivegotloveinmypants 2013/01/30 09:43:58
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    This kind of hate crime cannot be solved by blacks appearing defenseless. What Hispanic gangs are doing is diagraceful, as we can imagine the kind of outrage that would ensue if somebody spoke out against immigration reform, or did the same to Hispanic people.
  • guitar kid 2013/01/30 04:52:23
    Yes blacks should disarm and trust Dianne Feinstein
    guitar kid
    Yes, I'm sure all these guns are perfectly legal and registered.
  • Broken 2013/01/29 07:10:18
    Yes blacks should disarm and trust Dianne Feinstein
    Since they voted for her and Mr. O, they should do as they are told by their Masters.
  • Frank 2013/01/28 23:19:29
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    The illegals, a lot of them gang members entering the Country will own the L. A. area before it's all said and done. You think those gangs have legal registered guns, or will turn them in if a ban is issued. Ha Ha Ha.....
  • Chrissi 2013/01/28 23:11:43
    Yes blacks should disarm and trust Dianne Feinstein
    Why not? Trust has to start somewhere.
  • TidBit Chrissi 2013/01/29 05:35:11
    Keep the trust, I'll keep my second amendment
  • deckman204 TidBit 2013/01/29 16:44:25
  • polock 2013/01/28 21:58:34
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    all Americans are equal and have the right to defend themselves, especially from these illegal games. no questions asked.
  • deadlyangel21 2013/01/28 20:31:49
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    You can't just run from every problem. I know people are sick of violence and sick of war but, people often forget how we built America in the first place. Lots of blood, sweat and tears. You cannot just let people take what's yours. Stand up and defend yourself, but be wise enough to know what's 'too far.'
  • raine1200 2013/01/28 20:19:41
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    I don't like either of the choices. People should not be running around with guns. Better to arrest the trouble makers then everyone is safe..
  • kurtanderson1 2013/01/28 20:14:01
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    A very bad idea.
  • Mark Twain 2013/01/28 20:08:58
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    Mark Twain
    This is the law of unintended consequences at work. As the black population has let the Liberal Democrats commit social and economic experiments on them with abortion clinics, poor schools and just enough entitlements to keep them in the hood, their population and vitality has dwindled. They are no longer the largest minority in the U S. They are being pushed out of their neigbhorhoods by the rapid influx of hispanics. Their own black leadership is under the illusion that the hispanics will follow their marching orders. If I lived in any inner city I think I would learn spanish,,,but first you have to learn english clearly enough to communicate. Dont get a weapon,,,,just call 911
  • TidBit Mark Twain 2013/01/29 05:36:59
  • ivegotl... Mark Twain 2013/01/30 09:45:40
    Very true, and sad.
  • JoeLove~PWCM~JLA 2013/01/28 19:48:00
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    It's not a black, white or brown issue. EVERYONE has the right to defend themselves!

    If the government was really concerned with the deaths caused by gun violence they would hunt down the perps and prosecute to the fullest instead of going after law abiding citizens right to self protect.
  • john.newell.771 2013/01/28 19:39:30
  • MsTLynne 2013/01/28 19:24:41
  • drdos1943 MsTLynne 2013/01/29 08:33:22 (edited)
    I am a responsible gun owner. I gave you a rave and agree with what you say. Feinstein has listed 157 guns to be banned. Many of them are illegal for sale already as they are automatics or actual military assault automatics used by armies around the world. The only way to get one of those is on the black market, which will still exist after any ban.

    The rest are semi-automatics, like the AR-15, which was used at Sandy Hook. That and most others like it just look like military assault rifles, just as many paint-ball rifles and BB-guns are made to look like military assault rifles.....e.g. The following pic is a paint-ball rifle:

    assault rifle ar 15 paint ball

    Except for the 30-round magazine, most hunting rifles have much more fire power than the AR-15. In fact, a quasi hunting rifle was used in Norway (a country with very strict gun laws) to kill 69 people (many of them children) and wound over 100 at a summer camp in 2011. He then used a home-made bomb and killed 8 more.

    My semi-automatic hunting rifle, with a much more powerful cartridge than an AR-15, takes a seven round magazine, but I can reload in less than a second. If I wanted, I could go to any metal shop and easily make a magazine that could handle 30-rounds or more.

    Diane Feinstein may have good intentions and is probably trying to make a few political points, but it will not work to prevent another Sandy Hook. The problem is not the guns. The problem is the people who have them.
  • MsTLynne drdos1943 2013/01/29 14:50:04
  • deckman204 MsTLynne 2013/01/29 16:56:47
    Unfortunately we will agree to disagree...

    Background checks and waiting periods have already been tried.. they do not work, that is why they are no longer used...

    There are several reasons why they fail to work, mostly because other laws pertaining to the same were not properly enforced to begin with.

    I don't think that all the party's objecting to the notions of background checks are " Hillbilly Hicks" as you put it.. I know many prominent individuals far from inbred or uneducated that object to the waste of time and money of reimpiementing those measures which failed previously.

