Bill would prohibit compelling executive branch from releasing d

Revealed: 'The Obama birth certificate protection act'?
Bill would prohibit compelling executive branch from releasing documents
Posted: May 24, 2009
9:12 pm Eastern

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Barack Obama, the man elected president

WASHINGTON – A bill approved by the House of Representatives and referred to the Senate would prohibit federal employees of the executive branch from being compelled to release any document unless a court makes a specified determination by a preponderance of evidence – legislation at least one group suspects is designed to protect Barack Obama's elusive birth certificate from release.

The legislation, HR 985, resides in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sovereignty Alliance has issued a "red alert" about the bill it calls "stealth legislation ... to protect Obama from providing his birth certificate."

"It wouldn't surprise me a bit if this were one of the intended consequences of this legislation," said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, who last week initiated a national billboard campaign to bring attention to the issue of Obama's missing birth certificate and what it might say about his claim to be a "natural born citizen," a status necessary to serving in the White House.

"In any case, this bill puts the lie to this administration and this Congress being the most ethical and transparent in American history," Farah said. "They're very open when it comes to the secrets of previous administrations, but when it comes to their own work, it is shrouded in secrecy. Even the president's birth certificate and student records are well-guarded state secrets."

Farah launched a petition campaign several months ago that has collected nearly 400,000 names of Americans demanding answers as to Obama's eligibility. Last week he called for financial support of a new campaign to erect billboards around the country asking the simple question: "Where's the birth certificate?"

In just five days, the billboard campaign has been backed by about $45,000 in donations.

Likewise, Farah points out, the nearly 400,000 petitioners represents more people than live in any of the following U.S. cities:

St. Louis, Missouri

Tampa, Florida

Anaheim, California

Cincinnati, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

New Orleans, Louisiana

Newark, New Jersey

Birmingham, Alabama

Madison, Wisconsin

Orlando, Florida

Reno, Nevada

Richmond, Virginia

Des Moines, Iowa

Little Rock, Arkansas

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Salt Lake City, Utah

Providence, Rhode Island

Kansas City, Kansas

Hartford, Connecticut

Springfield, Illinois

Berkeley, California

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Both efforts are part of what Farah calls an independent "truth and transparency campaign."

The money is being used to erect billboards around the country that ask a simple question: "Where's the birth certificate?"

The first such sign to be posted under the 5-day-old campaign, a digital, electronic one, is up and online on Highway 165 in Ball, La. – the result of a donation by the owner. In addition, based on the heavy volume of financial donations in the first two days of the campaign, WND was able to commit to leasing two more standard billboards – one in Los Angeles and the other in Pennsylvania. It will take several weeks to get those billboards up because of the vinyl printing and shipping involved.

Birth certificate question being raised in Ball, La.

The "Certification of Live Birth" posted online and widely touted as "Obama's birth certificate" does not in any way prove he was born in Hawaii, since the same "short-form" document is easily obtainable for children not born in Hawaii. The true "long-form" birth certificate – which includes information like the name of the birth hospital and attending physician – is the only document that can prove Obama was born in Hawaii, but to date he has not permitted its release for public or press scrutiny.

"I know now, because of the sensational response to this idea from WND viewers, that this national campaign is going to be big and long-lasting," said Farah. "I want to thank all of those who have pitched in and contributed – with either cash donations or, in some cases, space donations. But the need for money continues."

While the campaign is off to a great start, many viewers have asked why Obama's name is not included in the billboard. Farah said the matter was carefully considered.

"There are several reasons we chose the message: 'Where's the birth certificate?'" he explained. "There is only one birth certificate controversy in this country today – despite the near-total absence of this issue from coverage in the non-WND media. This is a grass-roots issue that resonates around the country, as our own online petition with nearly 400,000 signers suggests. In addition, I like the simplicity of the message. I like the fact that the message will cause some people to ask themselves or others about the meaning of the message. It will stir curiosity. It will create a buzz. I'm assuming when these billboards are springing up all over the country, it might even make some in the news media curious. And there's one more factor that persuaded me this was the way to go.

"Come 2012, campaign laws will pose restrictions on political advertising mentioning the names of presidential candidates. This one clearly doesn't. I would like to see the federal government make the case that this is somehow a political ad," he said.

