Billionaire's Teen Son: "Kill Obama. Hahaha": Is it ever OK to joke about killing Obama?

American☆Atheist 2012/11/09 15:56:15
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  • Doc. J 2012/11/09 17:36:00 (edited)
    Doc. J
    It is never o.k. to even joke about the assassination of an elected official,
    but ESPECIALLY the President.

    The Secret Service does NOT have a sense of humor about such jokes, and they must treat all such things as though they are a threat.

    I knew a kid in Jr High, wrote a letter (yes WROTE) to President Reagan threatening him.
    Within 24 hrs of recieving that letter, the Sec service, the County Sheriff, and the local PD were at his house.... He was 13, and in California CLEAR ACROSS THE COUNTRY from the White House

    He was put on a watch list, and ordered NEVER to be within 1 mile of President Reagan.

    Reagan is now dead, and that kid (if still alive) is in his 40s like me, but I will bet you that the Sec Service still has a file on him, and they still know he bought a plane ticket to D.C. before he's even boarded the plane.

    And before anyone starts harping about his 1st Amendment rights.
    Such things are NOT covered by the 1st Amendment.
    They are against the law.

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  • afterburn610 2012/12/02 02:52:14
    never ever
  • Crime Time 2012/11/26 08:05:13
  • elijahin24 2012/11/15 15:35:32
    Joking about killing the president (any president) is not funny. And acting like it might even be a good thing, is treason. We have elections every four years. If you don't like the direction the country is going, But to talk of murdering the President of the United States, is traitorous.
  • Klynn 2012/11/12 15:37:05
    He'll be hearing from Secret Services....
  • JustMe 2012/11/11 23:01:34
    and not just because its obama, you shouldn't joke about killing anyone, because someone may take it the wrong way
  • Brittybabeee <3 2012/11/11 20:48:26 (edited)
    Brittybabeee <3
    is it ever okay, to joke about killing anyone? lol o.O
  • LayLady 2012/11/11 05:44:51
    it's not okay to joke about killing anyone
  • corey 2012/11/11 01:57:31
    The only reason I say so, is because up until this president you couldn't even talk bad about the president. You could say you didn't agree with his decisions but never talk about him directly. We all learned this at an early age somewhere between elementary and middle school. It was wrong because talking about the president was considered talking about America, whether you voted for him or not. It was considered unamerican.
  • Srztanjur 2012/11/10 17:45:59
    Freedom of speech, unless it presents a clear and present danger. Things need to be taken in context, as with all things.
  • CTF Srztanjur 2012/11/11 00:13:15
    Actuallly no, threats (even if meant as a "joke") are not protected by the first amendment.
  • Srztanjur CTF 2012/11/11 03:01:15
    Well, that's why context matters, because you aren't actually making a threat unless you're stating your intent to do something.
  • leslie 2012/11/10 07:59:36
    It's a Felony actually...........Ask Denise Helms if venting and making veiled threats is OK
  • mr echo 2012/11/10 03:33:38
    mr echo
    Never ever ever
  • ghostrider 2012/11/10 02:44:42
    It's never OK to joke about killing a(ny) president ... but then, the rich truly believe they can do/say 'anything' and not have to be concerned with any consequences.
  • Kate 2012/11/10 02:44:05
    But I didn't see much outrage from the left when a bunch of Obama's followers tweeted threats to kill Romeny if he won the election.
  • Maltilda 2012/11/10 02:17:44
    But completely fine about about stopping his Communist/Socialist agenda.
    obama commie
  • America... Maltilda 2012/11/10 07:35:35
  • Maltilda America... 2012/11/16 02:26:43
    I don't know, but I can Google just like you can... Ain't too much different. Will you fight against anything that takes away your freedoms?

    "Socialism is about government control. It doesn’t have to be a direct takeover. Government can bail out Wall Street, banks, mortgage providers like Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, insurance giants like AIG, and automakers like GM & Chrysler."

    A theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, with actual ownership ascribed to the community or state.

    A theory or system of social organization based on the holding of most property in common, with actual ownership ascribed to the workers
  • Srztanjur Maltilda 2012/11/10 17:50:41
    There has never been a communist nation in the worlds entire history. There have, however been several socialist nations. There have been some old totalitarian socialist nations, e.g. the USSR. There are some new totalitarian socialist nations, e.g. China. And there are some new democratic socialist nations, e.g. Germany, Sweden.

    Communism hasn't killed anyone. Stalin, and his ilk killed people. Stalin was a totalitarian, and a tyrant, and came in on a revolution which ended a prior totalitarian autocratic government. Until the USSR collapsed, Russia never saw a true democratic government. The US, however, has a long standing history of democracy, which will not vanish should it adopt socialism, just like the totalitarianism of imperial Russia didn't vanish when it adopted socialism.