    Beating a dead horse serves no purpose.
  • drdos1943 MsTLynne 2013/01/29 17:57:05 (edited)
    I believe that most of us are looking for solutions. All the Texas school districts that can afford it, have at least one armed guard on duty. One large high school campus in the Northside Independent School District (San Antonio) has two squad cars and 4 armed security guards. Those few that cannot afford it are beginning to arm and train some teachers and staff... firing ranges and gun instructors have offered their services at no charge ... no more "Gun Free" zones. Although there have been armed school districts in Texas since 2008, I'm not sure arming teachers may be that good an idea. I had a few students in my classes that I would like to have strangled. Being armed, I might be writing this from a prison cell.

    Someone on this site suggested utilizing armed veterans, with school training, to patrol our schools, many of whom would volunteer their services or work for little pay. Something has got to be done. What say you?

    However, in the last 25 years, there hasn't been one intentional shooting (except for a suicide) in any Texas public school.
  • Bruce 2013/01/28 18:34:52
    Yes blacks should disarm and trust Dianne Feinstein
    Blacks have enjoyed the bully pulpit for too long. They have emerged to take over society and rule the world hating whitey and the mexicans. As a honky I lived in the mexican community all my life and never a whisper of discrimination. Walk through the black side of town and get into fights, have your wife raped and get shot for being honky or mexican. Besides they have the best food.
  • Michael Ejercito 2013/01/28 16:46:22
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    Michael Ejercito
    Only white nationalists would want them to disarm.
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2013/01/28 16:39:43
  • kcoat 2013/01/28 16:37:05
  • RJeffreySavlov 2013/01/28 16:33:04
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    No surprise here. If you let illegals overrun the country with no consequences, that is exactly what will happen. Whats next Islamist illegals and Sharia law?
  • ivegotl... RJeffre... 2013/01/30 09:46:38
    Some are in America legally.
  • Michael Mcconnell 2013/01/28 14:44:25
    Yes blacks should disarm and trust Dianne Feinstein
    Michael Mcconnell
    Only legally own guns should be taken by the government and the masses should just rely on a police force that is currently giving fines to taxpaying citizens.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2013/01/28 12:18:45
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    Aside from showing that blacks and Hispanics are NOT allies, this shows the absurdity of any disarmament policy.
  • phil.olding.3 2013/01/28 11:17:07
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    Good thing they banned all those scary guns so that people like the guy in the picture can't have them in L.A. legally. Right? There's never gun violence in L.A.!
  • L1 2013/01/28 09:50:19
    No blacks should exercise their civil rights under the second amendment to de...
    Since when is this new or news? This isn't a racial issue here.
  • Daryl L1 2013/01/28 18:04:54
    If it's not a racial issue why are authorities investigating this as 'hate crimes'?
  • L1 Daryl 2013/01/28 23:19:16
    I meant about the guns. As for the Hispanics VS Blacks in Compton, it's more about gang turf than race, creed, etc. That's not new, and has been around for forever. If the police want to investigate as such, that's their problem.
  • smash L1 2013/06/12 18:26:50
    It is about race yes it is about coler yes and ohh yessss it is about drugs money and hood. But control is what latino gangs want and black gangs should unify not that it will help only prolong the inevitable ...which is if your born and raised in compton gangsta its time you fight for it huh? The hispanics and latinos have the numbers due to a flaud system but.it all belonged to them anyway cali that is but I digress black gangs and hispanic gangs prison or street should have a mobstyle sit down but at the park or cafiteria LOL and og hash it out becuz this is what america has made and its not their design or destiny to kill one another to extinction but what do we care just mindless dangerous gangs and gang members killing one another untill it afects you! !!!!!! Reader. Huh guns should be outlawed gangs should be outlawed. Cops should be held more accountable providing we hire lots more lots more then look at the people in charge of these cities for more accountabilitiessss!!! All this is madness
  • HillaryLover 2013/01/28 07:48:23
    Yes blacks should disarm and trust Dianne Feinstein
    Blacks should comply with the laws of the land. So should all American's, including slimy NeoCon's who post ridiculous threads.
  • Thomas ... Hillary... 2013/01/28 08:11:35
    Thomas G Towns
    If it was your neighborhood how would you see it? neighborhood
  • COCO Thomas ... 2013/01/28 08:37:58 (edited)
    You won't hear an answer from this moron,only crickets chirping,this is all true,I saw a documentary from CNN Anderson Cooper interviewed an african American woman whose 14 year old grand daughter was killed in a drive by shooting in an LA area dominated by Latino gangs,and this other Black teenager said that a latino gang member send threatening messages to his family asking them to move out of the neighborhood because they didn't belong there,now the neighborhood was theirs,I wonder where Jesse Jackass and the other race pimp Sharpton had been to protest against this,only stupid libbs think that black and brown will get along just great as long as they have the common enemy white,they are wrong they don't get along.
  • ivegotl... COCO 2013/01/30 09:47:24
  • Hillary... Thomas ... 2013/01/28 08:40:11
    Hopefully, my neighbors would be law-abiding.

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