Farah said the campaign was born of frustration with timid elected officials in Washington, corrupt judges around the country and a news media that show a stunning lack of curiosity about the most basic facts of Obama's background – especially how it relates to constitutional eligibility for the highest office in the land.

"As Obama transforms this country from self-governing constitutional republic to one governed by a central ruling elite, the simple fact remains that no controlling legal authority has established that he is indeed a 'natural born citizen' as the Constitution requires," Farah said. "Obama's promises of transparency have become a bad joke as he continues to hide simple, innocuous documents like his birth certificate and his student records."

The idea behind the billboard campaign is to make sure Obama cannot avoid this question any longer. He must be asked to produce it at every turn, Farah says. Billboard space is currently being hunted in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Sacramento, San Francisco, New York-New Jersey, Des Moines, Seattle and other metro areas.

Farah said another early target for the campaign would be billboards in Honolulu – allegedly Obama's birthplace.

"Is it unusual for a news agency to launch such a campaign?" asks Farah. "Yes it is. But we live in very unusual times. The founding fathers built special protections into the First Amendment for the free press. The reason they did that is because they understood a vibrant 'Fourth Estate' was necessary as an independent watchdog on government. It is in that tradition that WND assumes this role – since nobody else in the press will do it."

WND previously launched a petition campaign that has collected more than 370,000 names demanding Obama's eligibility be verified and demonstrated publicly. That campaign continues. That list has been shared with members of the Electoral College and the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

"I wish such a campaign were not absolutely necessary," said Farah. "I wish there were checks and balances in our political and electoral systems to ensure that constitutional eligibility of presidential candidates was established before politicians could assume the highest office in the land. I wish my colleagues in the news media believed the Constitution really means what it says and pressed this issue as hard as we have pressed it at WND. I wish radio talk-show hosts were bold enough to ask this question. But wishing is not enough. It's time to raise the visibility of this issue vital to the rule of law in America. I ask everyone to pitch in and help WND make a simple yet profound statement: The Constitution still matters."
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Top Opinion

  • dmac 2009/05/25 13:59:37
    What in the hell is wrong with the people in the Senate and the rest of the DC jerks to put a bill up like this. I refuse to imagine what could happen across America if this is passed.
    That goes to prove to me he is not an American Citizen. No one would go to all that trouble and power plays to cover everything up if he were legal.
    This is getting scarier by the hour.

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  • 12 Tone Melody 2009/05/25 17:15:05
    12 Tone Melody
    It not only enables ObaMessiah to continue to hide his birth ,but there was a question of which country's passport he used in his younger days
    It also will help gut the Freedom of Information Act
  • Racefish 2009/05/25 15:55:33
    I read the bill and it was intended as the reverse of the headline. However, the fact remains that legislation can be twisted to do something it was not intended to do under the "intent". Why, I ask, is there a need to pass a law every time something strange emerges.
    Personally, I would be behind a law that says the Congress "must" see the documentation of natural birth for a person running for the presidency. That is completely in line with Constitutional requirements. Congress is the only body with the prerogative to call the question.
  • Sandie Racefish 2009/05/25 15:58:36
    We have a reactionary congress NOT a congress logical action.
  • Racefish Sandie 2009/05/25 16:28:36
    How true.
  • hook 2009/05/25 14:08:47
    BASTERDS congress SUCKS.
  • dmac 2009/05/25 13:59:37
    What in the hell is wrong with the people in the Senate and the rest of the DC jerks to put a bill up like this. I refuse to imagine what could happen across America if this is passed.
    That goes to prove to me he is not an American Citizen. No one would go to all that trouble and power plays to cover everything up if he were legal.
    This is getting scarier by the hour.
  • Sandie dmac 2009/05/25 14:06:45
  • Sandie 2009/05/25 13:53:24
    For me, it has become a point of principle.
    "We the PEOPLE" have the right to know.
    WHY are they hiding this information?????
  • ace771 Sandie 2009/05/25 16:39:10
    i believe everyone knows why!! You know the old saying, "THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE" The truth here will put Obama out of office and alot others. Also, they could go to prison!! Prison is where alot of them belong!!
  • Dwight Mann 2009/05/25 13:48:32
    Dwight Mann
    I think that it is treasonous that this administration could hide such constitutionally pertinent information. I donated to the billboard cause, because I want to see the proof that he is whom he says he is, otherwise the rule of law goes out the window.
    I think a trial for treason is more in line with Øbama Hollywood sensibilities. . .

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