Bill O’Reilly admits to being a Provocateur

FATEEN 2011/04/06 18:22:57

It has long been known that conservative talk show hosts Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck of Fox News Channel and talk radio are total phonies and provocateurs, out to enrich themselves by being as outrageous and controversial as possible!

But one did not expect them to admit such, but this past Friday, Beck was a guest on O’Reilly’s show, with both commenting on Donald Trump’s demagoguery and need for constant attention.

O’Reilly said that what Trump did was what he and Beck had to do to draw an audience, be outrageous and provocateurs! Beck’s response was to give an all knowing hearty guffaw!

So both, without realizing it, were admitting they were phonies just out to earn millions of dollars by drawing audiences without having any facts in their presentations! Any intelligent person could see that, but a few million don’t see it, which is very sad and lame!

Please read the entire link for more detail: http://www.theprogressiveprofessor.com/?p=14235

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  • Ldude893 2011/04/28 14:19:08 (edited)
    He's a troll seeking attention by making inaccurate claims and acting hotheaded/unfair to his guests.
    That or he's just stupid.

    Proof of his stupidity you ask?

  • Cogs 2011/04/06 18:47:01
    Well yeah. Trollin' pays the bills.
  • FATEEN Cogs 2011/04/06 18:49:55
    Do not understand what your indicating with the comment in regards to this article.
  • Cogs FATEEN 2011/04/06 19:11:47 (edited)
    Beck and O'Reilly are just very effective trolls.

    Make up enough ridiculous arguments and your opponents will be too busy reacting to get anything done. It's an effective political trick - and one that makes a lot of money.
  • holdenferall 2011/04/06 18:39:30
    They're all provocateurs. Perhaps he's just more honest because he admits it.
  • FATEEN holdenf... 2011/04/06 18:50:19
    I should have found the video clip yet I think it was done by accident.
  • 9 inches 2011/04/06 18:30:54
    9 inches
  • FATEEN 9 inches 2011/04/06 18:43:32 (edited)
    No, I'm not into politics because their all liars. I'm particularly not inclined to being associated with being a conservative because they don't accept me for who I am and make up all of these outrageous lies. They will smile in my face and talk about me behind my back.
  • Quintes... FATEEN 2011/04/06 19:23:56
    Quintessential Brother The Conservative Liberal
    How is school going my brother?
  • FATEEN Quintes... 2011/04/06 19:30:30
    Finished for now. I will enroll again this fall. Need a break. I've been taking courses online through University of Phoenix. How have you been?
  • Quintes... FATEEN 2011/04/06 19:42:11
    Quintessential Brother The Conservative Liberal
    Working my ass off as you can plainly see! lol Nothing much just work and family trying to get my son ready to swim for the summer vacation. I also started training in Shotokan karate it's lots of fun!
  • FATEEN Quintes... 2011/04/06 20:00:44
    That's great. Good excercise and discipline to practice some form of martial arts. I'm informally trained in juditsu. Haven't used it to before yet I hope it pays off when I need to use it.

    I'm at work right now.
  • Quintes... FATEEN 2011/04/06 20:49:38
    Quintessential Brother The Conservative Liberal
    I was considering Aikido and Judjitsu after I acquire my black belt in karate.

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