Barack Obama to Tweet Personally: Is This a Good Use of His Time?

Politics 2011/06/18 22:09:11
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Though he's had a Twitter account since 2007, in the months leading up to the 2012 election, President Obama will begin sending his very own tweets, not just those written by his staff.

The big news: the president himself will be tweeting on occasion, according to TechCrunch. Each presidential tweet will be signed "-BO."

To this point, Obama's White House staff has been posting for him to @BarackObama. He's joked in the past about having never tweeted, but that will soon change.

Also notable is that the President's 2012 campaign staff will start managing his Twitter and Facebook accounts, effective immediately, rather than the White House staff.

Are personal tweets a good use of Obama's time?

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  • $$*gat*$$ BL39 2011/06/18 22:30:52 (edited)
    $$*gat*$$ BL39
    this man has no mind of his own, some 20 something idiot told him to do this,, what a loser,, this is not what a prez needs to be doing,, their are millions out of work, not that he cares,,,,, now I have to send the army out to mess with him on twitter,, what a dumb ass move

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  • chief 00 2011/06/21 15:08:26
    chief 00
    Why the question?
  • SteveMarine- JLA 2011/06/21 09:19:35
    SteveMarine- JLA
    its just a stunt for him to look like he is trying to reach out to the people... but in truth I'm shocked he can type... he has a hard time reading his own prompter... I figured he paid people to write for him.
  • Rick 2011/06/20 19:31:08
    Remember the Weiner!
    remember weiner
  • MG-42 2011/06/20 19:31:07
    And he can't send a pic of his unit, because he was born without it!

    send pic unit born Obama gay boy glitter funny send pic unit born Obama gay boy glitter funny send pic unit born Obama gay glitter funny
  • SteveMa... MG-42 2011/06/21 09:15:41
    SteveMarine- JLA
    Wow Haha ...
  • Ace 2011/06/20 19:21:12
    He did something not a lot of candidates have ever been able to do: get the younger crowd to vote. A lot of young eligible voters lacked the political efficacy to bother voting, but his words, promises and uncanny authenticity and determination to change the world and our country for the better, changed this.

    He was believable.

    But we learned the hard way that most often, it's best not to have faith in our leaders. Not to bother. We found out he was all talk, like the rest of them (except for a few senators such as Durbin). And he wants to run for re-election? While we still believe in the same ideals as we did when we elected him, we stopped believing in him long ago.

    He can tweet all he wants, he's all talk anyway.

    The Democratic party is sure to lose this coming election if they decide to go with him again.
  • snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cl... 2011/06/20 19:18:38
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    most likely the 'best of the best' will be filtered by FBI and staff secretaries - compiled,and a list will be sent to the prez (or maybe sent to his private computer - THEN
    of those he will electronically answer them. He is far too busy playing BBall and golf to spend time personally answering incidental nonsense.
  • lolo 2011/06/20 19:15:34
    He's bound to screw it up somehow.
  • JT 2011/06/20 19:00:35
    How does the teleprompter fit in?
  • Fred 2011/06/20 19:00:22
    As long as he keeps it out of pants
  • Sheila 2011/06/20 18:58:46
    At least if he is "busy" tweeting he isn't playing golf or working to destroy our country.
  • What Would Jesus Do 2011/06/20 18:49:41
    What Would Jesus Do
    I would like to a government that works on behalf of the people personally. We hear talk about job creation but little action to create them.
  • ConservativeThinker 2011/06/20 18:26:25
    The more he stays away from his duties, the better off the country is. Tweet away bird brain.
  • voice_matters 2011/06/20 18:20:45
    If he is the one really posting the tweets then yes. Why shouldn't the president tell us how he feels on certian issues. and to make it better they are public record and an be used to show how he felt on the issues. i get the libs will hate it because they will have to work overtime to spin it, but let him tweet.
  • Joe Finsternis 2011/06/20 18:07:15
    Joe Finsternis
    I'm not a fan of Twitter myself, but I think that would be a cool idea; it would give him a chance to connect with the public more.
  • Steady-... Joe Fin... 2011/06/20 18:13:27
    Wasn't that what Weiner was doing? Connecting with the public.....LMFAO
  • Mike 2011/06/20 17:43:35
    I think he should be keeping his mind on other things such as fixing the economy.
  • Steady-... Mike 2011/06/20 18:15:46
    Obama has no intention of fixing this economy. He wants to create a Socialist State in-which people are completely dependent upon the governement. Therefore he must destroy our capitalist way of life. Obama is a communist pure and simple.
  • voice_m... Steady-... 2011/06/20 18:22:29
    then let him tweet about the socialist state he wants
  • What Wo... voice_m... 2011/06/20 18:53:35
    What Would Jesus Do
    That would be a vast improvement and would take care of his transparency problem and mean honesty too.
  • voice_m... What Wo... 2011/06/20 19:32:11
    how does that do anything to hs transparency? he will only tweet what he wants us to knwo.
  • voice_m... Mike 2011/06/20 18:22:03
    can you explain how him tweeting on the economy is a bad thing. if he is telling us all why he supports a bill or is against it. in the 10 seconds it took to post this how much of the economy could i have fixed if i was the president of the usa
  • Mike voice_m... 2011/06/20 18:27:58
    Its not the tweeting that is a bad thing. All I'm saying is that would be a distraction and we don't need distractions.
  • voice_m... Mike 2011/06/20 19:32:45
    if you are distracted by the twets then do not twitter
  • Mike voice_m... 2011/06/20 19:34:16
    I don't tweet. I'm saying that it would be a distraction to Barack Obama, not to me.
  • voice_m... Mike 2011/06/20 19:39:37
    wow, i have never meant a friend of barack! you really think that tweting a couple times a day will prevent him from doing his job as president? well maybe that is why they had him stop tweeting when he became president.
  • Mike voice_m... 2011/06/20 19:41:59
    quite honestly, if you're going to have to come up with solutions for complicated situations you have to be at your maximum focus... that can't happen if you're wondering on what to say in your next twitter.
  • voice_m... Mike 2011/06/20 21:01:02
    thanks for letting us know you can not tweet and concentrate on anything else.
  • Mike voice_m... 2011/06/20 21:18:02
    I didn't say that, but thanks for letting us know you don't read replies. Otherwise you would've read my reply. You're not that good at tweeting either, are you? LOL
  • voice_m... Mike 2011/06/20 21:22:52
    libby i read everyone of your posts and you said that people can not tweet and think at the same time.

