Barry who?

steven 2010/11/10 01:44:15
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And the headline reads:

Obama Visits a Nation That Knew Him as Barry

Yep, Barry Soetero. Now, before the prog/libs have a stroke and start yelling that I am here to question his citizenship, let me say I am not. I'm here to point out what could be fraud on his part. And it has nothing to do with his color or his ideology (okay, maybe a bit--if he wasn't so high profile and socialist....).

Before I get into that, though, let me mention that I met an interesting person the other day. He has a friend who was in construction for many years. That friend helped build the hospital that our current president was born in back in the sixties. The only puzzler is that he helped build the hospital in the seventies. I'm still trying to figure that one out. I guess it will have to remain a mystery for awhile. I may solve that one about the time I identify the man in the red beret at the 30 min. 20 second mark (approx.) in The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (available on youtube). He looks identical to a community organizer I know of who reportedly used to work for an intelligence agency in the Chicago area. Oh, well, back to my previous thoughts....

I mentioned fraud and for good reason. Barry Soetero (now known as Barack Obama) many years ago applied for an American student loan as an Indonesian foreign exchange student. By itself, no problem, but then he later becomes president and that's where the serious discrepancies enter the picture. Let me lay it out clearly enough that even a second rate prog/lib might be frightened by the implications.

If he was a true foreign exchange student at that time and applied for the loan, I see no problem, as I am as yet unaware of any law tat might prohibit such. We might see if he paid it back, though. But then he runs for president. The law says that only a person born IN the country can run for president. Ergo, Arnold Schwarzeneggar could never run for president...and yet Barry did...and no one questioned it.

Now, perhaps he really is a US citizen by birth. Then no problem being president (figuratively speaking, of course). But then he shouldn't have applied for a loan as a foreign exchange student, which could be punishable by death...okay, wishful thinking, but certainly against the law.

So, the question, Prog-kiddies, is this: Was he lieing when he applied for the loan as a foreign exchange student? OR...was he lieing when he ran for president as a citizen of the united States of America?

Now, correct me if I am seeing this wrong, but the only two options I see are these:
Fraud or.......fraud. Well, at least he's consistent, yes? Now, I wonder what the Department of Justice will do about it.... Yeah, you're right. I'm probably giving them entirely too much credit.

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  • THE LEFT=DESTRUCTION 2010/11/14 20:22:09
    "Now, perhaps he really is a US citizen by birth. Then no problem being president (figuratively speaking, of course). But then he shouldn't have applied for a loan as a foreign exchange student, which could be punishable by death...okay, wishful thinking, but certainly against the law."
    Isn't applying for a student loan falsely a felony?
    For the taxpaying peasant it is.
    And high crimes and misdemeanors means felony, no?
    What the hell is going on, why hasn't this person been arrested yet?
  • rustyshackelford 2010/11/13 20:16:50
  • mchappell2 2010/11/12 21:50:38
    He is nothing BUT a BIG liar.....Who knows anymore
  • 12 Tone Melody 2010/11/12 01:38:37
  • steven 12 Tone... 2010/11/13 23:21:02
    Oh, how I wish! They have those locked up like the Ark of the Covenant.
  • JimBelcher 2010/11/11 20:37:15
    I was an American citizen at birth...and a Japanese citizen...dual citizen. Is it possible he qualified as a foreign student because of his dual citizenship? When I served in the USAF in the 1970's, my dual citizenship was not a factor until they slotted me for a Secret security clearance, at which time the government investigating agency required I renounce my Japanese citizenship. No problem...but this makes me wonder if he was considered a dual citizen, although for the life of me I cannot figure out how he could be anything other than American-Kenyan, with no Indonesian citizenship unless their laws are very liberal (possible?).
  • steven JimBelcher 2010/11/13 23:22:03
    Just another mystery from the tongue-in-chief.
  • Beccy 2010/11/11 02:37:10
    Now that is the million dollar question. When is someone in the government going to start demanding an answer?
  • steven Beccy 2010/11/13 23:23:07
    Not until about 2014, I would guess. We may have enough conservatives and repentant democrats in there by then.
  • Beccy steven 2010/11/15 01:23:53
    I was hoping it would happen before then/ One would think that the way he distroyed the democrats they might look into it themselves
  • captkirk999 2010/11/10 22:07:47
  • keeper 2010/11/10 21:08:32
    It did crack me up when they said that BH Obama was going to his childhood home... Barry Soetero was visiting his home!!!
  • steven keeper 2010/11/13 23:26:23
    And they consider him to be their prodigy, too. I hear that village in Kenya feels the same way. Think there's gonna be a fight to settle the question? All I know is more and more, we are feeling like any other nation that wants to claim him can have him.
  • keeper steven 2010/11/13 23:35:16
    I'd give him away in a heart beat... maybe even pay for someone to take him!!
  • Icanbean Arschloch 2010/11/10 19:06:10
    Icanbean  Arschloch
    Way too much credit.
  • rdaddy 2010/11/10 18:10:27
    Steven you are a human target but I like that about you.
  • steven rdaddy 2010/11/13 23:27:11
    As Eeyore would say, "Thanks fer noticin' me."
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2010/11/10 17:22:17
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Obama or Soetero. who is this fraud He is a lair and he is destroying our economy and he likes American being a 3 rd world country and take USA to the UN what a Creep he is by either name !! Soros puppet and because the Press promoted him and leftist bought his way in to Office got the young to Cheer HOPE & CHANGE people thought he was giving them cars and a house HE LIED to EVERYONE !!! He got money under false pretense thats fraud he is a criminal and they can not be President !! Time to impeach the imposter !!! Check out his finanical pappers for his college money !!!
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2010/11/10 17:12:15
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Obama is Barry Soetero.
  • mwg0735 2010/11/10 16:24:19
  • God bless American freedom 2010/11/10 15:51:13 (edited)
    God bless American freedom
    and as well out of that nation there are several reports which name him as Barry Soetero, a Kenyan muslim, related to one of the current muslim leaders who used extreme typical violent muslim tactics to gain power in Kenya.

