Biden Is Right: OBAMA Administration is our WORST Nightmare!

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  • Harry 2009/12/05 22:41:54
    Down deep, I believe many regular Democrats are quite aware of Obama's horrible failings. However, they're too embarrassed and too stubborn to admit it. They'd rather plow ahead with a stoical face than ever admit to their ideological adversaries that they made a colossal mistake.
  • GANGA~P... Harry 2009/12/05 22:55:06
    GANGA~Patriotic Revolution BL-100+
    I have thought the same myself.
  • Vincent Haan 2009/12/02 21:17:51
    Vincent Haan
    Oboma should step down so we can have our country back.
  • The_Edge 2009/12/01 06:15:08
    Biden. He makes Dan Quayle look like Carl Sagan.
  • DW 2009/11/30 23:41:10
    The sad thing about it is that if the economy recovers they will get bolder . I will be sitting on my wallet until he is out . Ive picked my poison
  • Gr8hope 2009/11/30 16:18:32
    I believe Obama's communist administration is doing everything it can to ruin the American economy and use the chaos to put their agenda in place. Knowingly doing this is treason.
    There are many American voters who still do not understand this, even as it is happening right before their eyes.
    Joe Biden may be the only one in the administration who is actually too dumb to know this.
  • texasred 2009/11/30 00:21:27
    What a crack up! This is soooo true!

    crack soooo true
  • bluejacket 2009/11/29 21:00:01
    Hey Joe, what size shoe does your mouth take?
  • cuzzywuzzy 2009/11/29 18:14:17
    Great post, ganga! Rush's little brother is just brilliant.

    What I want know is, in your headline picture, where did ol' Joe supposedly find that brain that he's trying to give away?

    ganga rushs brother brilliant headline picture ol joe supposedly brain
  • GANGA~P... cuzzywuzzy 2009/11/29 18:22:20
    GANGA~Patriotic Revolution BL-100+
    LOL.......nice pic...
  • texasred cuzzywuzzy 2009/11/30 00:15:02
    He got it from the laboratory that Igor went to for Frankenstein's brain. They had more than one AB-normal brain in a lab jar. laboratory igor frankensteins brain ab-normal brain lab jar
  • cuzzywuzzy texasred 2009/11/30 05:59:13
    Well, I KNEW it was way too big to have come from his own noggin.
  • texasred cuzzywuzzy 2009/11/30 06:14:15 (edited)
    Yep, even an amoeba has a bigger brain the Biden. Oops, an amoeba is a single cell organism and doesn't have a brain at all. Guess an amoeba and Biden are more alike than I realized. A lot like the far left wing nuts.
    oops amoeba cell organism brain guess amoeba biden alike realized
  • bob 2009/11/29 16:28:10
    Leave it to our old boy Joe! Slobbering, whining pukes! I can not stomach even seeing Obammy' photo, let alone listen to that communist bastard. joe slobbering whining pukes stomach obammy photo listen communist bastard
  • GANGA~P... bob 2009/11/29 17:30:21
    GANGA~Patriotic Revolution BL-100+
    Same here, my friend. Joe Wilson is my Rep here in SC. Love that Joe!!
  • william 2009/11/29 15:18:15
    this hugfest,and kissfest ,profiled in above blog , led to a 3 buck an hour motel , afterwards
  • Richie 2009/11/29 13:46:13
    tell it like it is Joe!!!!
  • Edward 2009/11/29 13:40:00
    no kidding kidding
  • bob Edward 2009/11/29 16:28:57
    That sign should have a police number on it somewhere.
  • sglmom 2009/11/29 07:24:17
    I have to keep asking .. where's the DUCT TAPE when one needs it? (and with Biden -- he definitely needs it so that we don't have to listen to this clown!)

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