Bill Clinton: Shame About the Weiner Kid - Multi-task, Man!

Javimendo 2011/06/08 16:27:44
This is entirely fictitious, but you could see him thinking this, right? Bill Clinton, traditionalist adulterer?

I suspect that on a recent night, in plush surroundings, Bill Clinton poured himself a drink of some sort of brown liquor and lamented to a trusted male friend, beginning with a sigh: "Shame about the Weiner kid. We've all been there, right? Though I have to admit, I find the whole thing kind of creepy. . . . Stop laughing. I mean it. I mean, back in my day, if you were gonna have a little piece on the side, you had to actually reach out and touch the girl. These young guys today, with their texting and their sexting, I don't know."

His shook his head and his gaze turned to the window. "I think if you're gonna cheat, you really ought to have the person right there in front of you. Otherwise, there's no, you know, honor in it. What's with these kids today, so darn busy that they have to squeeze in their affairs on the web with their BlackBerries and all their doodads? I made time for girls when I was

talking to members of Congress about putting U.S. troops in Bosnia!

"Multi-task, man! If the woman on the side means enough to you, you should be willing to make that commitment. Otherwise, this cyber-flirting -- it's all so cold and impersonal, a disconnected way of expressing a really personal connection. Weenie says he was carrying on with six or seven women -- hey, how special do you think each one of them feels? 'I'll Tweet ya, I'll sext ya.' Facebook is no substitute for face time. Or whatever body-part time you prefer."

He takes a final sip. "It just feels as if these politicians today -- they've just forgotten their values." - National Review Online (Morning Jolt)
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