    "quite honestly, if you're going to have to come up with solutions for complicated situations you have to be at your maximum focus... that can't happen if you're wondering on what to say in your next twitter."

    that is your own post. so why are you running from it.
  • Mike voice_m... 2011/06/20 21:41:05 (edited)
    I'm not running from it, the only one who said that one can't think while twitting is yourself. As for me, I never said it.
    You can misquote me as much as you want, but I didn't say it.

    All I said - if you like you like it, if you don't it's your own freaking problem - is that if you want to be serious about being President of the United States you don't go and tweet about everything. You don't go and tweet as President of the United States.
    Whatever he says on Twitter can be used by the press as motives for distraction from the real issues that matter.
    When I referred distraction, I referred as in generating sources of distraction - in this case for the press - not as being distracted. That's what I meant with distraction.

    Got it now? Or do you need some more explaining?
  • voice_m... Mike 2011/06/20 22:50:20
    why do you ignornat libs always run from your own posts?

    libby i agree there are alot like yourself that is distracted easily. as for myself i am more the capable of reading a tweet and undersanding that when the president tweets, he is either in support of something or is against it, mostly on a political ideology. and just so you know a large number of congress already tweets and that staff already in the white house tweets. and so far none of them seem to have been distracted from doign their jobs or from those of us with brains from being distracted.

    oh got it on your first post. if only you would not run from what you say.
  • Mike voice_m... 2011/06/21 15:07:46 (edited)
    just to clarify things, I am not Liberal, I am not an Ignorant - you ought to be thinking about yourself when you wrote that one - and I am not running from my post.

    I would not feel in anyway distracted while tweeting and I would not feel distracted if Obama tweeted.
    But I know the media would feel distracted. You forget that politians are politians, do you really think Obama is going to tell us anything about why he's done this or that?
    Think again, he WONT!

    All that would be good for is DISTRACTING the MEDIA from what is really important.
    A distraction CNN, MSNBC and their likes would welcome.
  • voice_m... voice_m... 2011/06/21 18:22:05
    mike i want to thank you for blocking me. you will now be able to disucss with one other person till you block them. i am glad you decided not to be distracted.

    as for obama you failed to prove he would be distracted by tweeting,
    enjoy you undistracted life
  • us 2011/06/20 17:31:56
    I would like to know who he talks to on his blackberry is GEORG SOROS?
    Everyone is so interest in what sarah palin say in her E-mails, but no one wants to know
    president of the United states is talking to, WHY?

    I believe he should have never had a blackberry phone, it should have been done the old fashion way, maybe our country would be doing better.
  • jeffro2010 2011/06/20 17:13:19
    He is just going to get himself into more trouble!
  • voice_m... jeffro2010 2011/06/20 18:22:41
    his choice
  • jeffro2010 voice_m... 2011/06/20 18:24:26
    It is his choice. I do not have a problem with it, but it seems that when famous people use twitter they get in trouble.
  • voice_m... jeffro2010 2011/06/20 18:27:30
    out of the millions that use twitter there is only a handful have gotten in trouble.
  • jeffro2010 voice_m... 2011/06/20 18:33:39
    Millions of celebs, that number just does not seem right.
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