Black Panthers Grateful to Holder For “Payback Time”

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Leaders of the New Black Panther Party express joy in a newly available video that Attorney General Eric Holder tolerated their voter-intimidation activities and dropped a case against them.

In the video below, Malik Shabazz, president of the New Black Panther Party, explains at a NBPP meeting why New Black Panthers were sent to polling places with batons. His comments include some jokes, as when he cracked to members “You know we don’t carry batons…. PSYCHE! I’m just playin’.” Shabazz goes on to explain that his brother got a pass from the Obama Justice Department because “Justice Department leadership changed into the hands of a black man by the name of Eric Holder.” Good to know.

So now it's out in the open; the new black panthers openly thank the racist Holder for backing their voter intimidation. Fore warned is fore armed; I carry anyway; I will just carry bigger and more now.
I really fear that BO is going to cancel the vote in November by presidential decree; due to National Security. That will start the shooting for sure. Problem is, BO now has sole authority to shut down the internet and talk radio due to "national security"; and the Republicans did nothing to stop him. Without the internet and talk radio none of us will know what is going on! Our country is in dire peril right now. I hope the idiots that voted for this administration are happy.

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  • Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy su... 2010/07/12 04:28:20
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    This is shocking. Obviously this D.O.J. is corrupt beyond belief if from what the whistle blower has testified to. That means the man at he VERY top is in on it. The D.O.J. lets them off for something whites would NEVER get by with and hopefully would never do and these thugs, losers and criminals send Holder an e=card full of love and gratitiude. Unbelievable!!! Vote any living thing with the word 'Libocrat' in front of it OUT. If these black racists do not believe in equality; if they want a dictator government that gives black criminals free reign; if they want a dictator government that persecutes and unfairly prosecutes whites,.... THEN THEY WILL THROW AWAY EVERY GOOD THING THAT MARTIN LUTHER KING AND OTHER GOOD PEOPLE EVER DID TO HELP THEIR PEOPLE. That is not the American that anyone wants.

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  • EllЕ 2010/07/21 13:17:18 (edited)
    "Kill crackers & kill white babies" - just "little bit too strong"? Wow.
    Can you imaging the outrage if it was white that said it about black?
    Also Black Panther leader, said something like: "oh, not exactly white babies, we have to kill white cops!" If they say this in public, what they saying behind the closed doors?
    And democrats supporting this group?
    Oh, yea, dems created KKK & today supporting all racist groups: La Raza, Black Panther, etc. They just changed the hate group, now they hate rich/educated whites.
  • Sherry ... EllЕ 2010/07/21 14:21:53
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    And still most folks don't know that!
  • Bill in Niantic 2010/07/13 15:06:36
  • Sherry ... Bill in... 2010/07/17 17:53:21
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    LOL! I have a tin like this, without the black man of course!
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2010/07/13 01:45:20
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    Democrat racism since 1865. democrat racism 1865
  • Dan™: R... Torchma... 2010/07/13 20:49:19
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    Great graphic!

    I'm sure Democrats will deny it and say you're a racist for reminding them of the segregationist roots of their party.
  • Sherry ... Torchma... 2010/07/17 17:53:38
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    Yes mam'
  • Charon 2010/07/13 01:20:28
    New Black Panther Party Is a joke. All Talk.
  • Sherry ... Charon 2010/07/17 17:53:52
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    Scare tactics!
  • chaoskitty123 2010/07/13 01:19:24
    CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW LIBERAL AMERICANS??? You denied the truth about this matter the entire time it was going on and now you get it straight from the donkeys ass as Malik Shabazz stands there ridiculing you and making it look like a new black version of the KKK is in control of Washington DC... how is it that the Democratic Party always seems to be home for the most militant versions of race hate groups? Republicans have hate groups more like a disorganized mob and few in number because the Republican Party does not back them politically. However, the Democratic Party always backs these hate groups directly and for all the talk about the Tea Party being racist, all that has ever been proven is that there were a few individual racists among them and that Liberal Democrats were there pretending to be racist Republicans.

    I'd like to see Liberals try to prove Republicans or Tea Party members have infiltrated the Black Panthers... or should we not call them Black Pigs since they are filthy disgusting creatures who will even eat their own young and weak if they are hungry. No one but hatemongers can act as brazen as Malikkk Shabazz and do so knowing the government of the United States of America has their back.
  • Sherry ... chaoski... 2010/07/17 17:54:57
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    there is no proof!!!
  • bls 2010/07/12 21:49:52
    I hope they are happy too, because there's a race war looming now. Maybe it's for the best, we need to straighten this country out once and for all. Frankly, we've lost so much of our guaranteed freedom, we need to either get it back one way or the other, or seperate the country. Let those welfare lackies, communists and racists starve to death by themselves
  • Sherry ... bls 2010/07/17 17:57:10
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    That is what they want!!!
  • bls Sherry ... 2010/07/17 20:08:46
    what, the race war or the separation? Frankly, the separation sounds good to me. Who wants to live and PAY for these lackies? Let them have their own space to starve to death by themselves.
  • Sherry ... bls 2010/07/17 20:56:47
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    I hear you!
  • johnc 2010/07/12 19:50:57
    This was a trial run for the 2012 election, think it was bad then wait 'til 2012
  • RedRockNv johnc 2010/07/13 01:50:19
    I would expect to see voter intimidation by thousands in 2012. Yes it was a dry run and they got away with it.
  • johnc RedRockNv 2010/07/13 01:52:24
    so far, I never give up on Americans. Nor the American way. As king said, "we will overcome this injustice."
  • Sherry ... johnc 2010/07/17 17:57:32
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    that is what they want!!!
  • Dave 2010/07/12 19:43:04
    The 60's radicals are calling the shots these days.

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