BEFORE: The Delegate Count Going into Super Tuesday

Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2012/03/05 02:28:47
March 6th...Super Tuesday...over 400 delegates up for grabs lets look at the Tale of the Tape





As we can all plainly see, The Quisling Ron Paul campaign strategy , seems to be working....get to LAST place and hold LAST place against all challengers

after Super Tuesday we will see what the delegate count will be....perhaps the quisling will increase his count by 100%..and give him 50 while #s 1 and 2 will be in three figures

Read More: http://projects.wsj.com/campaign2012/delegates

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  • JustTheFacts 2012/03/07 12:12:36
    After Dole and McCain, let's just hope the "Establishment" has it right this time.
  • Andy 2012/03/06 02:42:05
    Will it be Romney and Santorum on the GOP ticket??
  • Ballade... Andy 2012/03/06 02:43:17
    I could tolerate a Romney / Santorum ticket
  • JustThe... Andy 2012/03/07 12:14:36
    No. None of these four would choose one of the remaining three. There are too many other choices that are good.

    Sara Palin was an incredible choice. McCain was ahead after the choice; then went to Washington, DC, met with obama and Bush, and preceded to fall fat on his face.
  • Alien Ramone 2012/03/05 08:00:10
    Alien Ramone

    Romney 196, Santorum 78, Paul 56, Gingrich 51, Huntsman 2

    CNN Delegate Calculator:
    Romney 187, Santorum 86, Paul 46, Gingrich 36

    Romney 187, Santorum 65, Gingrich 30, Paul 20, Huntsman 2

    Romney 119, Santorum 30, Gingrich 17, Paul 8

    Green Papers Soft Count & Hard Count:
    Romney 178, Santorum 75, Paul 51, Gingrich 49
    Romney 118, Gingrich 29, Santorum 17, Paul 8, Huntsman 2
  • Ballade... Alien R... 2012/03/05 17:32:13
    I will stick with teh WSJ thank you
  • TheTruth1313 2012/03/05 06:20:26
    I realize that none of them are perfect, but, anyone of them(even Paul-lol) is, by far and away, better then that socialist fraud Obama.
  • Ballade... TheTrut... 2012/03/05 06:24:14
    ONLY because they can't do any worse
  • TheTrut... Ballade... 2012/03/05 06:42:42
    You will definitely not get an argument from me on that one(lol). Odumba has to go. I will also say this: no matter who wins the (R) primary, they better all get behind him.
  • Chelsea 2012/03/05 05:46:34
  • RG 2012/03/05 05:29:50
    I've been called at least 25 times in the last couple days by RP camp, both locally and nationally. I even was called by Romney's camp telling me if I stay on the line, I get a chance to talk to Mitt personally. Oh WOW!
  • Ballade... RG 2012/03/05 05:32:59
    same here...as well as the others....I will be a poll worker come super tuesday i am hoping we will have enough ballots for the kooks te ones that vote Green or libertarian...the ron paul kooks are covered
  • RG Ballade... 2012/03/05 06:21:50
    I was talking to an RP'er today who said that if RP does not get the nomination, he will vote for him anyway.. I said,"Do I read that correctly, that you would prefer Obama to Romney, Santorum or Gingrich?" He replied that all 4 of them side with Israel and are warmongers, it makes no difference. That sounds like spite. Certainly there is a huge difference between a natural born citizen and the lawless usurper. Are these people euphoric, or what?
  • jr 2012/03/05 02:56:16
    Their strategy is clearly not working. I attempted to explain this early on and was chastised about it, so I quit saying anything
  • Ballade... jr 2012/03/05 03:11:46
    well IF their strategy is to be in last place and then 'urinate' and Moan about the elections....they are on track
  • goatman112003 2012/03/05 02:49:38
    Its going to be interesting an Va will give the true strength of Paul against Romney and whether Paul gets any say in anything.
  • Ballade... goatman... 2012/03/05 02:50:47
    yup a chance for the Quisling to maybe snag 25 more delegates
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/03/05 02:32:37
    The State to watch most closely is Virginia. Guess what: that State will be Romney against Paul, one-on-one. Paul will really have to PUOSU.
  • Ballade... Temlako... 2012/03/05 02:35:36
    with a little help from the Neocons and RINOs; Santorum won't be a threat to The Albino obama and the Quisling in VA
  • Temlako... Ballade... 2012/03/05 02:36:48
    Santorum isn't even on the ballot in VA. Neither is Newt. Neither man got his act together in that State. Romney and Paul were the only two who got it together.
  • Ballade... Temlako... 2012/03/05 02:38:15
    some say their respective acts were together...and there was some state skulldiggery behind the scenes

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