    I wonder often, are Americans so dreadfully ignorant as to never read news which is from other nations concerning the truth about this man who occupies the highest office in this nation???
  • steven God ble... 2010/11/13 23:28:36
    To answer your question, Yes.
  • wombat 2010/11/10 14:00:54
    Well, the president is still US born citizen. All that money used for the campaign against a well functioning government would be better used to reduce our deficit.
  • rjmac7 wombat 2010/11/12 15:57:18
    So would all the money being wasted on this Trip
  • wombat rjmac7 2010/11/12 16:01:50
    The campaign against this president suppose to establish power to the republicans who obviously have no other argument than demolition.
  • steven wombat 2010/11/13 23:31:49
    To demolish Socialism is no vice.
  • wombat steven 2010/11/14 00:10:10
    You are born in a socialist country.
  • steven rjmac7 2010/11/13 23:31:20
    Ooooh! Pow!
  • steven wombat 2010/11/13 23:30:02 (edited)
    Since there was nothing of value to back it since 1933, then the "debt" is fraudulent. It doesn't exist. It's as fake as the dollar itself. Btw, you should make differentiation between debt and deficit.
  • wombat steven 2010/11/14 00:11:59
    Why dont you just pay a dollar for every mile on the road? Lets see whats cheaper. That or taxes.
  • Che Guevara - Hero 2010/11/10 13:07:08
    Che Guevara - Hero
    Tin Foil Hat Alert
    tin foil warningtin foil hat alert
  • Gina R Che Gue... 2010/11/10 13:25:59 (edited)
    Gina R
    We get it- you're a smart-azz. However, can you answer the question? In which case was he telling the truth? It's not a conspiracy to point out an inconsistency and your mocking 'answer' will not make it so.
  • Che Gue... Gina R 2010/11/10 13:29:58
    Che Guevara - Hero
    How about you PROVE your cockamamy conspiracy theory ?
    reynolds wrapprove cockamamy conspiracy theory
  • freethi... Che Gue... 2010/11/10 16:01:17
  • steven Che Gue... 2010/11/13 23:33:36
    It's either X or Y, not both. How much more clear need it be? If you have a logical answer, let's hear it.
  • BifDaddy Che Gue... 2010/11/15 17:11:41
    That answer sounds like Axelrod when asked to prove the made up allegations the Obama Administrations was circulating relating to the Chamber of Commerce receiving foreign donations.

    Axelrod answered, “Prove that they aren’t.”

    How would one even begin to prove theory when the individual in question has taken such extreme measures to permanently seal from the publics view, delete, destroy, and eliminate every imaginable document relating to his past and who he really is?

    The conspiracy proof rests with Obama as he could simply disclose an original Birth Certificate and not the one re-printed in Hawaii, opposed to going great lengths spending countless dollars to cover his tracks.

    Which raises the question….What does Obama have to hide?
  • Che Gue... BifDaddy 2010/11/16 05:54:28
    Che Guevara - Hero
    No, that's not how it works in REALITY. The person who makes the allegation, proves the allegation. It's obviously a baseless allegation because you are unable to prove it. If you wish you prove it, then simply do so. Are you on Dope ?
  • BifDaddy Che Gue... 2010/11/16 12:16:13
    No…No dope right now.

    But I’d be glad to hit your pipe if you’d pass it this way.
  • Che Gue... BifDaddy 2010/11/16 12:20:04 (edited)
    Che Guevara - Hero
  • rjmac7 Gina R 2010/11/12 15:59:07
    I think that before the 2012 Election begins that a few Republican Leaning States will pass laws that demand that an accurate Birth Certificate be provided to get your name on the Presidential Ballot, not just Nancy Pelosi saying it exists.
    That was my thought, now if the people in Red States would start phoning their Politicians and get things rolling, we can get him out of The White House even quicker, because he will have to show it about a year before Election Day 2012, and we can boot him out into the street, even if the US Supreme Court doesn't rule on it.
    It would also be a good time to put the Citizenship Requirement for voting privileges in plain English in the State Laws.

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