Bernie Sanders: "The American People are angry"

Beccy 2012/07/01 01:26:52
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Wow, transcript of Bernie Sanders speach from the House floor. Very enlightening. I think we need him for President

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  • CraigPLewis 2012/07/02 08:15:01
    Not as angry as Brits.
  • Schläue~© 2012/07/01 03:14:21
    He's a Socialist and his ideas reflect that.
    Evidently, He forgot about the banks paying back the TARP funds, with interest when many didn't want the money to begin with.

    He mentions J.P. Morgan Chase & Goldman Sachs ...., oddly enough, two of 0bozo's record breaking top contributors in 2008.

    He also praised Frank-Dodd yet forgets they were the ones who were pushing the GSE's and insisting that Fannie, Freddie and AIG were 'financially sound'.
    Noticed how both of them bailed out of Congress, Dodd already gone and Bawney is out looking for a weddin' dress.

    Strange things ... man.
  • ConLibFraud 2012/07/01 01:58:07
    OK - I got half way and decided it was enough. What he advocates is keep the system the same and doing nothing about the criminals that are destroying America. He advocates the continued slavery of the American people.

    The time for talk of over!!! Get off your sofas and start the revolution ... peacefully!!!

    Here is how ...

    It's time for We The People to take matters into our own hands starting with a nationwide tax revolt, stop paying all bank loans and implement a national plea for our military to come home and rescue their country and put up a fence around DC and call it the National Penitentiary. Then put all of them (politicians and judges) and their bankers on trial and punish them for treason. And a note to the media ... we have special plans for you!
  • Beccy ConLibF... 2012/07/19 01:20:13
    Good idea
  • ConLibF... Beccy 2012/07/19 01:38:48
    We could take control overnight!!!
  • Beccy ConLibF... 2012/07/19 01:44:26
    A general strike would shut them down tomarrow
  • ConLibF... Beccy 2012/07/19 01:47:47
    It's so simple yet the sheeple shutter in fear!!!!
  • 11Bravo... ConLibF... 2013/06/30 01:10:16
    Dont normally care for rave this, rave that . But damned if I dont wish I could rave this 100x 10, and for a month of Sundays! Ghasp! You mean actually hold them responsible for once?? :-)
  • ConLibF... 11Bravo... 2013/06/30 01:19:07
    Way past time.
  • Dale 2012/07/01 01:49:10
    What was Senator Sanders(Vermont) doing addressing members of House from the House floor? And no, we do not need him for president.

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