    All of this is painfully irrelevant, however, as Obama is neither a socialist, nor a communist.
  • Maltilda Srztanjur 2012/11/14 00:18:29 (edited)
    So if communism truly is the ideal, just exactly what happens to the dissenter?
  • Srztanjur Maltilda 2012/11/14 14:17:25
    I didn't say communism is ideal. But if it were, and if a nation established itself as communist, what happens to the dissenter depends wholly on the form of government that existed prior to communism (which was presumably preceded by socialism.) If the form of government /was/ totalitarian, then it will /continue/ to be totalitarian, and the dissenter will probably find that, like before, his rights to freedom of expression are suppressed, and that his life and well-being are in danger should he try to exercise those rights. And, if the form of government /was/ a constitutional, bill of rights, representational democracy, then it will /continue/ to be a constitutional, bill of rights, representational democracy, and the dissenter will probably find that, like before, his rights to freedom of expression are /not/ suppressed, and that his life and well-being are /not/ in danger should he try to exercise those rights.
  • Maltilda Srztanjur 2012/11/16 01:42:51
    Ok. So let's try to disconnect communism from totalitarianism. So if communism truly is the ideal, just exactly what happens to the dissenter?
  • Srztanjur Maltilda 2012/11/16 01:46:43
    "So if communism truly is the ideal, just exactly what happens to the dissenter?"

    If it's disconnected from totalitarianism, and is connected to a constitutional, bill of rights, representational democracy? He gets his day on the soap box, but has to live with the decision the majority makes.
  • Maltilda Srztanjur 2012/11/16 01:54:11 (edited)
    Are you here in the USA, if so, why?
  • Srztanjur Maltilda 2012/11/16 02:10:09
    I'm here in the USA because I was born here, and have no reason to leave here.
  • webcrawler 2012/11/10 01:30:19
    never ok to joke about killing anyone
  • TacoBunny 2012/11/10 01:22:09
    Is it okay to joke about killing anyone?
  • drsardonicas 2012/11/10 00:01:22
    But was he joking? I'm confused.
  • BOOGIE-WOOGIE-MUSIC-MAN-ROC... 2012/11/09 23:36:25
    Hey postman in Huntsville Alabama, Was a fish eyed Foolish fartv When he threatened to assassinate Pres. Jimmy Carter. The president was coming to town that week, And this United States post man went to jail. So this does not really concerned who yo daddy really idiots. And associates with, even if his name is uncle Sam. That post man, was as stupid as a box of rocks.
  • Freeranger 2012/11/09 23:26:42
    But.........you said, "joke". When does the speech police arrive now that Obie has four more years? How long before we are given a work pad of acceptable speech patterns?
  • andrew.micheals.353 2012/11/09 22:12:35
    Teenagers always say stupid crap because his dad has money are we supposed to listen?
  • redhorse29 2012/11/09 21:48:23
    It is never okay to talk about killing anyone.
  • Joe 2012/11/09 21:37:02
    This is wrong in so many ways! Looking at it from a risk management perspective, a threat like this must be assessed carefully.
  • Semper Fi 2012/11/09 21:36:29
    Semper Fi
    Absolutely not.
  • cheetahlover156 2012/11/09 21:10:14
    If nothing was said about Romney having death threats, then it shouldn't be for Obama either
  • scottcleaves 2012/11/09 20:47:27
    Not Obama, not any president from any party, ever. This brand of commentary is disgraceful, not only to the president, but to the Office of the Presdent. Unacceptable. (Too bad many conservatives, especially Tea Parteryers, just don't seem to understand this statement. Grow up.)
  • ALofRI 2012/11/09 20:47:07
    I'm sure the Secret Service is very interested in just where a teen gets these ideas, and will check out the family.
  • Cain 2012/11/09 20:46:06
    It must be, Obama supporters Tweeted about killing Romney & the Liberal Media ignored it.....Completely Ignored it....1,000's of tweets about assassinating Romney & nothing was done! It must be OK then!!!!
  • lol fak... Cain 2012/11/09 20:54:58
    lol fakename
    If it's any consolation, they also don't report too often on the actual, documented assassination attempts on Obama.
  • Emanon 2012/11/09 20:13:14
    No, I may not have agreed with Bush's policies, but I found nothing funny about wishing death upon the man. Just as I may not agree with everything Obama has done but I find nothing funny about wishing death on the man.

    ... if it were say leaders like Stalin, Hitler, Mao someone was wishing death upon, then I may understand it....

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